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Find out exactly how to shift your podcast into high gear, grow your audience, and achieve your goals! 20-year radio host, producer & broadcast journalist Kent Covington hands you the keys to the inside tactics and strategies of top podcasters and broadcasters. Powerful, practical advice, with real-world examples and clear instruction ... all in a fast-paced, never-boring format! Fuel your podcast, and get where you want to go FASTER!
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Just as guest blogging has long been one of the fastest ways to grow the readership of a blog, podcast guesting (being a guest on another podcast) just might be the fastest way to grow the audience of your podcast. Mark Deal of Podcast Guest Academy joins us with tips on landing interviews on other shows that drive listeners back to your podcast.
When you interview a guest on your podcast, you might assume that you automatically own that interview and its content because it's on your podcast. But you might be wrong. "The Podcast Lawyer," Gordon Firemark joins us with insight and advice on how to make sure you, and you alone, own the rights to your podcast interviews.  
If you ever look at your download stats and feel discouraged, you're not alone. Most podcasters experience that. But here are two big reasons why you should be encouraged about where your show is now and where it's heading! Longtime Rachel Guinn joins us with some encouraging words. 
Here is the one critical question that YOU and I, and every podcaster must ask themselves right now! And we'll explain how and why the answer to this question is leading us to change some things with this podcast.
Two big recent announcements from Apple Podcasts could be good news for YOUR podcast! That's the word from James Cridland of He also explains what a recent study reveals about podcast statistics, and how you can tell whether your podcast stats are trustworthy.
Podcast Movement Co-Founder Jared Easley opens up about early struggles, the times he thought about quitting, and what it took to build the biggest podcasting event on the planet. We also get the inside scoop on what will likely be the largest event of its kind ever: Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando, Florida.
Chances are you're making one big mistake with the design of the podcast "artwork" that represents your show in directories like Apple Podcasts. We'll tell you what that mistake is and how to fix it so that your show jumps off the page at potential listeners.
Today we're stealing (an incredible) value bomb from a highly successful author, speaker, and podcaster. Doing this one thing is something he calls "the single best decision I’ve ever made." It's simple, powerful, and anyone can do it ... but few podcasters do. 
James Cridland of catches us up on the biggest developments in the podcast industry. He also tells us what to expect in the months ahead and how all of it impacts YOUR podcast.
For podcasters, there are two primary types of microphones. On today's Tune-Up edition of Fast Lane Podcast University, we'll ask Chris Curran of the Podcast Engineering School which one is right for you and why. 
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