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Fast Attack, Slow Release

Author: Performance Audio and Nate Brown

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Fast Attack, Slow Release is Performance Audio's official podcast. Each episode, we'll discuss varying facets of the music and theater production industry.
Tune in for insights and insider stories from the stage and studio.
9 Episodes
We sit down with Heavy and Nick from the band Black Magic Caravan to discuss their (somewhat) unconventional marketing approach, why acting like a professional is important in every stage of your career, and how to communicate your mix needs to live sound engineers.Plus: Sunset Boulevard is a dirty street, and it's Motley Crue's fault.
Nate sits down with Myke Johnson for tips on making a living as a musician and the importance of networking. Plus: an in-depth look at writing music from an initial inspiration into a completed work.
Nate talks with Greg "Stryke" Chin from Avid about Pro Tools' inception, how it made an immediate impact on the recording world, and how it continues to influence music creation and sound recording. Plus: demos sound way too good these days.
Get Your Power Right

Get Your Power Right


Brayden from Performance Audio's Repair Department dolls out pro tips on prolonging the life of your speakers, and weighs in on an important issue from Nate's past.
Nate sits down with local music producer and audio engineer, Harley Anderson, to talk music tech, how he finds inspiration, and how he's able to meet crazy deadlines. Plus, we need to better define the role of the 'producer' and what ever happened to the concept album?
You Can't Pay For That

You Can't Pay For That


Nate sits down with local Pop Punk artist, Logan Dallimore, to talk DIY recording, where he finds inspiration, and what his process looks like. We also talk about his vocal chain, his love affair with Pro Tools, and plugins versus hardware. Plus, should you be giving away your music?
Nate sits down with Haydon Anderson, the lighting director at one of Salt Lake City's more well-known venues, The Complex.We discuss the hard work and payoff involved with carving out your own career path into the entertainment industry--and how he knocked down the door to get in..
On this episode, we check in with Sean from Rode Microphones and discuss the secret to their continued success as an industry tech leader.
Cincinnati Bromance

Cincinnati Bromance


Our first episode!Nate sits down with Dan Buehner to discuss analog recording, the future of vinyl records, and the importance of knowing where the nearest sprinkler is at any given time.Also, Nate has no idea what sun tea is made of.
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