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Author: Babyology

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From nurturing newborns to taming toddlers, we unravel the art and science of parenting with real-life stories and expert advice. The hilarious to the humbling and all the nitty gritty in between. Produced and presenter by mum of two and journalist, Shevonne Hunt.
681 Episodes
Like a toddler who gets too attached to their bedtime bottle, or another who can't sleep without their dummy. Whatever age or stage your child is at, we're here to help. This week paediatric nurse and sleep expert Jo Ryan helps with the following: A 15-month-old who doesn't want to give up their bedtime bottle, a two-year-old who refuses to sleep after giving up their dummy, a six-week-old who can't be settled by their dad, a two-and-a-half year old whose sleep has regressed, a two-year-old who is refusing to swallow their food, a four-month-old who hates tummy time, an otherwise gentle 19-month-old who keeps biting and a four-year-old who has regressed to wanting to be a baby. For more time with Jo Ryan you can book her through Babyology's Sleep School.
Most parents appreciate that the toddler years can be tough. Our little humans are designed to push boundaries at this stage of their lives. But sometimes it can be too much to handle. Dr Jane Kohlhoff from the University of NSW School of Psychiatry is the lead author on a study Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with Toddlers, which explores the ways parents can manage challenging toddler behaviours. Jane explains how the study helps parents understand more where their toddlers are coming from.
How would you feel if your child was never invited to birthday parties? Or worse, if they had their own party but no other kids showed up? Katherine Peereboom is a mother of three boys on the autism spectrum and the founder of Spectrum Support. She says that this is a reality for many parents with children on the spectrum. Katherine explains some of the more challenging social aspects with kids on the spectrum, and how we can help our children to be more accepting of neural difference.
Family histories can be a fascinating mix of fact and fiction, depending on who is telling the stories. Brad Argent is a family historian and researcher at He strongly believes that when we look into our past we will always uncover something previously unknown. Brad talks about the times a family history search has changed people's lives, and the secret within his own family that he uncovered.
When your baby starts solids it's exciting to watch them explore different tastes and textures. But sometimes our children will decide they don't like a certain food. What then? Will your child become one of those dreadful "fussy eaters"? Dr Jen Cohen, AKA The Fussy Eating Doctor, tells us how to define a fussy eater, and whether or not we can avoid them altogether.
When life gets challenging with your small humans it can help to have an expert give you some guidance. Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue joins us on Helpline to help parents with the following problems: When and how to introduce cow's milk to a one-year-old, a six-month-old who doesn't self settle at night (but can during the day), coping with a four-year-old who chatters constantly, how to get a five-year-old to drink more water, what time to get a two-and-a-half-year-old to have their daytime nap, a two-year-old who will only sleep at night after breastfeeding, whether a two-year-old is ready to toilet train, how to help a two-and-a-half-year-old drop their daytime nap, weaning an eleven-month-old off breastfeeds (and on to cow's milk), a four-year-old who wakes every morning at 5.30am, managing a stubborn two-year-old's behaviour without squashing their independence and a three-year-old who can't share toys or humans. For one-on-one time with Chris Minogue or another of Babyology's Sleep School experts book a session here.
Even before the coronavirus pandemic, it could be argued that we are parenting in extraordinary times. The rapid pace of technology, the so-called 'intensification' of parenting and the demands of juggling work and family life make this point in time a unique one in which to raise a family. Throw in a global pandemic and you have all kinds of demands on parents. Eloise Rickman is a parenting educator who responded to the pandemic by writing a book; Extraordinary Parenting. Eloise explains why she thinks parenting is a radical act, and how we can all cope in uncertain times.
When your child is a toddler you learn that tantrums are a normal part of their development. As they grow older you may start to wonder why they are still happening. Child development expert Karen Young from Hey Sigmund says that the path to emotional intelligence is long, and that it's very normal for older kids to have tantrums. Karen explains what to do when your child is struggling to manage their anger.
Jono Lineen is in love with walking. He is so in love with walking that he wrote a book about it, it's called Perfect Motion, How Walking Makes Us Wiser. In this book he includes the history of evolution, some philosophy and personal stories about his own life in extraordinary places. Jono explains how he first came to fall for such a simple process, and why it could be the salve for many parental frustrations.
Babies go through so much change in the first year. Sometimes it can feel that they change in a day! One of the biggest challenges can be understanding why sleep patterns change during this time, especially given when they're not sleeping, neither are you. Fran Chavasse is the author of The Tresillian Sleep Book and says it's much easier to ride the waves of sleep deprivation when you know what to expect. Fran outlines the general development of sleep in the first year.
It's a cliche but babies really don't come with a manual. And even when you've read all the books and googled all the problems, sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Karina Lane is a parenting coach, a postnatal doula and an expert with Babyology's Sleep School. On this episode of Helpline she tackles: A three-year-old who refuses to toilet train, an eleven-month-old who won't let dad help, a three-year-old who is always touching himself, a three-year-old always getting in to his parent's bed, night toilet training a four-year-old, how to get rid of cradle cap on an eight-week-old baby, weaning a two-year-old off breast feeds, a 19-month-old who wakes screaming in the night, helping one ten-week-old twin to sleep as well as another and a three-year-old who has become constipated during toilet training.
These days quality children's content is not hard to come by, but some of the best shows have been broadcasting for decades. This year, Sesame Street is celebrating fifty seasons in Australia. Autumn Zitani is a Content Producer at Sesame Workshop. She talks about the enduring mission of Sesame Street, and how the program is still relevant today. You can catch the fiftieth season of Sesame Street on ABC Kids.
The coronavirus pandemic has not impacted all families equally. Some families will be living as they always have while others will be battening down the hatches as they try to recover from job losses or hours cut. There is still a lot of uncertainty around what will happen come September when the Job Keeper financial support package comes to an end. Melissa Browne is a financial advisor and author of Budgets Don't Work, But This Does. Melissa talks about how we can navigate uncertain times, and what to expect when Job Keeper ends.
Time is not something parents have a lot of, so many of us think very carefully about how we will spend the time we get. Maybe you love to collapse in front of Netflix or to bury yourself in a good book. Isaac Kuruvilla is a dad of three who spends his spare time volunteering for the Starlight Foundation, and he's been doing it for the last twenty-three years.Isaac talks about why he started volunteering, and why he keeps going back.
When you sign up to a long-term monogamous relationship, chances are you also sign up to being a part of an extended family. And while you may choose your partner, you haven't chosen their parents. So what happens when there is tension between you and your in-laws? Ginny Lindsay is a psychotherapist at From Two to Three. She gives us some pointers on how to handle challenging relationships.
When it comes to navigating the challenges of parenting, it can help to have a some professional advice. Sleep consultant and paediatric nurse Jo Ryan can give you the perspective you need whether it's cat-napping babies or cranky toddlers. If you'd like to book a consultation with Jo Ryan check out Babyology's Sleep School. On this episode on Helpline Jo Ryan helps parents with: Aggressive two-year-old behaviour, ten-month-old cat napping, a three-year-old who is not listening to instructions, three-and-a-half-month-old cat napping, a four-year-old who won't sit down to eat, a seven-week-old with wind and a fifteen-week-old with nap issues.
It's something that humans have been doing for as long as humans have existed, but childbirth can still feel overwhelming and terrifying if you are the human that is about to do it. While the experience of pregnancy is deeply intimate - from morning sickness to feeling your baby's hiccups in the middle of the night - labour is the great unknown. Hannah Dahlen both teaches and practices midwifery. As the Professor of Midwifery at Western Sydney she's also undertaken and overseen many studies into childbirth. Hannah goes through the greatest fears of labour that women have, and helps us overcome them.
The #BlackLivesMatter protest may have started in the United States, but the issues the protestors raise are almost identical to those affecting Australia's First Nations People. In Australia thousands of people defied the COVID-19 restrictions to rally in support of our First Nations people. To protest against deaths in custody, life expectancy gaps and pervasive racism. Jasmine Seymour is a Darug woman, a primary school teacher and the author of picture books Baby Business and Cooee Mittigar and is the illustrator of Family. She is optimistic about the way children respond to the true history of Australia, but says sometimes it's their parents that need to be more supportive. Jasmine explains how raising children to be good allies begins with us, their parents.
Ashe Davenport was one of the first among her friends to fall pregnant. With few examples to follow, motherhood came as a bit of a shock. In her book Sad Mum Lady Ashe documents the things people don't talk about. Like loving your children but hating being a mother. Like how rage and grief can exist alongside love and joy. In this interview Ashe talks about how motherhood saved her and why it can be so challenging for women today.
Toddlers can be a handful. They're pushing boundaries and they never sit still. But Dr Laura Jana says that the toddler years are some of the most important for building our child's capacity for success in the future. And it's not about preparing them for skills like reading and writing. Laura explains the true key to unlocking your toddler's success. Laura Jana's book is called The Toddler Brain.
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