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Jennifer Finch from L7 shows a bunch of her old photos from the early days
Jack Grisham from TSOL smokes a cigar inside because Sam told him it was ok.
Sam and Mike head up to Lou Adler's incredible Malibu home to talk Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cheech and Chong, and more
Artist Danny Sites talks about his work and end of his life with Chris Rest from RKL and Lagwagon
Everybody came over to Mike's for a campfire singalong. This is part one of a two part series, and this episodes features:  Chuck Robertson (Mad Caddies), Sam King and Ceschi Ramos (Codefendants), Stacey Dee (Bad Cop Bad Cop), Johnny Carey (Old Man Markley), RAS-1 (Long Beach Dub All Stars).
Activist Sunsara Taylor talks abortion rights
Comedian Doug Stanhope stops by for part 1 of a two part episode. Sam really likes to talk.
Finn McKenty, on twitter as @thepunkrockmba, blamed Fat Mike for killing punk so now he's here to tell Mike about it to his face
Jesse and Veronica from Escape From the Zoo (and Days N' Daze) are on their way into rehab and take a little visit to Mike's dungeon.
Johnny Carey from Old Man Markley breaks down the approach he and Mike take to vocal harmonies with NOFX
The mothafuckin DOC from NWA!!!
The Aquadolls and Sitting on Stacy, certified young bands, stop by before they head out on tour together.
The Mad Twins, who made the music video for NOFX's The Long Drag, barely got out of Ukraine before the war started
The Crushow Show

The Crushow Show


Crushow talks about his time living on the street in Skid Row, and then faces off with Sam King from Get Dead in a graffiti spelling bee.
Legendary skateboarder Danny Way talks Great Walls and great falls with Mike and Sam from Get Dead.
Famed Suicidal Tendencies artist Ric Clayton and his buddy Bruno stop by to talk about LA punk gangs
Greg Hetson from Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, and Red Kross joins Mike for a chat
Sean Whalen, best known for his work in the Aaron Burr Got Milk commercial and as Roach from People Under the Stairs, stops by to talk with Mike.
Dreadfully Deformed

Dreadfully Deformed


Our old friend Nubs aka Talli Osborne stops by to talk about Richard Branson, suspension, and more.
That Guy from Cobra Kai

That Guy from Cobra Kai


Gary stops by to talk about Cobra Kai but instead Mike just plays a bunch of unreleased NOFX songs.
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Griffin Walker

alright, fuck this show.

Apr 17th
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