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The underbelly of the land down under.
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Dearne Louise Nonnenmacher was born on the 4th January 1972\. In 1990 she was eighteen and living with her family and working as trainee chef at the Robin Hood Hotel. She had shared with family her dreams for the future and looked forward to the day she could work as a chef on a cruise liner.On Christmas day of 1990, like many families, the Nonnenmacher family gathered together to celebrate with a Christmas lunch. Little did her family know that this would be the last time they would see their beloved Dearne.By boxing day, Dearne's family had not heard from her and made repeated attempts to reach out. Feeling uneasy about her sudden disappearance and lack of contact they soon reported her missing at the Orange Police Station. ..
**The Nowra Bodies in the Barrels**On the 29th of January 2006, Peter Dalton and his wife were cycling along a track through the Tomerong State Forest, not far from the township of Nowra.During their ride they had noticed burning smell that grew stronger and stronger. As they drew nearer to a clearing in the forest they could see the source of the smoke. The flames had died down but two barrels were smoldering and black smoke rose from within them. **Sponsor: shipstation .com****Promo code: FTC**
Located south 2 hours south west of the NSW capital of Sydney, is an area of known as the Southern Highlands. If you travel 3 kms west from the Hume Highway that runs through this region you will soon end up in the towering trees of the Belanglo State Forest.The title of the forest ‘Belanglo’, has become synonymous with the callous serial killings of several young backpackers who died at the hands of Ivan Milat.From 1989 to 1993 this tranquil forest would become a dumping ground for Milat. Over a series of searches authorities would discover the remains of 7 individuals who had fallen victim to Milat while hitchhiking through the region.Despite this gruesome history and the negative association with its name, Belanglo forest has still continued to be used as a popular recreational destination for trail bike riders, 4 wheel drive enthusiasts, and campers.But despite locals and tourists alike trying to shake the memory of Milat, In 2010 a disturbing event would bring the names Belanglo and Milat to the media spotlight once again.**Sponsor:** ShipStation **Codeword:** FTC**Podcast Suggestion:** Human/Ordinary
Felon Update 8th July 2018

Felon Update 8th July 2018


Due to a series of unexpected events Felon True Crime Podcast has been put on hold indefinitely. While this is frustrating, I feel that it is a good opportunity to address some issues I've had with the podcast and put some changes in place that will improve the content. I will be sure to keep you posted with any developments. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience.
Frank Vitkovic (Part 2)On the 8th of December 1987, Frank Vitkovic, armed with high powered, sawn off rifle, shot indiscriminately at unsuspecting office workers as he moved through the Australia Post Building at 191 Queen Street in the Melbourne CBD.8 lives were cut down at the hands of Vitkovic in a brutal attack that lasted 17 minutes.During Vitkovic's frenzied attack Police gathered in the street below. They had received an alert from the building when a worker inside had triggered the bank alarm. Initially assuming they were dealing with an armed robbery they swooped on the scene. But as a shots echoed from the floors above they soon realized that were not dealing with a robbery.Podcast Recommendation: True Crime Enthusiast HayuHead to or download the app today to start your 30-day free trial.Thanks to Ben and Doug for lending their voices.
While you wait for Part 2 of Frank Vitkovic.... I was honoured to guest host an episode of In Sight Podcast. If you haven't had a chance to listen via In Sight's stream, here is it. For those unfamiliar with In Sight, I highly recommend checking it out. On January 29 2009, Arthur Freeman was driving his three children across the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne. It would be his 4-year-old daughter, Darcey’s first day of school. Unfortunately she would never make it. For reasons no one would ever be able to explain, Freeman calmly exits his vehicle with Darcey in his arms and tosses her off the bridge. Freeman goes back to his car with his other two children inside and drives away. It would not be long before Freeman is apprehended, arrested and charged with the little girl’s murder. What would cause a loving, doting father to murder his own daughter? Facebook/insightpodTwitter @insightfulpodInstagram @insightpodinsightfulpod@gmail.cominsightpod.comMusic by Scott Buckley
The 8th of December, 1987\. In the Vitkovic family home in West Preston, Frank Vitkovic wrote in his diary, packed a large bag with some items and with this bag in hand boarded the number 4 tram towards the city.The events that would soon unfold would shut down the city of Melbourne and shock the nation.Podcast Suggestion: Canadian True Crime
2: Marshall Haritos

2: Marshall Haritos


Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory is a popular holiday destination for both Australian Residents and international visitors alike. Also known as Australia's Tropical capital, its warm weather, night clubs, beach markets and laid back life style are among the many reasons why people choose to live in or visit Darwin.But behind this carefree façade hides another face of Darwin that is much more sinister. Per capita Darwin has the highest crime rate of any Australian city. In 2004, It would be the backdrop to an horrific crime that would be etched in to Darwin's history for many years to come.Vote for Felon in the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards Social @felontruecrimeTwitter @felontruecrime
**Season 3 Episode 1**Anne Redman and Pirjo Kemppainen lived over 60 kms from each other. Their paths had never crossed. Anne lived in the seaside south Australian Suburb of Seacliff. Pirjo lived in the small town of Callington, in the Eastern slopes of the Adelaide Hills. Despite being complete strangers to each other, their names would soon be spoken regularly in the same breath for years to come….**Vote for Felon in the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards****Felon Social Media** @felontruecrimeTwitter @felontruecrime**True Crime Finland**
Christmas Day. 2008\. In the New South Wales suburb of Gosford. Police were called to a brutal crime scene. Loretta Watts had received a panicked phone call for from her daughter, Tamie Melehan, urgently requesting her help. Loretta arrived at Tamie’s home and made her way to the bathroom. In the shower area Loretta discovered the lifeless body of Tamie’s boyfriend, David Vaughn.Music CreditsSilent Night (Dark Piano Version) - Dark Christmas Music By Myuu Dark Christmas Song. Silent Night (Holy Night) in minor key. Free to use as long as credit is given. iTunes ● :: Google Play ● Bandcamp:… MP3 Download ►… ● Support me on Patreon (Early Access & more perks) ● Nacht, Heilige Nacht.Sheet Music + Piano Tutorial + MIDI ►♫ Follow me on Twitter: ♫ Follow me on Instagram: ♫ Follow me on Facebook: ♫ Follow me on SoundCloud: ♫ Follow me on Tumblr: ♫ Snapchat:■ iTunes ■ Google Play ■ Bandcamp■ Spotify FREE BACKGROUND HORROR MUSIC DRONE
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Partha Chetia

I think this is the worst case I have ever listened to. What kind of person can do this to a baby? I can't believe what was done to the baby.

Apr 8th


is this podcast going to start again. disappointing if it doesn't. we all love this one

Mar 20th


when will u bring out more episodes??

Feb 28th

olo olo

turns me on when you ask what underwear I'm wearing

Feb 5th

Kerryn Miles

nice to see you "podcasting" again

Jan 21st

June Allison

brutally boring

Jan 16th

Danielle Clark

June Allison unsubscribe...??? wtf.

Feb 21st


I recently found this podcast. Love it, reminds me somewhat of Casefile. i love it so much that i wish the episodes were a little longer. Keep it up. this is great stuff!!

Jan 11th


I dont know why I hadn't heard of this podcast earlier!!! I discovered it 3 days ago. I've binged listened to all of the episodes already, 😫😫 so plz come back from a holiday break really soon with more episodes

Jan 5th


Great to have you back on air. ‘Felon’ was missed.

Jan 2nd


call taker 2 needs to be fired.

Dec 25th

Zoe Nicolaou

Your ability to weave such stories is amazing. Love the detail to the history of both offenders and victims. Keep up the great work.

Dec 24th

Anna A

Absolute corker of an episode, can't believe i haven't heard of this, it's huge news for true crime land! so glad you're back, excellent work as usual

Dec 9th

Joy Rist

I'm so glad you are back. Great episode!

Nov 29th

Jeremy Lang

Love this. Thanks for sharing.

Oct 8th

Lynette Bridgette Clancy

I enjoy the way u tell a story of truth n history. plus the clarity of yr voice.

Jul 9th

Calli Dahmerberg

suck beautiful music behind narrator while describing such horrible acts become and irony and beauty

Mar 27th

J larimore


Mar 6th

Jules Hewitt

Come back soon

Mar 1st


Omg the bureaucrat bs ppl have to deal with on these 911 calls. Its scary tbh.

Dec 22nd

Lorraine Nieto

MixedFeelings tbis shit true

Dec 28th

Liz A

really good

Dec 10th
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