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Finding The Fantastic
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Finding The Fantastic

Author: Colleen Dee Tiberius

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This is a social impact cause! We are looking to help people realize that even during dark mundane times they can find something fantastic if they choose to be authentic and unique loving their own diversity. That if we look to break the stereotype we can change the world. Each week we bring you a new topic that shows you how you can be authentic and create change by being yourself and viewing life a little different.
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Do one thing that scares you 
Life is messy and unknown and hard. 
Becoming a stoic and stoicism and the fact that leaders most of them are jerks, but I guess that makes them not a leader. 
Growing pains suck 
Take a moment to figure out what your here for. 
What is social emotional intelligence 
In order to break the stereotypes we have to understand that people are beautiful unique diverse people. Not just part of cultures sub groups. 
If you wanna give advice you gotta listen and learn first. 
Love and then listen. Love and then listen. 
Just because the way it is doesn’t mean it should be. 
Sometimes I really suck and I ned to work on being kind when I do not want to be kind. 
some people just cant help it! 
Becoming an adult child is super hard, becoming a parent of an adult child is sooo hard. 
You MATTER!!! 
If you forget the human factor your numbers can lie! 
Sometimes you just need to slow down and figure out that you can be fantastic being in the moment and slow. 
Is the relationship worth it? 
Enough COVID you cannot take our hope! 
Today we rise up as a group of hoomans! 
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