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Author: Caroline Amos & Raymond McAnally

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Conversations and cautionary tales about contracting Covid-19 from the people who lived through it. Hosts Raymond McAnally and Caroline Amos deflect with humor as well as open up about their Covid experiences. Their compelling and conversational interview style disarms both audiences and guests in a true effort to make the best out of what it means to survive Covid-19. It might be the same virus, but these are very different stories.
17 Episodes
Caroline and Raymond (and an awkward little-sounding voice) say goodbye to Season One.  Our cohosts give updates on their personal Covid stories, tell us about what's coming up in Season Two (launching March 9th, 2021), and why this shift has them excited and not fatigued.In just 3 months, we've built out a one-stop-shop website and social media pages and Fatigued Podcast has reached thousands of listeners across every podcast platform playable.  We would not be continuing without the supportive messages we receive from listeners like you.  We've said from the beginning that we'd do this until "we get fatigued by it" and, thanks to your support, we ain't there yet!We continue to hope and hear that these episodes are making a difference now and you can listen to hear how we see them helping in the future as well.  Thank you!
This is our final interview for Season 1 and it's our biggest one to date: we got a chance to interview Dr. Keith Gagnon, an associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at SIU whose lab has uncovered a U.S.-specific coronavirus variant that accounts for about half of the cases in the nation! He has been featured on many major news outlets as more information about this mutation is uncovered. We were so honored he took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us and frankly he filled us with a lot of hope for the future - while the topic of conversation is scary, we were grateful he was able to explain things in layman's terms. We learned a lot and think you will too!Stay tuned for our end of Season 1 wrap-up episode and our kick-off of Season 2 as we commemorate the one-year anniversary of the pandemic. There are many great things in store and we can hardly wait to share them with you! 
We can all agree we're in need of a feel-good story right now, so meet Harriet! She has been dedicating her time and energy to helping elderly people navigate the world of technology so they can receive the vaccine. "Anybody would do the same when you hear the people on the other line," she says. From family to strangers, she's helped so many get access to the information they need so they aren't left behind. She also details her hints, tips, and suggestions on how to look for vaccination access! Below is the New York Times article that inspired this conversation in the first place: tuned and follow us on social media (@fatiguedpodcast) to hear more about our upcoming changes, news, and updates! 
This week we got to interview Dr. Erik, an anesthesiologist who was deployed in the Middle East when the pandemic broke out last March. His deployment had already come to a close but he was detained for a few more weeks before he was allowed to come back to the States. He's grateful to be reunited with his family again and we spoke and mused about many different topics like healthcare accessibility, Covid bubbles, and the reliability of masks. Because of his medical background, he went into detail about how doctors go through "fit tests" to discover which masks work the best with their face - a protocol we didn't know previously existed! It left us reevaluating the efficacy of the masks we're currently wearing and wondering what we can do to create a tighter seal to prevent this pesky virus from sneaking-up on us again. 
After months of devastating loss, Louis said "fuck it" (literally) and enrolled himself in the Pfizer vaccine trial. Louis, a self-described "big ol' meat shield," was more than happy to take this risk, especially because he knows we aren't going to get anywhere with this virus until we start finding some answers. He goes into detail about why he chose to participate, how it went, and what happened after injection. If you want to find out whether or not he received the vaccine or a placebo, tune in! 
Last March Maria spent nineteen days in the hospital with COVID-induced double pneumonia. Can you even imagine? From the CPAP machine to rash and bed rest, she experienced the full gamut. We are so lucky she lived to tell the tale, no matter how gruesome it may be. We're even luckier she was so sunny and sweet at 6 in the morning when we captured this conversation...oh wait, it was six OUR time, 2 in the afternoon her time. Ohhh, no wonder she was in a much better mood than us! She also didn't need to pay a dime for her hospital stay which might also be why she's so chipper and upbeat... c'mon USA, revamp our healthcare system already!Maria Ryan is an American ex-pat living in London. She is a registered Dramatherapist and is looking into offering free online Dramatherapy sessions for Covid survivors. For more information contact us at and we'll put you in touch! 
Rob is immunocompromised and lives with his family of nine... so how does he keep himself safe around so many people when a pandemic rages across the country? Well... he made the hard and necessary decision to move away from his family and into his own apartment until this thing is over. "I have a big family and I intend to be here a very long time for them." He's a shining example of sacrifice, hard work, and love. On top of a year filled with loss and isolation, he's managed to turn lemons into lemonade by adapting his time and talents into a new company: ReLink, which provides production services for corporate events that have moved online due to the coronavirus.
Lauren is a paramedic from Mississippi and the epitome of over-achiever: she spent 33 days in New York City deployed by FEMA this past spring to help the ever-growing Covid case count. And while she was there she finished her second semester of medic school! Her first save was a Covid-positive case! While she has many stories to share, she admits it's something she never wants to do again -- and after hearing those stories we TOTALLY GET IT. With COVID on the rise again, we're glad we got some insight into the heavy lifters of this pandemic. Mask up and stay home so we can ease the burden of the first responders and lifesavers of the world! 
TW: deathOver the holidays we interviewed Caroline's dad, an essential worker, who has seen some…pretty devastating events. The audio isn’t perfect, it’s a shorter episode than usual, but it’s a story we felt was necessary to share. As we enter a new year and reflect on 2020, we feel it is important to remember the lives lost in the pandemic - not as a statistic, but as people. In this episode we bridge the gap between anecdotal stories and grim reality.
Meet Jamie, a covid-survivor who made it to the hospital in time, thanks to his wife and their oximeter.  Jamie is also a patent lawyer and former chemist who has experience with the FDA and pharmaceutical research.  This week on the pod we discuss the legalities of the new vaccine, the legal liabilities of covid, and whether or not people understand how research studies function in and out of emergency situations such as this.
This episode is for big and small kids alike who are wondering if co-ho-ho-hovid can stop Santa. We got a hold of the Big Guy himself - Santa Claus - a week before Christmas to talk about how coronavirus has impacted life up at the North Pole. This is our first (and probably only) kid-friendly episode, but if you're an adult in need of a little holiday spirit we think it might be for you too :)Special thanks to Ben Jeffrey for making our spirits bright!
Disclaimer: there is mention of a very specific sex toy in this episode. (insert laughing emoji here)Our second episode of College Week focuses on Zach and Stu who are in charge of resident life at a university in Indianapolis. When the pandemic hit during last spring break, these two (along with their team) were singlehandedly responsible for reuniting the students with all of their belongings. Thanks to their hard work this year, the freshmen have been able to move in safely and keep the number of cases to a minimum. Though, it hasn't been easy: how do you foster community when isolation is the only option? What kind of effect will this have on college freshmen - will they miss out meeting the best friends of their lives or do they get lucky having a dorm suite to themselves? Give us a listen, stay positive, and test negative! 
Trigger warning: death & disordered eatingThis week is College Week on the pod and we're kicking it off talking to Josie who has been juggling school, work, and a case of covid. She's earning her degree in Public Health and after working all summer in an Urgent Care facility, she has switched over to working in a funeral home. We talk about how funeral practices have changed, is history repeating itself, how hard it is to get tested this time of year, and the feeling of shame. She's exceptionally honest and it was a pleasure speaking with her. Additionally, Caroline got an antibody test! Will she have antibodies 6 months after infection? Listen and find out! 
Med Warning: The Laughter in this Episode is Doctor Approved!Jen (a doctor)  put our minds at ease (if only for an hour). She is an OB in Indiana and we discuss the joy (and potential peril) of delivering babies in a time like this, whether or not masks work, and what it's like to have COVID - she has firsthand experience too! Bonus features include: an update on Caroline & Raymond, what is a nebulizer, and what are the cool three-year-olds watching these days? Stay positive, test negative, and enjoy this week's episode. 
This virus is so tricky - it can manifest itself in vastly different ways. Even to a set of identical twin brothers and their mother! Speaking to Ryan and Linda was an absolute delight this week - even though their cases were anything but delightful. They gave us some insight on what kept them going during their darkest days, what it's like losing your taste and smell for 2+ months (!), and what the early days of the pandemic were like before the world shut down. As mentioned in this episode, the Jacobs Family hosts a cabaret every March to raise money for the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center in memory of their father who lost his battle with it in 2015. Ryan states in the episode, "you cannot do well as an individual if your community isn't doing well." We're hard pressed to find someone whose life hasn't been affected by cancer, so if you find it in your heart to make a donation this holiday season we've got the link below for you. It's a worthy cause. Thanks for listening and supporting!
Raymond is infected with coronavirus! He and Caroline talk symptoms, testing, and tacos. What’s it like when your spouse is quarantined on the other end of the house? Is camping as safe as we think? Will Chugging Hot Sauce Make You Feel Alive Again? Listen and find out! (recorded 11/13/2020)
Raymond is on day 23 of Covid-19 and Caroline recounts the story of her tangle with the virus. As far as symptoms go, she experienced fatigue (ha), fever, pneumonia-like cough, sweats, aches, pains, chills, head ringing, hair loss, fainting, nausea, diarrhea, eyelid problems, depression, and anxiety. All by herself and all within 21 days! She's glad she lived to tell the tale and share it with you before you all make the decision to drive home for Thanksgiving. (recorded 11/17/2020)
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