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Fat Fifty and Frisky

Author: Carl Spackler

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I’m Carl. I’m fat, 50, and Frisky
This is me, talking about my life, and what its like to be fat, fifity, and frisky. Support this podcast:
34 Episodes
Trying New Things

Trying New Things


So I'm trying some new things. I'm using Cronometer (aff) to track my food. I've had a Standing Desk (aff) for years, but I just play with the buttons. But I found this Walking Pad that I can put under the desk, and it's pretty cool. It has an app, and a remote control. It also flips up so you cam move it around. So far this year, I've lost 5 lbs. --- Support this podcast:
Heads of Spaghetti

Heads of Spaghetti


So 2022 is over and a new year is upon us, and I was doing good until I ate a plate of spaghetti with meat sauce that was slightly larger than my head. The scale was not happy. --- Support this podcast:
Just letting you know I'm not dead, and had to find some cows to fill in for me. --- Support this podcast:
I hit a new high of 230 lbs on July 5th. I started using a cool food tracker, and a Lumen. So now I can track how many carbs I'm eating (accurately) and how many carbs I should be eating based on my breath analysis with the Lumen I'm down to 225.  Stay frisky --- Support this podcast:
I lost .5 lbs so I'll take that as a victory.  --- Support this podcast:
The Not So Instant Pot

The Not So Instant Pot


Here is the new Toy I got see It turns out the instant pot isn't so instant.  --- Support this podcast:
I heard about this DDP Yoga, and some of it is from your bed... that sounds like my kind of Yoga. I've lost the weight I previously gained.  Back on track.  Almost enough to buy that mountain dew. Thanks to Anchor and 29 episodes. That's .07 cents an episode! --- Support this podcast:
Kicked in the taint

Kicked in the taint


There are some things that just make you sad. For me that is the month of April and I made the mistake of medicating with food. Then you step on the scale and that makes you feel worse. For me, I gained two lbs, and then focused and lost them. It is the circle of life for me in April. --- Support this podcast:
Today the scale went the wrong way. It's all pudding's fault. How did that get in my fridge. What if pudding was an old cousin that lead you to do the wrong thing all the time. People would tell you to quit hanging around that person. Support the show --- Support this podcast:
If you keep saying, "well, next Sunday", or, "after the _____," then maybe today is that day.  --- Support this podcast:
So I went to pick up the groceries and all the good stuff is gone. I get to try and survive on Organes and Yogurt. --- Support this podcast:
This virus thing is boring. I keep cooking food for the whole week and then eating it in two days.  --- Support this podcast:
I think you know what to do to lose weight, but we just don't do it.  Throw me a bone --- Support this podcast:
You watch NASCASR for the wrecks, I watch the biggest loser for the puking --- Support this podcast:
Why does every holiday have a food associated with it? --- Support this podcast:
I couldnt' walk this week cause I tried to kill myself on an exercise bike going super fast. The next day I could barely walk. i also talk about a strategy to keep your mind in the game.  --- Support this podcast:
Fitness Focused 2020

Fitness Focused 2020


Here is a link to this cool contest.  You put in $20 (total) and you have until February 22nd to lose 6% of your body weight. Then if you succeed, you get to split all the money for anyone who didn't do it.  It's gotta pay more than this anchor thing... CLICK TO JOIN THE CONTEST it is sponsored by the Logical Weight Loss Podcast --- Support this podcast:
New Bike Coming

New Bike Coming


Nordiktrack s22i Bike Healthywage Make Money Losing Weight Fitness Focused Weight Loss Challenge (starts the day after Thanksgiving) --- Support this podcast:
FU Carbs

FU Carbs


So I did an experiment and apparently carbs are bad.  Tell a friend. --- Support this podcast:
I’m not dead

I’m not dead


The rain is really wet --- Support this podcast:
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