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In this interview episode, Dianna and Leisl talk about the inspirations that have captivated and inspired Leisl to start writing her novels. The journey from restauranter to novelist is worth the listen. Orphan Black is the topic of the Buffy night section gaining high praise and a large number of stakes. the comp for one luck listener will be drawn 28-jul-2019 and the link is  
Dianna takes the chance to talk about what's be happening for the last fortnight. The winner of last fortnights competition is announced. Short and sweet content that and then next weeks guest is announced.
Heidi talks to Dianna about her interest in writing that blossomed while watching her mother write stories growing up. With a complete series under her belt and a the start of a new series recently released Heidi has a unique take on world building. The discussion is relaxed and full of surprising pearls of wisdom. There is a competition running for the first listeners to win a copy of the first book in her second series titled, The Whisperers of Evernow. 
035 First Fun Five

035 First Fun Five


Dianna presents the show in her new solo format with five fun things she's been up to in the last fortnight. This new format is short and to the point. 
In this episode of the Finding Elara Episode Dianna interviews Josh Langley about his writing journey and mindful techniques that have pushed him along the way. With several awards and multiple books under his belt Josh has over ten years experience in the industry to share.
Dianna Co-hosted the Show with her Mum Selva and her Friend and avid listener of the Show Garry for a special Mothers Day special. Still talking about worldbuilding and mindfulness, in a round about way.
The course has simmered down to the character level this week and Dianna asks her favourite questions from the course bringing things to a close. Sue-Ellen Pashley was an amazing person for gifting Dianna the course to go through. It was a thought provoking end and linked together all aspects learned to far.
In this episode of the Finding Elara Podcast Dianna talks To Angela J ford about her worldbuilding, mindfulness techniques and what she thinks makes for a good story. Angela is very passionate about her craft and the interview flies by.In the Buffy Night segment Angela reviews the book Circe, sharing what she thought about the first person account from the goddess of sorcery. The competition link for this show is
In this episode Dianna talks about her favourite questions to think about when it comes the the middle layer of the worldbuilding cake, reveals the winner of last weeks competition, reviews realm of beasts in the Buffy night segment and announces a new competition including a special key word for anyone who wants to enter.
Meet Donna Marree Hanson as she talks about her fantasy and science fiction career providing worldbuilding and craft tips on what has learned along the way. In the Buffy night section Donna talks about the evolution of lost in space.
Dianna talks about what she had to do in week 2 of the worldbuilding course she had gifted from Sue-Ellen about the foundation layer of the world. The Buffy night segment was a season 1 review of Legacies and the new competition was announced including a secret word you have to listen to the show to find out what it is. 
Dianna and Sue-Ellen talk about worldbuilding and mindfulness strategies that were used when creating Aquila and her other novels. Sue-Ellen also talks about how she got into writing in the first place and what about this art she like the most.
In this episode Dianna Talks about how she is progressing through Sue-Ellens Pashley's world building course and reviews Shatterwing by Donna Marree Hansen in the buffy night section. The week was the introduction to the course and reaffirmed Dianna's belief that any work of fiction requires worldbuilding.
As this is the quarter of a century episode Dianna brought a guest back from episode 7 and 8. They talked about what has happened since the last time they had a chance to talk. 
024 Jin and Genies

024 Jin and Genies


Continuing her research to complete her Maejin story Dianna talks about the origin of Genies in many cultures and the belief some people have they are real and still around today. 
In this Episode Dianna interviews Historical Romance Author Sasha Cottman. They talk about her writing journey, the pre-establishes rules of historical romance and what happens when you don't follow them. 
In this Episode Dianna talks about different wedding traditions around the world after researching for her cupid story. There may be a few traditions that surprise you.
Dianna talks to Craig about his worldbuilding styles when creating campaigns in Dungeons and Dragons. How he plans and works through the decisions that people make during the game. How he finds a way to reuse any redundancy and what he plans for the future.
020 Writing Routines

020 Writing Routines


In this short episode Dianna offers up the 5 tips to setting yourself up for good writing habits and talks about her current WIP about an anti cupid.
Dianna interviews artist Frank Over about how his art has been shaped from his life experiences. 
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