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From skaters to singers, mountaineers to Mars mission-leaders. From the deep blue sea to the dark, black skies. Australia is full of girls who dare to do things differently. Adventurous girls. Girls with guts and spirit. Girls who stand-up and say, "watch out world, here I come!". Do you know what they are? They're FIERCE. These are their stories. Join the amazing Amy Shark, Julie Bishop, Yael Stone and more as they tell the inspiring tales of some of Australia's most extraordinary women.
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Bindi was only eight-years-old when she said goodbye to her hero, her dad — Steve Irwin. She did it in front of millions of people all over the world who were watching his funeral. Even though it was the saddest time of her life, Bindi decided that she would carry on her dad’s dream. To "save one, save the species" and help all the animals of the world. Narrated by Australia’s first female Governor-General, Dame Quentin Bryce.
Fanny Finch was an orphan who ended up in Castlemaine during the Victorian goldrush. She was a single mother of four, and a savvy businesswoman who ran a successful restaurant feeding the hungry fossickers. Fanny thought it was unfair that only men got to vote for who would be in charge, so one day, she cast her own vote. Narrated by teacher, historian, and Fanny’s great, great, great granddaughter, Alice Garner.
Jackie French could read entire novels by the time she was three years old. But when she arrived at school, letters appeared back to front, and maths equations were gobbledegook. Jackie was confused, but it didn't stop her from reading, writing, or coming up with astonishingly creative tales. Jackie read everything in sight, and then decided to write her own stories. Now, she has written more than 200 books, sold millions of copies, has spread the joy of reading far and wide, and she never plans to stop. Narrated by star of Orange is the New Black, actor Yael Stone.
Abigail Allwood never thought she'd be a scientist. In fact, she was terrible at science when she was at school. Now, she is searching for life on Mars! She’s the boss of a whole team of NASA scientists who are sending a robot she designed into space. How did she do it? Turns out there’s a universe of possibilities out there ... as long as you reach for the stars. Narrated by Australia’s first female foreign minister Julie Bishop
Nellie's singing and humming around the house used to drive her dad crazy. But she always wanted to be a professional performer. She sailed to Europe to chase her dream and became the greatest opera singer in the world. She demanded to be paid exactly what a world-famous opera singer was worth — lots — and raised enormous amounts of money for charity. Narrated by singer-songwriter Dami Im.
Mary MacKillop is Australia's first saint. She had a dream to educate poor kids and she fiercely stood up against powerful priests for what she thought was right. Narrated by star of Little Lunch and Home and Away actor Olivia Deeble.
When Alyssa Azar was eight-years-old, she decided she wanted to climb Mt Everest. She trained for years and years, through wind, cold, rain, and snow. And finally, at 19-years-old, she was ready. She faced an avalanche, an earthquake, and the world’s most dangerous place — the "death zone". But still, Alyssa didn’t let anything stop her in her quest to be on top of the world. Narrated by gold-medal winning Paralympic swimmer, Ellie Cole.
Mary Ann Bugg was an Aboriginal woman who became a savvy bushranger and accomplice to Captain Thunderbolt. Mary Ann was the bushranger's spy, riding ahead into towns to check for police. She used her bush skills to gather and hunt food for the group of bushrangers she rode with. Mary Ann used her first-class education and stunning beauty to fool the troopers and avoid being caught. Narrated by singer-songwriter Thelma Plum.
As a young girl, Tayla Harris was the only girl on the football field. It didn't stop her though, she kicked butt and fought hard for her place. Now, she's a star AFLW player and a champion boxer. But her most important fight of all was against internet trolls. When Tayla was bullied savagely online for doing her job, she took a brave stand — one that will go down in history. Narrated by musician and singer, Amy Shark.
Sabre Norris was just nine years old when she landed a skateboard trick no other Australian girl had ever done — the 540. She's not just a fierce skateboarder though — Sabre is also a brilliant surfer. She's refusing to let ill health stand in her way of being the best in the world — so keep your eye out for her in the skateboarding at the 2020 Olympics! Narrated by actor Claudia Karvan.
What do rad surfer and skater, Sabre Norris, world-famous opera singer Dame Nellie Melba and star AFL player Tayla Harris have in common? They're FIERCE! And their stories are going to be told in a brand-new series of Fierce Girls. Fierce Girls tells the stories of extraordinary Australian women read by other fierce ones like actors Yael Stone and Claudia Karvan, singer Amy Shark and Australia's first-ever female Governor-General Dame Quentin Bryce. Subscribe now to hear new Fierce Girls from September 20.
Turia Pitt was running a 100 kilometre ultra-marathon in the outback when she was caught in a bushfire. Turia was really badly burnt, spent months in hospital, and was told she would never run again. But she was determined to prove the doctors wrong, because Turia knew that she could do anything if she just believed in herself. Written and narrated by thirteen-year-old Donna Peari.
Molly Kelly had a white father and an Aboriginal Mother and was just a young girl when she was taken from her home. She was stolen from her family and taken to a settlement where white people hoped to stamp out her Aboriginality. But Molly escaped and walked one thousand miles home to her family, using a rabbit-proof fence as her guide. Written and narrated by twelve-year-old Ruby Macheda. If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person, we want to let you know that this episode contains the name of people who have died.
Irene Szoeke had an incredibly tough start to life — she was born in a prison camp during World War II. She was one of the lucky ones — Irene and her family survived the war and later found a home in Australia. As she grew, Irene worked hard and asked big questions. So when an amazing new invention came to her work — a computer — Irene was the perfect person for the job. Written and narrated by eight-year-old Ariana Szoeke-Campbell.
Andrea Hah started to climb some of the biggest, toughest rocks in Australia better and faster than the boys. And that’s when she knew rock climbing was the sport for her. But when Ninja Warrior came to Australia, she just had to put her strength to the ultimate test. Written and narrated by thirteen-year-old Lily Geach.
When Sam Kerr was a kid she spent hours upon hours kicking a soccer ball in the back yard of her suburban Perth house, dreaming of becoming an international football superstar. But how does an average kid from Australia make it big on the international stage? Practice. And more practice. Sam did so much practice she became the youngest person to ever represent Australia in football. Written and narrated by nine-year-old Maia Kelly.
We asked you to send us your stories of Fierce Girls, and woah did you deliver! Next week, on International Women’s Day, you’ll hear the first of five amazing stories written by Fierce Girl listeners just like you.
While the Fierce Girls team works on all new stories about amazing women, listen to Animal Sound Safari for incredible stories about cool animals and Short & Curly for some brain bending ethics!
Margaret Olley was a bit of a rebel who was often in trouble at school. But she loved to paint and found beauty in the everyday things around her. Margaret became one of Australia’s most loved artists and her paintings are famous around the world. Narrated by actor and producer Deborra-lee Furness.
At school Julia Gillard’s least favourite subject was Home Economics. The teachers told her she’d need it one day, but Julia wasn’t so sure. She had her mind firmly set on a career. First she was a lawyer, then a politician and later she became Australia’s first female Prime Minister. Narrated by author and journalist Tracey Spicer.
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