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Author: Babyology

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From nurturing newborns to taming toddlers, we unravel the art and science of parenting with real-life stories and expert advice. The hilarious to the humbling and all the nitty gritty in between. Hosted by mum of two and journalist, Shevonne Hunt. Senior Producer and editor is Debby Ng.
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Every baby is different, as is every parent. Finding an answer on Google for particular challenge doesn't always work. But what does work is asking Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue. With over thirty years experience she knows how to tweak routines to get you back on a smoother path. On this episode of Helpline Chris helps: A rolling four-month-old baby (who wakes every time she rolls), transitioning a two-and-a-half-year-old from a sleeping bag to sheets, an early-waking seven-month-old, alternatives to formula for an eight-month-old, an 18-month-old resisting night sleeps, early waking 14-month-old, five-and-a-half-month-old waking frequently at night, a four year old son melting down at little things, a five-month-old who has started refusing a bottle, how to deal with a tantruming 12-month-old, feeling trapped with frequent breastfeeding with a three-week-old baby and a two-year-old still struggling with drop offs six months after starting day care.
Personal trainer Tara Stojanovski is on a mission. The Director of Fit Mama Co wants women everywhere, particularly pregnant women or new mums, to consider getting a PT for their vagina. Tara explains why understanding your pelvic floor and getting a regular exercise regime in place can make a big difference to your overall health and wellbeing.
School is very different from day care. If this is your first child attending "big school" you probably have a stack of new information that you're trying to digest. Having a sense of what you'll need financially for the year ahead can be helpful. Kate Browne is the Managing Editor at She gives us a run down on what payments we need to set aside for the school year ahead.
Former Executive Director of Unicef, Carol Bellamy once said,"When the lives and rights of children are at stake, there must be no silent witnesses." This quote is something that resonates with Tara Wynne, a literary agent and volunteer for War Child, a charity that supports children in war-torn countries. Tara has been involved in publishing books to support the charity, including Funny Bones. Tara explains how the charity works in countries far from Australia.
Children are curious creatures. You could be driving to the playground and they'll ask you how babies are made. Not all parents are comfortable talking about the birds and the bees, and sometimes it's hard to work out what the right response is. Plus, when are we meant to start talking about puberty? Lily Isobella from The One a Day Project has the answers. For Lily's list of appropriate books check out her website.
Raising small children is an all-consuming experience. Sometimes it's difficult to see the forest for the trees. Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue is here to give you perspective and find ways to tweak your routine or feeding to make life smoother. This week on Helpline Chris helps: A 10 week-old who needs to be held to sleep, a two and a-half-year-old twin who gets upset every time someone leaves, an 11 week-old not sleeping well during the day, weaning a two-and-a-half year old off breastfeeding, how long a six-month-old should be awake between sleeps, what a routine for two-year-old looks like, an early rising 10 month-old and helping a 12 month-old sleep longer in his day naps. Chris Minogue's book is called Bringing Baby Home
Coming home from hospital after childbirth can be quite the anti-climax. Consider the nine months you've been preparing for the birth of your baby, and then the dramatic way she entered the world. Jumping in the car and coming home feels a little bit run-of-the-mill. The contrast between the hospital world and your own home, which is unchanged since the earth shattering experience of childbirth, can feel both overwhelming and surreally normal. Diane Zalitis is a midwife and the Clinical Lead of Pregnancy, Birth and Baby. She explains how you can adjust to your new life at home.
Researcher and strategist Annabel Blake and designer Deb Ho believe that we are all made of stories and that stories can therefore change the world. The duo have formed a new company Little Literature Co to build stories and games that encourage girls to imagine themselves as the protagtonists, leaders and scientists of the future. Annabel and Deb explain how we can help girls embrace STEM subjects through story telling, and explain how their first game Talu Tales works for children of all ages.
Most parents do their best to raise their kids well. At the same time, many worry that they're not doing it right. Dr Dan Siegel has a very powerful message. Not only is it okay to make mistakes, but there is one key thing you can do that will help your child flourish. Dan has written a book called The Power of Showing Up with co-author Tina Payne Bryson. He explains what it means to 'show up' and why making mistakes (as a parent) can lead to a resilient child.
The bushfires around the country are overwhelming. It's difficult to process the extent of the devastation as a parent, so how do we help our children? Margaret Nixon is the Workforce Officer for the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health and Marcela Nolasco is a clinical psychologist at Little Steps Psychology. Together they tell us how parents can deal with the uncertainty of being in a fire zone, making children feel comfortable in evacuation centres and the types of behaviour you may see in your children during times of crisis. Margaret also talks about the impact the fires may have on the children of volunteers and those not directly threatened by the fires. For more information on how to support children see the tool kit from Emerging Minds or the Australian Psychological Society.
Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue is back after the summer break. Chris has over 30 years experience helping families tweak their schedules so that family life can flow more smoothly. On this episode of Helpline she tackles: A 22-month-old who won't let dad do anything, sleep routines for a one-year-old traveling to Singapore, a cat-napping eight-week-old, a 16-month-old who will only do day naps in the pram, how to wean an 11-month-old, settling a six-month-old who doesn't want to sleep in their cot, whether to persist toilet training a two-and-a-half-year-old and a ten-month-old waking constantly through the night.
As bush fires continue across the country people are wondering how best to support families affected by the disaster. There are multiple calls for financial donations, and others for material goods. So what is the most helpful way to get involved? Jessica Macpherson is the CEO of the charity St Kilda Mums. Her organisation has been helping families in need since 2009. Jessica explains the simplest way to help those families suffering right now. For more links on how you can support families in need St Kilda Mums have provided suggestions at their website.
A new year can be a great opportunity to set some goals. But are New Year's resolutions the answer? And how do you choose the kinds of goals that count? Danielle Colley is a life coach at Your Good Life. She has some really practical tips to setting meaningful goals, and how to make them happen.
Amy Taylor-Kabbaz is a journalist and mother of three who wanted to know why motherhood had turned her world upside down. After her first child was born she started researching everything she could to find the root cause of why so many women still feel isolated and confused when they become mothers. Now her eldest has turned twelve she's discovered a new line of study called matrescence, and it's clarified so many things that before were confusing. She's written all about it in her latest book Mama Rising. Amy explains how we need to redefine the meaning of motherhood and why it's an exciting time to be raising a family.
Christmas is a time when families come together to connect and share the festive season. Screens can be a major obstacle to this kind of connection. And we're not talking about the kids. Parents can have a hard time putting their devices away. Dr Kristy Goodwin is a digital wellbeing expert with a stack of tips on how we can stay off our phones, and tuned into our families this Christmas.
In this last Helpline of 2019 Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue answers challenging questions from parents and carers about their children's eating and sleeping patterns. If you need more help why not try Babyology's Sleep School? In this episode that includes: A seven-month-old waking through the night, a weaning plan for a ten-month-old for when they are a year old, three-and-four-month-old early waker, a teething ten-month-old early riser, a 16-and-a-half-month-old waking hysterically from his day nap, a six-and-a-half month-0ld transitioning off breast milk (for day care), a six-month-old who won't let dad settle them and an eight-week-old who cat naps throughout the day.
School holidays can feel like they last forever. I mean, when was the last time you had six weeks off? Whether you're hanging out with the kids this holidays, sending them off to camp or a mixture of both, you'll want to listen to Kate Browne, the Personal Finance Expert at Kate is a mum of two, so she understands the challenges of sticking to a budget over the holidays. She gives us her tips on how to stay on top of your money.
Summer holidays are only a few weeks away, and those who are taking a trip somewhere might be thinking about all they need to pack. Michelle McLaughlin from Little Blue Dinosaur would like you to think beyond that, and more about the traffic conditions of your destination. After a personal tragedy Michelle became aware of just how little we all know about road safety. She shares some easy and practical tips for staying safe these holidays. To connect with Michelle check out Little Blue Dinosaur on Facebook.
Lily Isobella is better known as a roving sex educator in the One a Day Project. She's also a mother of three who lives in Bellingen, halfway between Brisbane and Sydney. Her community is surrounded by bushfires. Lily gives some insight into what it's like living through the current bushfire conditions, and how they are all getting by.
Hugh Van Cuylenberg was a teacher in Australia before he travelled to Northern India with his then-girlfriend and volunteered in a school in the foothills of the Himalayas. What he learnt from the children in that village inspired him to research resilience, and to found The Resilience Project. Now he's released a book: The Resilience Project, Finding happiness through gratitude, empathy and mindfulness and he's keen to share the three straightforward steps he learnt from the kids he taught many years ago.
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