DiscoverFat2Fit HQ Podcast | Average Guys and Girls Losing Weight, Fat 2 Fit
Fat2Fit HQ Podcast | Average Guys and Girls Losing Weight, Fat 2 Fit
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Fat2Fit HQ Podcast | Average Guys and Girls Losing Weight, Fat 2 Fit

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Here we plan to chronicle our journeys from Fat to Fit. We are helping each other, our listeners and our community to pursue a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.
104 Episodes
If we can do this – YOU can do this!  The Gun Runners survived the Nevada desert and are here to give you the scoop on how it went. Welcome to the Fat2fit HQ podcast!  I am your host, Carol Salva, of the Firearms Radio Network.  In this podcast, we are chronicling our journeys from Fat 2 … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 128 – Tough Mudder Vegas"
When you are ready to go hunting for the first time, there are a few things you must consider.  One of our favorite ex-marines, Jeremy Pozderac, is here to help.  And we know anyone from the We Like Shooting Podcast is certainly a excellent resource!  Today we tap into his knowledge about firearms and hunting in Texas vs. … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 127 – Jeremy Helps Carol Get Her Gun"
Can we learn about fitness and nutrition from firearms experts?  YES!  A LOT!  Paul and Jarrad Markel of Student of the Gun are here to help us understand how a healthy body is the key to a healthy mind.  Listen in to hear our reunion after too long of being apart. For complete show notes, … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 126 – Listen Up, SOTG is Never Wrong"
The journey is not always smooth sailing.  For us, it is usually NOT smooth sailing.  JT and Carol check in and try to put the breaks on the inevitable downward spiral that seems to be starting.  We are doing lots of good things but not nearly enough.  This show might help us all get back … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 125 – Putting on the Breaks"
Firearms Radio Network Leaders took on the Tough Mudder Chicago and survived to tell about it.  Think  you can’t do a 10 mile, military style obstacle course challenge? Think again.  We did it and you can too.  Listen in to hear how the day went and how you can join us next time. For complete … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 124 – Tough Mudder Chicago Recap with FRN Hosts"
At at a loss about fat loss?  Obstacle run training? How to raise super human kids??  Listen in this week as Ben Greenfield joins us.  Ben is one of the most influential people in health and fitness for a reason.  This interview is jam packed with sound advice on how we can turbo charge our … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 123 – Ben Greenfield on Fat Loss, Performance and Nutrition"
Want a great stress reliever?  Want your kiddos off the screens?  Take them out to play in the mud! Listen in to hear what a great time we had doing the Gritty Goddess last year and how we are all ready to do it again.  Join us or find your own way to put some … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 122 – Get Gritty With Us"
Do you want to completely reset your preferences and maybe even lose the need for willpower?  We suggest you try a Whole30.  The first 10 days were rough but we are all super pleased with the results.
Jennifer Young of Girls Like Guns Too is our special guest host this week.  She interviews some of our community members that took her up on her Jen’s January Jaunt challenge to walk at least 30 miles in 30 days.  Joining Jen on the show are Kim Walls, Chris Tinder, John Ellis Sr. and Carol … Continue reading "F2FHQ 120 – What a Jaunt Challenge Can Do for You"
What is the right way to get healthy?  The way that works for YOU.  Jennifer Young is here to remind us that we need not get bogged down in the latest research.  Maybe we just need to do a few basic things that we can live with and maybe we just need to draw on a … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 119 – Girls Like Guns Too and We Like Jennifer Young"
Comedic actress, voice over talent and co-host of The Angriest Trainer podcast, Anna Vocino joins us this week!  Anna’s health journey has taught her a lot.  It started with NSNG (No Sugar No Grains) but she has learned even more about hormones, food sensitivities, and what a real measure of health is for her.  (Hint: Its … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 118 – Anna Vocino of The Angriest Trainer Podcast"
Counting calories is out of fashion.  We aren’t supposed to worry about getting too many if we are getting lots of nutrient dense foods.  But what if you’re getting a lot of nutrient dense foods and it isn’t very many calories at all? Somehow that is a bad thing.  This week we talk about this double … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 117 – To Count or Not to Count"
One week can make an incredible difference in your life.  One week of healthy habits and you will probably see some progress on your weight loss (which will probably motivate you to continue) but getting past the beginning “hard days” is key!  That is when you start to feel really good and start craving the healthier foods … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 116 – Benefits of Challenging Challenges"
These folks showed up all 31 days of December to check in to our myfitnesspal community.  Congratulations to Kim, Kevin, Heron, Arturo and Hammer Jammer/John for your consistency and thanks for the great interaction you brought to the group.   Listen in to hear what the challenge did for them and some of what they have learned in their … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 115 – Our December Winners"
Move Over JT! Fat2Fit HQ inspired another Gun Guy to transform himself into a healthier, happier Gun Guy!  Tim Grabow has been a listener of the Firearms Radio Network for a long while and finally gave our show a try. (Sound familiar?)  He soon embarked on an all out health journey and credits JT with … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 114 – Tim Grabow Lost 100lbs by Keeping it Simple"
Our own John Ellis, Sr., aka Hammer Jammer, shares the secrets to his incredible success and his fantastic attitude. He served his country and continues to serve others.  We are lucky enough to have this Certified Primal Blueprint expert in our community.  Listen in to find out how he does it!
his week, Jef Fry of Health Nuts Anonymous guest hosts for us and he interviews two of our own!  Listen to Heron and Arturo, a couple who are having success following Jef’s advice as they continue to follow the Carb Nite Solution protocol.  Could this be a way of eating for you? Welcome to the … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 112 – Cardio is Not The Answer"
We heard from Vinnie Tortorich and he made it very clear.  No Sugar, No Grains.  It’s that simple.  Doesn’t have to be forever or all the time.  So do we agree?  How does this fit with other things we have learned?  JT and Carol chat it up in a show we did just to debrief. … Continue reading "F2FHQ 111 – Tortorich Take Aways"
Personal trainer to the stars… the World’s Angriest Trainer… Vinnie Tortorich is with us this week!  Listen to hear why he’s loved by Vegans and Paleo folks alike.  You’ll be amazed by the simplicity of his NSNG way of life.  You’ll also get a good bit of gun talk in this episode.  Gotta love Vinnie! … Continue reading "F2FHQ 110 – Vinnie Tortorich Talks Guns and Gettin’ Healthy"
Do you have a plan for your road to fitness?  It isn’t that easy with all the diet, workout and nutrition advice out there.  Join us this week as we talk with Nick Humphries of the Practically Tactical podcast.  Nick creates a plan which is Step 1!  Maybe we can help with Step 2… sticking with it! Welcome … Continue reading "Fat2Fit HQ 109 – Nick Humphries and His Practical Plan"
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