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It's like Funhaus but for movies. Get it?? Filmhaus... Whatever... Watch the video version every Saturday at 4PM CT on and

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This week the gang tracks down that one reviewer who ruined Paddington 2's perfect Rotton Tomatoes score and beats him within an inch of his life. Plus, the films they hate that everybody loves, and a preview of James' new series "Cravin' Kraven"! Follow Us On Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
This week the gang chats about the upcoming Pam and Tommy Lee Hulu miniseries and gives their takes on the best and worst biopics of all time! Follow Us On Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
This week the gang reviews The Mitchells vs. The Machines, chats about their favorite Lord and Miller movies, and give their picks for which tired old franchise the duo should revitalize next! Follow Us On Social:
This week we welcome the delightful Amy Dallen to review and chat about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney+. We chat about The Super Serum, Scrawny Steve, the Modern Captain America and much more! 00:00:00 - Video start 00:02:28 - Our Feelings About The Series 00:13:10 - *SPOILERS START* Plot discussion 00:30:42 - Exploring John Walker 00:39:03 - Baron Zemo 00:48:10 - Karli Morgenthau  Check out more of Amy here: Follow Us On Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
*SPOILERS* This week the gang welcomes Chris Demarais & reviews Mortal Kombat, takes a deep dive into its plot and the old & new additions to the film series. 00:00:00 Video Start 00:05:00 The tournament that never was 00:38:22 The Plot 00:00:00 Final Thoughts Follow Chris on Twitter: Follow Us On Twitter:
*SPOILERS* This week we review the action packed film "Nobody" and chat about the marvel that is Bob Odenkirk, movie tropes and more! 00:00 - Video Start 03:15 - "Nobody" 18:15 - SPOILERS START 47:00 - That epic Nobody showdown 55:26 - What's coming up on RT Follow Us On Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
Potential spoilers. Go to and use code filmhaus to save $75 on your Candid Starter kit. Go to to get 10% off your first month of BetterHelp! Thanks to ExpressVPN for sponsoring our channel Today we are joined on the podcast by Freddie Wong and Beth May from the Dungeons & Daddies podcast. This week we talk about the Fast & Furious franchise, rowdy film screenings, Freddies Regal Cinema commercial idea and much more. 4:56 The soap opera that is Fast & Furious 19:15 Movie theatre decorum post Covid & RIP Arclight 33:14 Zola & Twitter threads we would love to see as movies 47:57 Battle Bots rips ass & other things we are watching. Check out more of Freddie and Beth here: Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
This week the gang reviews Godzilla VS Kong, the fourth(?) film in the GMftHEWPPaBCCU! You know, the Giant Monsters from the Hollow Earth Who Punch Stuff and Befriend Children Cinematic Universe. Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
This week Blaine and Alfredo from Rooster Teeth drop by to give their takes on that crazy first episode of Amazon Prime's Invincible, their favorite comic book adaptations, and the cast drop from the Disney+ Kenobi series! Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
This week Cosmonaut Marcus joins us to discuss every cut, reshoot, cameo, and Knightmare from Zack Snyder's Justice League! Check out more of Cosmonaut Marcus here: Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
TRIGGER WARNING: In this contest to find the most F'd up movie of all time, the boys touch on MANY sensitive subject. Please be advised. Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
This week comic fanatic Amy Dallen drops in to deconstruct entire season of WandaVision, catch us up on some crucial Marvel lore, and share her predictions for the fututre of the MCU! Check out more of Amy here: Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
Special guest Nick Diction joins us to chat about the new Netflix crime drama I Care A Lot, which somehow leads in to Elyse's fear of being dragged to hell by shadow demons! Check out more of Diction here: Follow us on Twitter:  Tshirts n stuff:
This week Alan Shane Lewis of The Great Canadian Baking Show drops in to share some stories from the set! Plus, we break down that Cruella trailer and jealously pitch our ideas for the future of The Mighty Ducks franchise! See more of Alan Shane Lewis right here: Follow us on Twitter:  Tshirts n stuff: tags: review, movie, podcast, mighty ducks, ducks, baking show, bake off, baking, comics, trailer, cruella, disney, Dalmatians, sports, improv, funhaus, rooster teeth, elyse willems, james willems
Zach Anner is back for the big finale to help us choose the best romantic comedy of all time and then probably never appear on our channel again! Watch Zach on Youtube! Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
This week Zach Anner drops in to help us finally decide once and for all which is the greatest rom com of all time! Well, technically the coin decides most of the time but we chip in here or there. Watch Zach on Youtube! Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
Please, Zack Snyder, don't post any more pictures of Jared Leto's Justice League Joker on your Vero account -- we can only get so excited.  Plus what we're watching, Twins 2 is still in development (!), and the Golden Globe nominations are here, and they are WILD.  Follow us on Twitter:  Tshirts n stuff:
This week Nick and Andy from Kinda Funny join us to flesh out the plots of some long delayed blockbuster movies based solely on the trailers! Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
All Elite Wrestling’s Scorpio Sky and Funhaus creator James Willems get together to break down the week of wrestling, pop culture, sports, music, movies, and more as they find themselves Wrestling With The Week. Catch the latest every Monday and subscribe now.
First impressions of WandaVision and where this surreal Marvel series might be headed, thanks to special guest Jon Risinger. Plus, all the lonely kids who grew up to be Muppet-crazed adults can revisit The Muppet Show on streaming for the first time ever. Add a dash of Wonka talk, Liam Neeson circling a Naked Gun reboot, and you've got yourself a Filmhaus.   Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:
Comments (29)

Benjamin Sanchez

I've also had a Cath in almost 2 years now. Tbf biggest win is not needing to get up and pee all the time😩

Jun 5th

Ahmad Hamad


Jul 25th

Davis Martin

plz more RYAN

Apr 3rd

zedean starshadow

I hope Millie doesn't get the role of Ellie in The Last of Us movie she's such a trash actor.

Mar 10th

zedean starshadow

when do we get a face/off show lol

Feb 2nd

Salvatore Pacilio

There's one guy that's relatively new and I can't stand him.

Jan 30th

zedean starshadow

i believe finn was gonna say he is Force sensitive. seeing as he feel when rey died

Dec 22nd

Louis Aurig

why is the quality on the audio so poor?

Dec 9th

Salvatore Pacilio

I don't think I have ever disagreed with them so thoroughly.

Nov 26th
Reply (1)

Robert Egan

They don't have a huge pedigree but you know who does, Triple H.

Nov 1st

zedean starshadow

they don't have any unique viewpoint on this movie.

Oct 11th

zedean starshadow

Guys dont get "hims" that's dumb. ware hats and get JACKED! ITS gain clock motherfukers 💪😎

Sep 21st

zedean starshadow

I want to see Danny DeVito and Jack Black in face off acting as each other

Sep 18th

zedean starshadow

Ben and Rey are brother and sister. Twinsies

Aug 30th

zedean starshadow

taskmaster™ is a neat choice for the MCU

Jul 26th

Blaik Wilmot

well they were right about Hugh

May 29th

Robert Egan

I don't think i share much opinions with Dan, not sure if this is just me, which is fine but i feel he goes with the 'if its popular it's never going to be amazing like this indie film' Saying the last few episodes of Game of Thrones as 'Hot garbage' is beyond being critically, for a show with such baked in characters you've come to love, amazing action and storytelling, i find it hard to believe its 'hot garbage' it can be weaker than other episodes but i think he's harder on whats popular.

May 11th
Reply (1)

Mdkamal S Sohel S

বালানের চায়ের দোকানে

May 1st



Mar 11th

Logan Smith

Star Wars: Endgame

Mar 2nd
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