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Grace Finan Loves Life

Grace Finan Loves Life


Please welcome a young pro life podcaster as she shares her passion for life.  She started her show as a way to promote her passion for life and to help others come to the same love of life that she has.  You will love listening to Grace!
I am joined today by Dr. Tim Head, Executive Director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition.  He shares his thoughts on the major issues of today and offers solutions.  The Faith & Freedom Coalition is one of the solutions.
Please join me as I speak to podcaster, and author, Justin Barclay.  Justin has been speaking out for a long time and is coming on to share his thoughts and to tell his story.
From small town Ohio to Miss Ohio, Lora Current has taken her belief in God and love of life to the world of pageantry.  Hear Lora's story of life on the farm, to life at Ohio State University, and now to Harvard.  And never losing her passion for the value of life.
Dr. Jason Dean has been called a conspiracy theorist among other names when it comes to the issues that he has been speaking about for years.  But speaking truth is now called "conspiracy," especially if it contradicts the narrative from the left.  But the fact that all our conspiracies have come true is testament to Dr. Dean's wisdom.
Christianna, aka "The Patriot Sisters" started becoming politically involved when she saw the lies and propaganda of Covid.  Her and her sister began putting out content that speaks the truth and shows leadership.  We can all take a lesson from The Patriot Sisters.
I am joined by college student, Skylar Culbertson, who is the President of the William & Mary College Pro-life group, as well as an Ambassador for the Leadership Institute.  Skylar has shown her leadership for the rights of the unborn by confronting the leftists on her college campus.  We can all take a lesson in courage and leadership from Skylar.  Hear her story.
The transgender agenda is one of the greatest evils against God and His truth.  Some are the tip of the spear in the fight against truth and Brandon Showalter is one such person.  Connect with Brandon and get his free book "Exposing the Gender Lie."
Thank you to Students for Life at Bowling Green State University for having me come and speak to the pro-life generation.  
Thomas Hach and I share the belief that government is too big and not local enough.  He is fighting for our school boards and demonstrating how being involved at the local level is so important.
Jessica DiSalvatore joins me to share the details of the upcoming Ignite Catholic Conference Sponsored by the Diocese of Cleveland.  Please consider joining on April 29th and find more information at
Pam Stenzel's life matters.  All lives matter, regardless of the manner of their conception.  Pam shares the story of her life and about discovering that her mother was raped.  Her story is powerful and truly shows that every life matters and is valuable.  
The left knows that the abortion pill is dangerous....and doesn't care.  As usual, the left lies about abortion.  And they lie to women who are being harmed by the abortion pill.  Susan Swift is here to inform you and defend you from this dangerous drug.
Ever wonder why things are such a mess?  One word:  Government.  When government interferes in our economy, they always mess it up.  Want to know how and why?  Wayne White has the answers.
Davis Younts is a lawyer defending those that are having their rights denied by our government.  Davis is former military and is defending those in the military that are being forced to take the covid vaccine.  He is representing Nave Seals and they get no tougher than that!
Randall Terry is an original civil rights activist and has shown us how to protest against the killing of the innocent.  Randall is still fighting for life while making documentary's, movies and speaking out.  You will definitely enjoy hearing about the history of Operation Rescue and all that Terry has done.  Even Oprah was forced to listen!
I was so honored to be able to present to a wonder group of college students from Kent State University.  I was the guest speaker of the Kent State Students For Life chapter and it was a great honor and experience.  
Standing for life is what Samantha Kamman does for a living.  She is a writer and pro-life advocate, writing for The Christian Post.  Here she keeps you updated on all the major life issues that the mainstream media refuses to cover.
Jeff Charles is a wise and engaged Libertarian.  And you will love listen to him and reading his new book.  Jeff shares his thoughts on the greatest threats to our country and his hopes for our success.  
The left will not stop until they have abortion on demand.  Don't think we are safe since Roe was overturned.  Now the left is trying to pass laws through the voters of Ohio to try and solidify abortion for all time.  DO NOT LET THEM WIN.
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