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From nurturing newborns to taming toddlers, we unravel the art and science of parenting with real-life stories and expert advice. The hilarious to the humbling and all the nitty gritty in between. Hosted by mum of two and journalist Shevonne Hunt. Senior Producer and editor is Debby Ng.

1587 Episodes
We’ve all had moments when a little white lie will make our lives easier. You know, like the ice cream van plays the music when it’s closed. But Nate Cooke from Gritboxx says that always telling your kids the truth is important. He explains how it works in his family, and why he believes in the power of honesty.
Having children can bring about a massive shift in your life. Not just the physical aspects - like when you sleep, eat and shower - but also your priorities. Things that were once urgently important may no longer hold the same zing. Danielle Colley is a life coach at Your Good Life who uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help set you on a clearer path. She explains what NLP is and how getting a little helping hand can help you find clarity in your purpose. To take up Danielle’s offer email her at:
Babies and small children change all the time. What worked last week can stop working this week. Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue has over 30 years experience helping parents find the right answer for their family. In this episode of Helpline Chris tackles a cautious 18-month-old recovering from a toddler run-in, changing nap times for a nine-month-old, a 25-month-old who doesn't stay in their bed at night, an eight-month-old refusing bottles, an almost-four-year-old who will only poo in nappies, a three-year-old who has stopped self-settling and a 21-month-old who is a little too rough.
Sam Loy produces a podcast called Human/ Ordinary (  It’s a podcast that explores what it is to be human. In one episode he opens up about his anger and the moment he realised it made his daughter scared. In this episode Sam talks about how his anger has affected his relationships, and how he’s learning to curb it for the sake of his family. 
There are some slightly unpleasant experiences of parenthood that are very difficult to avoid. Colds when they start daycare, bumps when they start to walk, and nits when they start school. Debbie McIntyre is a mobile nit picker who founded No Nits Now ( She busts some urban myths about nit removal and prevention, and she tells us what really works to keep nits and lice away.
Unless you’ve always wanted to have children, chances are you could imagine living another life without them. One where you get to go to the toilet on your own, drink hot tea and do what you want on the weekend. But being a childless woman in 2019 might not be what you think it is. Tory Shepherd is a journalist and author of On Freedom, part of the Little Books on Big Ideas series by Melbourne University Press. She reveals that choosing not to have children can lead to complex consequences, both personally and on a global level.
Olivia Andrews wants to help everyone eat more vegetables, so the Culinary Director for Marley Spoon decided to write a cook book called Three Veg and Meat, adding more vegetables to traditional Aussie staples, and reinventing some ‘fast food’ healthy alternatives. Olivia talks us through why we all need to eat more vegetables, and why even your kids will love these meals. 
Having a second baby can feel daunting when the age gap is big enough that you can reason with your eldest child. When you’re having a baby with an energetic toddler at home it can feel completely overwhelming. Mothercraft nurse and Helpline expert Chris Minogue breaks it down to make it all a lot easier, from sleeping arrangements to safety on the street.
Parents today are still unsure where to get help if their child is having problems online, how to make sure their child is safe and if their privacy is being protected. This is according to the latest research from the eSafety Commissioner. Kellie Britnell, Manager of Education and Training, takes us through the research, and she answers the questions most parents still want to know: how to maintain privacy for our kids online, how to protect them from the approach of strangers, and how to tell if they’re having a hard time.If you have any problems or questions about safety online, check out the eSafety Commissioner’s portal for parents.
When we’re pregnant there are a number of apps we can download to monitor the progress of our growing baby. These apps can explain how big the baby is, what’s happening in their brains and even give you tips on what food to eat. Like many things when it comes to parenting, there’s an understandable focus on the development of the baby. But what about the development of the mum? The Centre for Perinatal Excellence (COPE) has developed a regular email service that helps mums adjust to their new life – with all the things that change and shift in the first year. Dr Nicole Highet is the founder and Executive Director of COPE. She explains why this service is so important, and how it works.
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