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Fearless Entrepreneurship Podcast with Cory Mosley

Fearless Entrepreneurship Podcast with Cory Mosley

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Interviews with everyday business owners who have put it on the line to become successful entrepreneurs. Host Cory Mosley has made it his mission to provide education and empowerment to help aspiring entrepreneurs beat the odds and build their business.

Cory Mosley is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, business strategist and media personality who established his first business at the age of 14. Over the past decade, he has created 7-figure revenues, coached and developed successful business strategies for small business owners and fortune 500 clients.
17 Episodes
17: Lisa Copeland - Crushing Mediocrity
Lisa Copeland has more than 25 years of proven success Lisa's consulting firm Lisa Copeland Global Enterprises helps business owners and entrepreneurs build more scalable and successful businesses that generate more profit through her strategic “The Art of the Big Sell”, focused on selling a movement over a product, with a vast client list that includes Google, Subaru N.A, Dell, State Farm, Bank of America, H&R Block and many more. She was awarded one of the top 100 women in automotive. During this episode, Learn about crushing mediocrity – it’s a mindset, not a job title or position. Learn to re-purpose fear, assess the risk, and as long as it’s not dangerous and it falls within your skill set and passion, go for it. Links: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Quote: “My superpower is to build business and I do it by building movements and building relationships” – Lisa Copeland “Danger is real and fear is a choice” – Lisa Copeland “You will die as an entrepreneur if you passion and skill set do not align.” – Lisa Copeland  Time Stamps: 2:57– Lisa’s Story – Turning the sales business upside down 4:33 – How Lisa decided her new chapter coming out of selling her dealership 6:53 – Some early challenges in getting out there with her own business 10:26 – Crushing mediocrity 16:32 – Purpose - Being “Others” centered instead of “us” centered 17:09 – Lisa’s advice to women trying to break into a space that hasn’t been particularly welcoming to women traditionally 19:21 – Lisa’s craziest entrepreneurship moment 21:02 – Rapid fire questions! 23:57 – Entrepreneurship trivia!   Want more? Visit
16: Karen Bradley - Turning Your Passion Project Into A Business
Karen Bradley, certified girl boss, is the owner of multiple companies ranging from video production to real estate to international training and consultant. She trained directly under Dr. Stephen Covey and developed her own system, the KB Method, and established herself as a time management and efficiency expert. Nominated in 2015 top 100 leading women in North America in the automotive industry by Automotive News. She decided to follow her life long love and passion to health and fitness. During this episode, learn how to turn your passion and your passion project into a business. Karen discusses balancing a family, nine-to-five job and a passion. Links: Fit Body Moms Facebook Fit Body Moms IG Quote: “Planning consistently on a weekly basis pockets of times to move yourself forward is key“ - Karen Bradley Time Stamps: 3:15– Karen’s Epiphany moment – When she decided to run with her passion 4:38 – Why Karen got certifications instead of only moving forward with her experience 7:13 – Taking in education and putting your spin on things 8:55 – Karen’s social media strategy, getting out there 10:56 – Why fit body moms instead of fit body “anyone”? 13:54 – The mistake of being too broad 14:57 – Balancing a family, 9 to 5 and a passion – tips for productivity 18:11 - Advice for creative’s to get into a groove to get something done 19:25 – Karen’s craziest entrepreneurship moment 20:52 – Rapid fire questions! 24:00 – Entrepreneurship trivia!   Want more? Visit  
14: Chelsea Lahmers - From Catalog Sales To Motorcycle Girl Boss
Chelsea Lahmers is the owner of Motorichmond. Entrepreneurship was in her blood, coming from a family of entrepreneurs. After graduating high school at the top of her class, being involved in different businesses and going to University of Virginia, nothing felt complicated or motivating to her so she dropped everything and bought a mail order business for vintage Vespa parts with $800 in the bank. Today she has grown a 15,000 square foot motorcycle dealership through some combination of cleverness and force of will. During this episode learn about work ethic, going global vs staying local, compression vs expansion and focusing on your market,  servicing everybody instead of spreading too thin. Chelsea discusses growing stronger revenue and stronger base by building relationships.   Links: Facebook Instagram Twitter Quotes: “Just because you started it doesn’t mean you can’t stop if it isn’t working” - Chelsea Lahmers “Don’t be afraid to cut off your arm to save the rest of your body from getting killed” - Chelsea Lahmers   Time Stamps: 2:36– Chelsea’s Story - How she got into the mail order business starting with only $800 4:24 – Chelsea’s early challenges making the business run 5:45 – 4am nights to make it work as an entrepreneur 6:38 – How Chelsea became a Vespa dealer – starting with one brand 10:48 – Compression vs. expansion- servicing everybody instead of spreading too thin 13:30 – Time to play with the “big boys” – breaking into the male dominated motorcycle business 17:17 – Chelsea’s advice to her younger self 19:00 – Approaching expansion – Taking that leap of faith 20:41 – Getting involved in franchise driven models 22:42 – Chelsea’s craziest entrepreneurship moment 24:17 – Rapid fire questions! 27:53 – Entrepreneurship trivia!   Want more? Visit
13: Nadia Anderson - Downsizing Your Life To Right Size Your Business
Nadia Anderson is a certified public accountant and chartered global management accountant in private practice, that supports non profit organizations and small businesses. Also a certified wedding and event planner as well as the owner of Virginia Grace, an event management company that plans, designs, directs and coordinates weddings, private celebrations and corporate events. During this episode, Nadia will discuss making a commitment to your business and doing it the right way, even if it means putting it all on the line. Learn about following through on your commitment and how Nadia went from living a life of excess to a life of abundance. Links: Instagram Facebook Quote: “We get into a lot of trouble when we begin to compare.” -Nadia Anderson, CPA Time Stamps: 2:39– Nadia’s Story 5:41 – Understanding Margins – Common pricing mistakes 7:40 – The moment Nadia decided to get serious as an event planner, coming from being a CPA 11:42 – Selling everything – minimizing living expenses 16:51 – Losing Perspective on what you’re striving for 19:34 – Priorities change – How Nadia moved from living a life of excess to a life of abundance 20:44 – What’s the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make with money when they’re starting out? 25:26 – Nadia’s craziest entrepreneurship moment 27:13 – Rapid fire questions! 30:18 – Entrepreneurship trivia!   Want more? Visit
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