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From nurturing newborns to taming toddlers, we unravel the art and science of parenting with real-life stories and expert advice. The hilarious to the humbling and all the nitty gritty in between. Hosted by mum of two and journalist, Shevonne Hunt. Senior Producer and editor is Debby Ng.
444 Episodes
Most children start school in Australia between the ages of five and six. Kate Noble, an Education Policy Fellow at the Mitchell Institute, says that the two years prior to starting school are incredibly important. It's in those two years that a preschool education can have the most significant impact, and it's not through learning things like letters and numbers. Kate talks about the crucial skills that early learning educators teach our children before they head to 'big school'.
Shaun Miller was an extraordinary young man who came to prominence after he posted a video to YouTube that he called My Final Goodbye. His father Cameron Miller found meaning after his son's death by starting The Shaun Miller Foundation, and by raising awareness of CHD. In this interview, he talks about the number of children affected by CHD, and all the things he learnt from life with Shaun.
"Attachment parenting" can mean different things to different people, but generally it can be summed up as preferring a gentle approach to getting your baby to sleep. But is it possible to get your baby to sleep through the night when they're used to having you by their side? Veena Parry is a paediatric sleep consultant from Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep who says it's possible to sleep train a child gently without using controlled crying.Veena explains the steps to getting your baby off to sleep with all the gentleness an attachment parent needs.
Ella and the Ocean is a picture book about a young girl who dreams of a sea that she has never seen. In her quest to understand what the ocean really looks like, Ella inspires her family to take a long trip to the coast. Author Lian Tanner talks about how the story came together, including aspects of her own family's life on the land. She explains why the story of struggle and ultimately hope is such an important part of the book, and why it's really a story about remembering to take time out to play.
Psychologist Kirsty Levin from The Parents Village joins Helpline to talk about relationships for her second-last episode before mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue returns from holidays. This week she tackles: Friends who are financially dependent on spouses, not wanting sex after having a baby (but your partner does), planning a wedding but everyone keeps interfering, ex-partner being difficult with children after divorce, siblings who fight all the time, looking after elderly parents when you have young kids (and your siblings won't help out) and a mother-in-law who wants to be with your husband all the time.Links discussed in this episode: What is financial abuse? Moneysmart Conflict resolution for kids from Sunshine parenting and an app to help care for elderly parents Carely
Most mums are pretty fierce when it comes to their children, but Rebekah Robertson had a fire lit in her belly after witnessing the legal and social discrimination her daughter Georgie experienced growing up. In her book, About a Girl, A mother's powerful story of raising her transgender child she has told her family's story with every normal and painful challenge they have gone through along the way. Together Rebekah and Georgie talk about what it was that got them through the hardest times, including rage, trust and incredible integrity. Rebekah founded Transcend to support parents of transgender youth.
Regular working hours and family life don't always fit together, which is why flexible work can sound like the holy grail for parents. Dr Sarah Cotton is an Organisational Psychologist at Transitioning Well who understands the pros and cons of flexible work. Sarah outlines how you can negotiate flexible hours with your employer, and how to make it work in your family life.
When you become a mum, you think that your instincts will kick in. Something deeply ingrained in your being will tell you how best to respond to your baby, how to work out their cries and when they need comfort. These days our instincts can get buried under the mountains of information about how to do parenting 'right'. Parenting educator and lactation specialist Pinky McKay explains why instinct is so important to mothers, and how you can tap into it if you feel lost in the noise.
Poo is such a fascinating topic after you have a baby. Where once dinner conversation was polite and urbane, now you find yourself discussing the regularity and colour of your offspring's waste. Dianne Zalitis is a midwife and Clinical Lead of Pregnancy, Birth and Baby. She explains exactly what new parents can expect from their baby's poo, and a few more facts that will help you understand what each different colour and consistency means.
If you have children who are attached to toys that are still in good nick, but are seldom used, Garage Sale Trail may be the thing you've been waiting for. Garage Sale Trail is a nationwide movement, a community-based project where neighbourhoods sign up to be part of a weekend of garage sales. Co -founder Darryl Nichols talks about how the idea came out of a desire to reuse dumped white goods, and why it might be the secret to get your kids to let go of their old toys.
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