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The true crime podcast where women aren’t just the victims. Every week, we examine the psychology, motivations, and atrocities of female felons. New episodes come out every Wednesday. Female Criminals is a production of Cutler Media and part of the Parcast Network.

194 Episodes
After fighting obscenity charges for her stage plays, Mae West went to Hollywood and quickly earned a level of power unheard-of for women in movies. But between censors' efforts to sanitize her, and the revelation of a shocking secret from her past, Mae had to do everything she could to survive.
When one of the most famous entertainers in America couldn’t find another good role, she wrote one for herself. The result was a play titled “Sex,” and it became a Broadway smash in 1926 — but moral reformers couldn’t handle its heat, and took drastic action.
Facing an ultimatum from her husband, 24-year-old Kristin drugged him with a lethal mix of prescription drugs, then staged his death to look like a suicide. Her story quickly unraveled, but to this day she claims innocence.
After a childhood spent striving for perfection in the early '90s, a devastating ballet injury turned Kristin Rossum to drugs. She married the man who helped her get clean, but after a series of marital rifts, she used her knowledge as a toxicologist to plan the perfect murder.
In February 1887, a man opened a package to find a bloody torso, and police set to work following a trail of clues that led right to Hannah Mary Tabbs — but she knew exactly how to play her cards.
In the late 19th century, Hannah Mary Tabbs used violence to control those around her, directing her cruelty toward family and acquaintances. When she began an affair with a younger man, she thought she'd found happiness. Until he lost interest, and she began to plot her revenge...
After an argument in a Days Inn Motel, Yolanda Saldívar shot her boss, beloved Tejana superstar Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, in the back. The murder shocked the world. When her trial began in October 1995, Yolanda stood in a Houston courthouse and swore: Not Guilty.
From the moment she saw Selena perform, loner and misfit Yolanda Saldívar was obsessed.  But it wasn't enough to just be a fan. Within months, she was Selena's personal assistant and one of her closest friends. And Yolanda was prepared to do everything she could to keep Selena close—even if it meant harming her...
On the morning of Friday, June 13th, 1980, suburban housewife Candy Montgomery was confronted by the wife of her ex-lover. Betty Gore was desperate—and holding an axe. Candy had no choice but to fight for her life... or so she says today.
Pretty, perky, and careful to always mind her manners, Candy Montgomery was married with children before realizing she wanted more. She wanted passion. So she set her sights on a man she knew from church. But there was only one problem: his wife.
With twin sons, a sprawling mansion, and a blossoming career, Clara Harris had it all—or so she thought. But when her world came crashing down in 2002, her anger fueled a violent outburst… with deadly consequences.
After pursuing a career that launched her from Colombia to America, Clara Harris met the man who would turn her world upside down. The two married and built the perfect life together, but something wicked began brewing in 2002, when Clara discovered her husband was having an affair.
On June 2, 1972, 20-year old Cathy Kerkow drove to the airport with her boyfriend on a mission to hijack a plane. But several hours after takeoff, the ambitious trip took a turn that landed young Cathy halfway across the world—and onto the FBI's most-wanted list.
Before she hijacked a plane in 1972, Cathy Kerkow was simply a young woman from Oregon with a penchant for risk and scandal. Days of aimless rebellion reunited her with a man from her past, who enlisted her in a brash scheme to free the imprisoned political activist, Angela Davis.
When Brittany Norwood’s Lululemon coworker was found dead on March 12, 2011, police initially thought Brittany was a victim, too—of a store robbery gone wrong. When shoeprint and blood analysis results arrived, they realized: The killer had never left the store.
Underneath her bubbly exterior, 28-year-old Brittany Norwood lived a secret life that involved thievery, deception, and sugar daddies. When she was caught shoplifting from the Lululemon store where she worked, she decided nothing would stop her from keeping the crime quiet.
In February 1986, Stephanie Lazarus’ strange visits to her ex-lover’s new wife turned to deadly assault. She covered her tracks and hid from suspicion for over twenty years—until the discovery of one piece of evidence unraveled everything.
She spent the duration of her college years nurturing feelings for a man named John Ruetten. Years later, upon learning of his engagement to another woman, Stephanie Lazarus lashed out—turning her LAPD status into a violent threat on his new lover’s life.
In the early 1990s, after her mentor, Madam Alex, was thrown in jail, 26-year-old Heidi Fleiss had a decision to make: stay loyal to her former boss, or steal Madam Alex's client list and mount a career of her own.
After a disastrous break-up with a rich older man in 1989, 22-year-old Heidi Fleiss wasn’t ready to give up the luxuries she's grown accustomed to. Instead, she joined the underground world of high-class Los Angeles escorts.
Comments (190)

Sherri Taylor

The gaslighting and things Dan did were despicable. I can understand her hating him. I do not understand how they could live in the pettiness and harming their children. Such toxic people, their poor children.

Oct 15th
Reply Mfz

this one is not about female criminals, but about female victims of the ignorance and paranoia promoted by churches. i can understand the people of the era truly believing in what they did, thinking it is in the best interest of the world.

Oct 8th
Reply Mfz

this one is a true monster..

Oct 3rd

Dianna W

this is heart breaking

Sep 23rd

Dianna W

here we go with the too loud commercials. please stop hurting our ears!

Sep 23rd

Mike King

Why do you spoil every story? I enjoy the stories but I haven't heard of or know the outcome of pretty much every story and am sure a lot of your listeners haven't either. I just loved being surprised in a story but you choose to tell the outcome of every story before you even start the story and then throughout story before breaks. Otherwise you're doing great! I just wish you wouldn't do this. but who am I to tell you how to run your podcast right.

Sep 17th

Irene Ullrich Allen

This is the story that started my love of all things true crime!!!

Sep 16th

Ladonna Nall

in both oboohOHjoohhohgxvhiohoxozohigh. he can know _<=(&&^(&@;

Sep 12th

Darysabel Torres

Puertorricans do not have dual citizenship, we are American citizens.

Sep 9th

Lori C.

and now Mary has passed...

Sep 7th
Reply (1)

Lisaggh g

these are good but they all have that tinge of sympathy for the poor victim murderesses. and you are right, we all have issues...its what we do with them.

Aug 21st
Reply Mfz

this crime got me really emotional..

Aug 15th

Sean Rosenau

So basically their blaming her actions on the men in her life. Oh boohoo her father wasn't there. Her stalking victim didn't love her back. Neither of my parents cared about me. I've had failed relationships. Did I commit a bunch of crimes? No, because I'm not psychotic bitch. Fuck you feminist cunts.

Jul 23rd

Sherrie Lucas

Please!!!! Get your license in psychiatry, or hire someone who does have one! Just, stop saying that on every freaking episode! Btw, it does not assure me, that you know anything more than the rest of us. You are, in essence, stealing from those who have earned their licenses!!

Jul 9th

Loretta Mowell

it's about fucking time they have a new real episode!

Jun 22nd


holy hot damn, that kid just wouldn't die

Mar 30th

Brooke Venning

I'm not sure what the point is in reposting episodes when people can just listen to them in the original lineup.

Mar 28th
Reply (2)

Anngelika Blomqvist

She is a hero of sort

Mar 22nd

Sean Rosenau

This whole story reminds me of the song Pepper by T Butthole Surfers. Marky got with Sharon, Sharon Got Sharice She was sharing Sharon's outlook on a topic of disease Mikey had a facial scar, and Bobby was a rapist They were in love with dying, they were doin it in Texas

Mar 7th

Christian Robards

Stop with the crime bits. I subscribed to female criminals. no one wants to watch crime bits

Mar 6th
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