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First Pitch Strike is all about MLB. We cover your favorite teams, plays, homers, defense, and other fun information. Aaron is a former coach and umpire, a current board member for the local Legion team and a national scorekeeper for American Legion Tournaments. Ethan is a former All-State Legion player and current coach for the same team he starred for. Their expertise will provide you a unique point of view. As fans, they’ll share some of same perspectives as you. Welcome aboard and enjoy your ride through the MLB with the Casey boys.
33 Episodes
Ethan and Aaron return for a new season of 1PK. They discuss rule changes and some free agency.  More importantly, they return to talking all things baseball. Join the guys as they return for season 4. There's an added bonus of an Ethan meltdown to be enjoyed.
The Playoffs are upon us! Aaron and Ethan are joined by friend and frequent listener, Bob Siede, and occasional co-host, Marlin Casey. From our favorite moments of the season to what we’re looking for in the playoffs, nothing is off limits.
Julio and Nimmo For The Win

Julio and Nimmo For The Win


There’s been several winning moments over the last few weeks. None bigger than Brandon Nimmo with a game winning catch and Julio Rodriguez with a new contract. We have a breakdown of both wins. Plus, we discuss guys mic’d up during games and the chase for 700 HR. Aaron has a rant that Ethan agrees with. Finally, we discuss a question pulled from Twitter.
Ethan and Aaron are finally back in studio! After a long baseball season for Ethan, and vacations for Aaron, the guys sit down and discuss good baseball and bad base running. No more Field of Dreams? And a first of its kind while recording. Welcome back and enjoy the ride of vibes.
Welcome to Season 3 and Spring Training. Ethan returns this episode and immediately goes on a rant about facing pitchers throwing 100mph. Were the Padres wrong with Tatis Jr? Oakland to Vegas? Who looks good so far? And we introduce a new segment to the podcast.
Labor Strife and a Tribute

Labor Strife and a Tribute


Guest host, Marlin, joins Aaron to discuss all things MLB lockout. They choose sides and look at things from the business side of the owners and the mindset of players. Aaron closes out the discussion with his memories of Julio Cruz.
Ethan and Aaron return to discuss Free Agency, the lockout and the end of the 2021 playoffs. Ethan goes off on Jon Gray being the new ace of Texas.
Ethan and Aaron are joined by Say It Again Network friends Chrystal and Michael as we look back at the season and what’s ahead for the playoffs. From horrible predictions to touching moments; no hitters to retiring umpires and everything in between we had it all in 2021. Somehow we all agreed: White Sox to win it all.
The Stretch Run

The Stretch Run


COVID and work nearly did Aaron in, but he and Ethan are back and discuss the stretch run to the playoffs. Salvador Perez gets props for his record breaking 46th HR; the Padres limp to the finish line and a whole bunch of random topics make this episode’s final cut.
Ethan and Aaron return after a long break. They jump right into the Dog Days of Summer. Tyler Gilbert is a stud, Field of Dreams was a great production and Chris Bassitt well wishes after getting hit. Ethan also highlights a few throwback jersey wishes.
Aaron is joined by MLB Daily Beat host Mike El-Far to discuss All Star Week so far. From HR Derby to All Star MVP predictions.
A Sticky Situation

A Sticky Situation


What is Rob Manfred doing? We dive into what MLB is doing with sticky substances and enforcing inspections. The four hitters most likely to draw a free pass from us. And a heartfelt shout out to Josh Naylor.
Time To Learn The Rules

Time To Learn The Rules


From running bases to the infield fly rule and what makes a ball fair or foul; the last week or so has seen a failure to understand the rules. Ethan and Aaron help the Astros and Dusty Baker understand all of the above. We discuss the difference between an injury and just being hurt while Kevin Pillar and Jacob DeGrom keep rolling. Plus we’re giving away FREE MERCH!!!
Ethan and Aaron are joined by Kyle and Ryan from the First Line Podcast. The guys discuss a little baseball and a lot of hockey in this special edition of First Pitch Strike.
Time To Know the No No

Time To Know the No No


As a pitcher, Ethan shares his observations about the 7 no hitters already thrown this year. Aaron provides his thoughts on the contributing factors to no no’s. And DON’T be the 3rd out at 3rd base.
Aaron and Ethan sit down with long time writer and previous Rockies pre and post game host Tracy Ringolsby. From Nolan Ryan to his days in Kansas City and what he’s doing now. We even slip in some Wyoming athletics into the conversation.
The NL West has had a lot to talk about this week. Rockies part ways with their GM and the Padres/Dodgers rivalry heats up. We torch an umpire and for a horrible call. We’re still looking to give away free merch!
There have been several game changing occurrences because of batters being hit by a pitch this year. Ethan and Aaron dive into the logistics of the HBP. Congratulations to Yadir Molina. The Mets need to figure out what to do with Brandon Nimmo. Plus, we’re giving away some merch!
Let The Games Begin

Let The Games Begin


Aaron and Ethan share their observations from the first weekend plus of the 2021 season. From mammoth home runs to pitchers on top of their games, there is a little of everything, including a benches clearing brawl with a suspension. What happens with the Padres with the Tatis injury? Finally, the move of the All Star game to Denver is a hot topic for many.
Ethan and Aaron are joined by Joshua Morelion and Michael Flores from the SIA Network and RJ Prince, one of Ethan’s former teammates. We dive right in and predict not just division winners and a World Series Champ, but we also give you a few end of season awards.
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