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Author: Bill Barrett

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Welcome to “Fingerprints on Success,” the podcast that highlights the distinctive imprints left by influential business leaders, mentors, and thriving entrepreneurs.

Your host is none other than Bill Barrett, an award-winning corporate and business law attorney, and the CEO of Mandelbaum Barrett PC. Join us every week as we explore the captivating stories and insights of a diverse array of serial entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, inspiring leaders, and accomplished coaches.

Together, we'll uncover the hidden secrets and strategies that have propelled our guests to success in both their professional and personal lives.

At Mandelbaum Barrett PC, Bill and his team have been providing comprehensive legal services to businesses and individuals across the country. Now, they are excited to bring that same level of knowledge and experience to these podcast discussions.

Get ready to be inspired, informed, and motivated. It's time to dive into the stories that have shaped success. Without further ado, let's get to the show!"
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In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill is joined by Ty Aldinger, a seasoned leader with a rich background in military service, corporate leadership, and consultancy. Ty shares insightful anecdotes and wisdom garnered over his 50-year career, emphasizing the importance of mentorship, hard work, and the human connection in leadership. He highlights the need to see the unique value in every individual, regardless of age or generation, suggesting that effective leadership transcends generational differences. Ty's personal mission to live a life of significance and lead others to do the same underscores his belief in the profound impact of mentorship and coaching.Throughout the conversation, Ty emphasizes the value of hard work and dedication, debunking the notion that successful leaders only work smarter, not harder. He emphasizes the role of spouses, family members, and colleagues in supporting and contributing to one's success, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and appreciating their contributions. Ty's personal experiences, including missing key moments in his daughter's life due to military service, underscore the sacrifices and challenges that come with leadership, further emphasizing the need for a strong support network.Ty's story and insights serve as a powerful reminder of the enduring principles of leadership: mentorship, hard work, and the human connection. His dedication to living a life of significance and leading others to do the same exemplifies the transformative impact of leadership rooted in empathy, respect, and a genuine desire to uplift others. As leaders navigate the complexities of today's world, Ty's words resonate as a beacon of inspiration and guidance on the path to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.Enjoy!In This Episode You'll Learn:Why leaders need to see the unique value in every individual, suggesting that effective leadership is about empowering others to see their own worth.The misconception about Generation Z's work ethic and values, and why effective leadership principles apply universally, regardless of age.Why the notion that successful leaders work smarter and harder should be reconsidered.The role of spouses, family, and colleagues in supporting and contributing to one's success, and the importance of acknowledging and appreciating their contributions.The concept of leaving a legacy in others, not for others, and the importance of mentorship in guiding individuals to lead lives of significance.The importance of inspiring others rather than just instructing them, and why effective leadership is about creating trust and inspiration.And much more...Resources:Connect with Ty: with Bill:
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett has an insightful conversation with Sandee Markwith, the visionary founder of Studio 1200, a premier architecture and interior design firm based in Short Hills, New Jersey. Recognized as one of the top 50 Women in Business by NJBIZ and a two-time top real estate influencer by ROI and J, Sandee's innovative approach has propelled Studio 1200 to the forefront of the industry.During the episode, Sandee will share her remarkable path from childhood passion for design to leading a renowned design firm. Listeners will learn about her early influences, including mentorship and pivotal career decisions that led to founding Studio 1200.She will also discuss the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship, highlighting her organic growth from freelancing to establishing a thriving firm. Sandee's journey underscores the importance of mentorship, resilience, and adaptability in the competitive world of commercial real estate and design.Bill and Sandee discuss the evolving landscape of architecture, touching on topics such as the impact of AI on design processes and the shift towards experiential workplace strategies.Listeners will find out how Sandee's commitment to diversity in project scope has been a key factor in Studio 1200's success, navigating challenges like the 2008 recession and fostering a culture of innovation and mentorship. Listen now and enjoy!What You’ll Learn in this Show:The pivotal role of mentorship in Sandee's career and how it shaped her entrepreneurial journeyHow Sandee navigated challenges like the 2008 recession and diversified her firm's project portfolioInsights into the future of architecture and design, including the impact of AI and evolving workplace strategiesStudio 1200's commitment to community involvement and giving back through partnerships and charitable workSandee's guiding principles for success and her passion for nurturing talent within her firmAnd so much more...Resources:Website: Get connected with Sandee: Get connected with Bill:
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett talks to Dr. Debra Gray King, a pioneering cosmetic dentist whose innovative work has transformed smiles and lives.Dr. Debra's journey is remarkable. From initially contemplating a career in dentistry as a high school student to founding the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry—a practice often compared to the Ritz-Carlton of dentistry—Debra has established herself as a leader in her field.During the episode, Dr. Debra shares her inspiring story, highlighting her evolution from a novice to a trailblazer in cosmetic dentistry. Listeners will hear about her pivotal decision to pursue dentistry and the vision that led to the creation of her iconic dental practice.She also dives into her unique patient-centric approach, emphasizing the importance of delivering exceptional experiences. Dr. Debra reveals the secrets behind her success, including the dedication to continuous learning and innovation that sets her practice apart.Bill and Dr. Debra discuss the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship, offering valuable insights for aspiring business owners. Listeners will discover the keys to building a thriving enterprise and fostering a culture of excellence.Listeners will find out how Dr. Debra's dedication to artistry and patient care has attracted a roster of high-profile clients, including celebrities and athletes. She shares stories of her interactions with notable figures and the impact of her work on their lives.Throughout the episode, Dr. Debra emphasizes the significance of mentorship and giving back to the community. She discusses her charitable foundation and the importance of instilling philanthropic values in the next generation.Join Bill and Dr. Debra as they uncover the "fingerprints on success" that have shaped her remarkable career and continue to inspire others. Listen now and enjoy!What You’ll Learn in this Show:Dr. Debra's unconventional journey into dentistry and the founding of the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.The secrets behind Dr. Debra's patient-centric approach and the luxury experience she provides.Insights into entrepreneurship, continuous improvement, and innovation in the dental industry.Unique client experience and business growth strategies.Dr. Debra's experiences working with high-profile clients and her dedication to giving back.The importance of mentorship and philanthropy in shaping a successful career.And so much more…Resources:Website: Get connected with Dr. DebraGet connected with Bill
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Fred Joyal, a renowned entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Fred is best known as the co-founder of the highly successful dentist referral service, 1-800-DENTIST, which became an iconic brand in the industry. He has authored several best-selling books, including his latest Wall Street Journal bestseller, "Superbold: From Under-Confident to Charismatic in 90 Days"During the episode, Fred shares his fascinating entrepreneurial journey and the pivotal moment that spurred him to venture into the advertising business in Los Angeles, where he honed his skills and eventually pioneered the concept of connecting dentists with patients through effective marketing strategies.Fred delves into the challenges and triumphs of building 1-800-DENTIST into a thriving enterprise, recounting the initial struggles of finding dentists willing to buy into their innovative approach.Listeners will discover Fred's guiding principles that fueled his success, emphasising the importance of creating a positive workplace culture and prioritising integrity over immediate profits. He shares valuable lessons on the significance of embracing failure, fostering employee growth, and making bold decisions in business.Bill and Fred also explore the evolving landscape of technology and entrepreneurship, touching on the transformative impact of AI and the necessity for continuous learning in today's dynamic world. Fred's insights into cultivating boldness as a life skill resonate deeply, inspiring individuals to step out of their comfort zones and pursue their dreams fearlessly.To learn more about Fred Joyal's journey and glean invaluable wisdom on entrepreneurship and personal growth, tune in to this episode of Fingerprints on Success. Listen now and enjoy!What You’ll Learn in this Show:Starting and growing a successful business.Fred's key principles for building a successful business and nurturing a positive workplace culture.Building a great workplace culture and scaling a successful business model.Insights into the transformative impact of technology, including AI, on entrepreneurship.Strategies for developing boldness as a life skill and embracing opportunities for growth.Fred's personal anecdotes, including a memorable encounter with Sir Richard Branson, highlighting the power of saying "yes" to bold experiences.And so much more...Resources:Get connected with FredGet connected with BillWebsite: Book:Superbold: From Under-Confident to Charismatic in 90 Days
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Jason Auerbach, the one and only "bloody tooth guy." If you haven't heard of him yet, Dr. Jason Auerbach is the founder of Riverside Oral Surgery and Co-CEO of MAX Surgical Specialty Management (MAX-SSM), driven by a mission to revolutionize healthcare in the Northeast. With 20 years of experience as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, he challenges conventions and leads by example. Through Riverside Oral Surgery, the Official Oral Surgeons of the New Jersey Devils, Jason prioritizes patient experience, leveraging advanced techniques and technology. His influence extends to social media, where, as the BloodyToothGuy, he shares expertise and insights, enriching a community of professionals and followers.In this episode, Dr. Auerbach shares his incredible journey from starting out as a surgeon in multiple locations to becoming the CEO of MAX Surgical Specialty Management, a leading platform in the Northeast with 23 locations and still growing. He reflects on the challenges he faced and how he turned perceived failures into opportunities for growth.He discusses the mindset behind his rapid success and the importance of always striving to do the right thing. He shares how he revolutionized patient care by bringing a hospitality-like experience to healthcare, all while maintaining a relentless drive to prove himself.Bill and Jason dive into the importance of taking calculated risks and the balance between work and personal life. Jason's story is one of resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in both business and patient care.Listeners will find out how Jason's creative outlet as the "bloody tooth guy" on Instagram led to unexpected business opportunities and connections. From mentorship to paying it forward, Jason discusses the impact of those who believed in him and how he aims to inspire the next generation. Listen now and enjoy!What You’ll Learn in this Show:Jason's journey from surgeon to CEOThe mindset behind Jason’s rapid growth and successRevolutionizing patient care in healthcareThe role of calculated risks and resilienceThe impact of social media on business opportunitiesJason's insights on mentorship and paying it forwardCurrent societal trends and the future of healthcareAnd so much more…
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Mark Murphy, a maestro of success in the world of finance and entrepreneurship. Mark holds titles like CEO, author, Forbes' number one financial security professional, speaker, motivator, and entrepreneur. As the leader of the Northeast Private Client Group, Mark's expertise in innovative financial planning and wealth management is unmatched. His book, "The Ultimate Investment," holds the number one bestseller position on Amazon, and his podcast is in the top 40 in the United States in business and entrepreneurship.On the show, Mark discusses his journey to becoming one of the top financial advisors in the United States. He shares valuable insights into the mindset and principles that have led to his success. Mark emphasizes the importance of endless curiosity, being a giver, and surrounding oneself with a supportive network.Listeners will learn about Mark's unique approach to competition, the power of abundance thinking, and the impact of mentoring on his life. Mark also delves into the significance of emotional fitness in navigating challenges and finding opportunities in any situation.Mark's passion for serving others and his commitment to being the best version of himself are evident throughout the conversation. He emphasizes that success goes beyond monetary measures and encourages individuals to strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives.Listen now and be inspired to embrace a mindset of abundance and continuous improvement!What You’ll Learn in this Show:The importance of endless curiosity and being a giverMark's unique approach to competition and the power of abundance thinkingThe impact of mentors on Mark's successThe significance of emotional fitness in finding opportunities in any situationThe interconnectedness of success in various aspects of lifeMark's commitment to serving others and being the best version of himselfAnd so much more…Resources:Bill's LinkedIn:’s LinkedIn: Hero Of The Hour Podcast: Books:The Ultimate Investment: A Roadmap to Grow Your Business and Build Multigenerational Wealth
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Dave Roth, the managing partner at RRBB. With over 35 years of experience in accounting, auditing, and tax services, Dave shares his journey of building a small accounting firm into a large regional group serving clients worldwide. If you're eager to learn about scaling your business, this episode is a must-listen.During the show, Dave discusses the challenges and triumphs of his journey, highlighting the importance of staying true to principles and finding common ground with clients. He shares anecdotes from his early days, including lessons learned from his father's retail business in Newark and the significance of identifying the right clients.Dave reflects on scaling the firm, from starting as a three-year staff to becoming the CEO of a 75-member strong team. He emphasizes the value of having a vision, writing a business plan, and surrounding yourself with the right people. Dave's insights into managing client relationships, fostering a positive culture, and adapting to changes in the labor market provide valuable takeaways for entrepreneurs.Listeners will learn the significance of vision, effective communication, and building a strong team in achieving business success. Dave also emphasizes the importance of identifying the right clients and shares his experience in parting ways with clients who weren't the right fit.Tune in to discover the fingerprints on success in Dave Roth's journey and gain insights into building and growing a thriving business. Listen now and enjoy!What You’ll Learn in this Show:The importance of vision and effective communication in scaling a business.Strategies for building and maintaining client relationships.Tips for creating a positive and collaborative work culture.Lessons learned from challenges in the labor market.The significance of identifying the right clients for long-term success.And so much more…Resources:Get connected with DaveGet connected with Bill
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Dr. Robert Martino, a serial entrepreneur and owner of seven dental practices with over 100 employees in West Virginia. Throughout this episode, you'll gain insights into Dr. Martino's remarkable journey, spanning from dentistry to aeronautics and beyond.Robert will discuss the pivotal moment  when he realized he was much more than a dentist, leading to the decision to reshape his role as a CEO, husband, father, coach, and entrepreneur. He shares the challenges of transitioning from "owning a job" to truly running a business and its importance. You will learn about Dr. Martino overcoming limiting beliefs, diverse ventures, from founding a worldwide aeronautics company to launching OraCaroral, a dental mouthwash designed to fight bacteria and infection, and a telemedicine company. He emphasizes the common principles that apply across different industries, highlighting the significance of effective communication and meeting the end user's needs.Dr. Martino provides valuable insights into decision-making, emphasizing the importance of taking action and learning from both successes and failures. He talks about motivation and the power of overcoming limiting beliefs, stressing the need to believe in oneself as a key to entrepreneurial success.The episode also explores Dr. Martino's experiences with mentors, the impact of Fortune Management on his journey, and the vital role of building strong teams. Dr. Martino reflects on paying it forward by mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and training leaders within his teams.In the post-COVID landscape, Dr. Martino discusses the challenges of hiring and adapting to the new normal, emphasizing the importance of resilience and the ability to navigate change.Listen now and enjoy this insightful conversation with Dr. Bob Martino, where you'll discover the keys to building successful ventures, embracing challenges, and staying motivated on the journey of entrepreneurship!What You’ll Learn in this Show:The transformative moment that led Dr. Martino to redefine his role beyond dentistryThe diverse ventures spanning aeronautics, oral care, and telemedicineThe power of decision-making and learning from successes and failuresOvercoming limiting beliefs and embracing a mindset of continuous growthThe importance of mentors, building strong teams, and paying it forwardAdapting to post-COVID challenges and navigating the evolving business landscapeAnd so much more … Get connected with Dr. BobGet connected with Bill
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Frank Gazzillo, the CEO of Accurate Neuromonitoring. Frank shares his incredible journey, starting the company from a home equity loan and growing it into one of the largest neuro intraoperative monitoring companies on the Eastern Seaboard.In this episode, Frank delves into the unique field of neuro intraoperative monitoring, explaining how his technicians play a crucial role in surgeries, especially spine procedures.He also talks about his journey from a chiropractor to the CEO of a leading neuro monitoring company and shares the challenges and triumphs of scaling a healthcare business across multiple statesHe discusses the expansion of services to various states, servicing around 500 surgeons annually in approximately 350 hospitals from Florida to New York.Listeners will find out how Frank's background in chiropractic care and neurology laid the foundation for his venture into neuro intraoperative monitoring. Frank will also reveal some Insights into building a successful organizational culture and empowering teams. He opens up about the challenges faced in the early days, taking out a home equity line of credit to kickstart the business and the pivotal role culture played in its growth.Frank also shares insights into scaling the company, emphasizing the importance of empowering people and maintaining a strong organizational culture. He discusses the role of mentorship, especially the influence of his father and business partner, Michael, in shaping his leadership style.Listen now and enjoy!What You’ll Learn in this Show:The evolution of neuro intraoperative monitoring and its critical role in surgical proceduresThe impact of mentorship and the lessons learned from Frank's father and business partnerStrategies for overcoming pitfalls and achieving sustained growth in the medical service industryThe importance of adaptability and collaboration in navigating challengesThe role of continuous learning and mentorship in personal and professional developmentExciting plans for the future, including potential acquisitions and expansion opportunitiesAnd so much more…Resources:Get connected with FrankGet connected with BillBooks:Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Alex Sadusky, a remarkable entrepreneur with a diverse background. Alex's journey takes us from his early life in a risk-averse family to his successful ventures, including Dental Card Services Alliance and TrueBlu Dental Management. Throughout this episode, you'll gain insights into Alex's unique path, his strategies for success, and his experiences as a seasoned entrepreneur.Alex will discuss his transition from working in corporate America and consulting with McKinsey & Company to founding Dental Card Services Alliance and TrueBlu Dental Management. He ventured into a highly competitive market, where major corporations and intense competition posed challenges. However, Alex not only embraced this challenge but transformed it into a remarkable success story.Alex will share how his upbringing emphasized stability and security and how he ultimately pursued a career in finance despite not having an entrepreneurial background. Over the years, Alex had numerous experiences, both ups and downs, until he decided to start his own businesses. He discusses the pivotal moment that led to this decision and the role of luck in entrepreneurship. He'll also touch on his current ventures, Dental Card Services Alliance and True Blue Dental Management, highlighting the unique approaches that set them apart from competitors.You will learn about Alex's philosophy of formulating hypotheses, testing them, and quickly adjusting course when necessary. He emphasizes the importance of failing and learning from failures, as well as the value of being open to change and adaptation.Listen now to gain insights from Alex's entrepreneurial journey and discover his guiding principles for success!.What You’ll Learn in this Show:The power of being hypothesis-driven and embracing failureThe importance of understanding the math of your businessThe value of having a great mentors and seeking legal counselHow small, patient steps can lead to long-term successThe passion and excitement of helping independent business owners thriveAnd so much more… Get connected with AlexGet connected to Bill
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Stephen Goldberg, the founder of  Sun Mergers & Acquisitions and Sun Business Valuations, who has spent 25 years building one of the most successful middle-market brokerage and valuation companies in the country.In this episode, Stephen shares his guiding principles for success, including the importance of perseverance in the face of challenges, the value of diversification in business, and the significance of learning from mistakes to avoid repeating them.He also emphasises the importance of staying focused on your core competencies and not trying to be everything to everybody, a lesson he learned from his own experience.Additionally, Stephen discusses the influence of mentors on his success, particularly his father, Leonard Goldberg, and how their wisdom and guidance have shaped his journey.You will find out how Stephen and his team have used unique hiring techniques, such as an application questionnaire, to attract and retain top talent, ensuring the success of their business.Stephen's commitment to paying it forward is evident through his charitable efforts, including a donor-advised fund and a desire to provide both financial resources and his time to help those in need.He also talks about the importance of work-life balance and how it enhances both personal and professional satisfaction.Stephen shares how he uses negative experiences as incentives for positive change and growth, ultimately leading to his continued success.You'll also get to know his four-legged friend, Annie, who serves as their office's Chief Canine Officer and contributes to a positive office culture.And finally, Stephen delves into the driving force behind his work, the gratification he finds in helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals in major life transactions, and his excitement for the future, which includes expanding his companies and achieving a better work-life balance.Listen now and enjoy!What You’ll Learn in this Show:The guiding principles for business successThe importance of perseverance and diversificationThe value of mentors and their impactUnique hiring techniques for attracting top talentPaying it forward through charitable effortsBalancing work and personal lifeTurning negative experiences into positive growthThe driving force behind success and the excitement for the futureAnd so much more… Get connected to StephenGet connected to Bill
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Marc Demetriou from Guaranteed Rate. Marc is a highly successful mortgage broker, ranking in the top 1% nationwide and a sought-after speaker.In this episode, Marc shares his guiding principles for success, emphasizing the importance of exceptional service, response time, and expertise in any business. He also talks about the importance of being present in marketing efforts and the power of making every client happy to turn them into your salesforce.Marc and Bill discuss the significance of having a strong support staff and the importance of focusing on revenue-producing tasks. They touch on the value of time management and the impact of mentors on one's journey to success.Listeners will find out about the key takeaways from Marc's bestselling book, "Lessons from My Grandfather, Wisdom for Success in Business and Life," where he shares his grandfather's invaluable life lessons.Furthermore, Marc reveals how he pays it forward by mentoring others and creating opportunities for them. He also discusses the driving force behind his intense dedication to his work.Tune in to discover valuable insights and enjoy this engaging conversation with Marc Demetriou!What You’ll Learn in this Show:The core principles of successThe significance of marketing and being present in your industryTurning clients into your salesforce by making them happyThe importance of support staff and time management in businessThe impact of mentors on personal and professional growthKey takeaways from Marc's bestselling book, "Lessons from My Grandfather"How Marc pays it forward by mentoring and creating opportunitiesThe driving force behind Marc's unwavering dedication to his workAnd so much more… Get connected to MarcGet connected to BillBooks:Mark's Book Site: grandfatherlessons.comLessons From My Grandfather: Wisdom for Success in Business and Life My Plan For Living To 156: Imaginatively extend your lifetime to transform how you live in the present
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett sits down with Todd Sawyer, a remarkable serial entrepreneur with a story that embodies the true spirit of transformation and growth.Todd's journey began unexpectedly. Despite having a finance degree and ambitions of a corporate career in New York City, he found himself drawn to the family business, starting at the grassroots level, installing insulation and learning the ropes from the ground up. From those early days making $300 a week to growing a small business with just a handful of employees, Todd faced numerous challenges that tested his resolve. What followed was a series of remarkable turnarounds. From selling the initial business to navigating the car dealership industry, each venture brought unique challenges and learning curves. Todd's secret sauce? Understanding finance like a second language and assembling stellar teams that complement his skills.Throughout his journey, Todd emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, staying true to your word, and understanding that effort directly correlates with results.In this episode, you'll discover the principles that guided Todd through his successes, the lessons he learned from setbacks, and his insights into the ever-changing business landscape, especially in these uncertain times.Listen now to uncover Todd Sawyer's journey from humble beginnings to pioneering success and find inspiration to drive your entrepreneurial ambitions!What You’ll Learn in this Show:Todd's transition from a finance graduate to a hands-on entrepreneurThe pivotal moments that shaped Todd's entrepreneurial journeyThe key strategies Todd employed to turn failing businesses aroundHow Todd's commitment to assembling the right team led to exponential growthInsights into Todd's latest venture, reshaping the medium-density multifamily apartment landscapeLessons and guiding principles from Todd's remarkable journeyNavigating uncertainties in the current economic and global landscapeAnd so much more…Resources:Website: www.mblawfirm.comGet connected to ToddGet connected to Bill
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett sits down with Josh Gellert, the president of Camerican International, a global food-sourcing company headquartered in New Jersey. Josh's journey traverses diverse business areas, from investment banking to branding, eventually leading back to his multi-generational family business.They will talk about Josh's remarkable journey and his return to the family business, highlighting the importance of a positive mindset, an outlook of abundance, and seizing unlimited opportunities. Josh shares insights into the significance of family, hard work, and a growth-oriented mindset, citing anecdotes from his upbringing that shaped his values.Josh reveals the story of his transition from a corporate background to joining the family entrepreneurial venture, expressing how aligning passion with career was a pivotal factor in his success. He discusses the mentorship he received and the guiding principles that shaped his leadership.They also delve into the significance of building a great team, fostering an environment where everyone's voice is valued, and the challenges of maintaining a family-oriented culture while scaling the business.You will find out about the pivotal role, mentorship played in Josh's career, the importance of a strong work ethic instilled from a young age, and his dedication to paying it forward by encouraging aspiring individuals to pursue their passions.Listen now to uncover valuable insights into leadership, family dynamics in business, and the limitless opportunities that arise from an optimistic mindset.What You’ll Learn in this Show:The significance of aligning passion with career choicesBuilding a strong team and fostering a culture of collaborationNavigating challenges while maintaining a family-oriented business cultureThe importance of mentorship and instilling a strong work ethicEncouraging aspiring individuals to pursue their passions and embrace opportunitiesAnd so much more…Resources:Website: www.mblawfirm.comGet connected to Josh: connected to Bill:
In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, join host Bill Barrett as he delves into an enriching conversation with Bernie Stoltz, a seasoned entrepreneur, public speaker, acclaimed coach with over 30 years of business leadership in the healthcare community, and the  the CEO of Fortune Management, the world’s largest executive coaching organization for Doctors.Bernie's profound insights into purposeful work and the dynamics of achieving one's highest potential make for a captivating discussion.They will explore Bernie's awe-inspiring entrepreneurial journey, traversing the highs and lows, and how it led him to advocate passionately for discovering purposeful work. Bernie will share profound stories and wisdom encapsulated in his compelling book, “The Fortune Recipe: Essential Ingredients for Creating Your Best Life”He will also unpack the nuanced concept of 'ikigai,' drawing from his experiences and research, shedding light on the intricate balance between passion, skill, necessity, and financial viability that forms the crux of leading a purposeful life.Amidst this engaging dialogue, you will learn the profound significance of adopting a 'giving hand' philosophy, discovering your innate purpose, and cultivating a mindset that fosters mutual success in personal and professional realms. Bernie will articulate how his life principles can become transformative cornerstones in your life and professional journey.Prepare to gain invaluable insights that transcend conventional wisdom, reshaping your approach to life and business in unprecedented ways.Listen now and enjoy!What You’ll Learn in this Show:Bernie's entrepreneurial journey and the quest for purposeful workThe concept of 'ikigai' and its relevance to finding personal fulfillmentThe importance of a win-win mindset in achieving sustainable successBernie's guiding principles for a purpose-driven life and businessInsights into leading with purpose and achieving a balance between personal and professional aspirationsBernie's perspective on the significance of emotional fitness, mental toughness, and life masteryThe crucial role of preserving private practitioner care and its impact on the standard of care and the healthcare sectorAnd so much more…Resources:Website for Bernie: Website for Bill: www.mblawfirm.comGet connected to BillGet connected to BernieBooks:The Fortune Recipe: Essential Ingredients for Creating Your Best Life Think and Grow RichAwaken The Giant Within How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental Emotional Physical and Financial Lifea
Welcome to the Fingerprints on Success Podcast with Bill Barrett!In this origin episode, Bill will talk about launching this podcast and the inspiration behind the title 'Fingerprints on Success.' As the CEO of the full-service law firm Mandelbaum Barrett, Bill reflects on his 25-year career as a corporate attorney, providing strategic advice to entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, from business formation to exit strategies.He will also share his personal connection to the podcast's title, inspired by his father's unique traits and lessons. Bill's father, a lover of success for everyone, instilled in him the importance of viewing the world from an abundance perspective..You will find out about the podcast's mission to seek abundance in every corner, sharing the stories of top leaders from various industries. The show will delve into their strategies, mindsets, warnings, and guidance, offering real stories of triumphs, failures, and reinvention. Listen now!What You’ll Learn in this Show:Bill's journey as a corporate attorney and CEO of Mandelbaum BarrettThe inspiration behind the podcast title, 'Fingerprints on Success'Insights into Bill's father's influence on his life and careerThe mission of the podcast to explore the hearts and minds of successful individualsWhat to expect from future episodesAnd so much more…
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