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Author: Becoming Elli with Chris Brown and Jill McCauslin

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Welcome to the Fit Strong Women over 50 podcast where the cohosts from the Becoming Elli Community, Jill McCauslin and Chris Brown, interview experts and share their insights about losing weight, keeping it off, working out and becoming fit and strong. Hear from others who are making it work, become inspired and motivated. For more information find Becoming Elli on Facebook and Twitter or visit our website at for more motivation, work-out ideas, recipes, tips and inspiration.
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In Episode 46, Jill and Chris discuss the importance of protein for women over 50. Part of this podcast is from an earlier recording with personal trainer, Brian Kennell. We also discuss the challenges of eating healthy during the holiday season and offer tips. Limited time, free special bonus: Downloadable food planner and tracker PDF for eating healthy during holiday feasting with 20 tips. In this podcast we discuss: How many grams of protein a day women over 50 should eat Why cutting calories to lose weight and exercising to lose weight at the same time can be a problem. 3 reasons why women over 50 don't always get enough protein Strength training to build muscle Sources of lean protein Why changes in body composition toward more muscle and less fat are a lot slower than losing just weight on the scale Thanksgiving food preparation ideas Getting enough protein and exercise Gluten free and vegan ideas and options Visit the website at for a free downloadable PDF planner tracker - limited time only!
In episode 45, Chris and Jill talk about adventure travels with Denise Wakeman. They discuss her travels, how she trains for adventure, and how she began her business, Globetrotting Adventure Travel. Denise Wakeman's motto is "Just say yes!" After a life-changing trek in the Peruvian Andes, she embraced her inner Adventurer and ditched the black business suits for a knapsack and hiking boots. As long as there’s wifi, Denise is a happy traveler. Denise’s love of travel began when she traveled around the world as a child with her family. She has also spent over 20 years as an online marketing business consultant. So, it made sense that in 2018, Denise combined her love of online marketing and travel by starting a second business, Globetrotting Adventure Travel. Getting Fit and Strong Denise shares with us how she changed her lifestyle in 2007. Basically, she was a couch potato until her 40’s and then joined Weight Watchers and a gym. She then became a runner. Now she craves working out and makes sure she's active on a regular basis. Denise combines her physical activity with her social life by meeting her friends regularly for a brisk hike, followed by breakfast. With her new business, Denise now organizes adventure trips for people looking to do more than standard vacation travel. She takes groups to various parts of the world where they experience great food, wine, and some kind of adventure. Chris and Jill discuss with Denise: Her love of the Peruvian Andes Her various treks in mountains and other adventures What prompted Denise to start a second business How to train for adventure travel Her advice for women traveling solo Best ways to eat while hanging out in airports and flying Best ways to eat while traveling in different parts of the world How to avoid jet lag Please share with us any of your adventures in travel. You can post here on the website or on the Becoming Elli Facebook page. Feel free to email us at or How to Contact Denise Wakeman: Websites: Denise Wakeman and Globetrotting Adventure Travel Facebook: Denise Wakeman Instagram: Denise Wakeman Twitter: @DeniseWakeman
In episode #44, Chris and Jill interview Angie Ridgel and Pam Semanik, the owners and coaches at Stelleri Performance Training, about increasing performance for women over 50. Their awards and honors are impressive and they each have earned many accolades. They started their company to work with masters athletes and their company specializes in working with athletes who have little experience with road cycling, time trials or cyclocross. They also work with multisport athletes who want to ride faster, more efficiently and smarter. We discuss with them: Different types of cycling: road, criterium, time trial, cyclocross, and gravel What is considered a masters athlete in different sports Motivating each other How and why they started the Stelleri Speed School Increasing speed and capabilities as we get older Strength Training Improving health and nutrition Exercise Physiology and Angie's work with bike riding and Parkinson's disease as an Associate Professor at Kent State University Dealing with a chronic illness and being fit Their company website is: On Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 7:00 PM (Eastern Standard time) they are hosting an informational webinar and live Q&A. More info at their website if you are interested in hearing more. You can follow them on Facebook.
In episode 43, Chris and Jill talk with Ellen Wisbar, a CPA who started building her running distance over the past year. Ellen Wisbar grew up on the west side of Cleveland Ohio and has always been interested in sports. She played volleyball and was on the track team in high school. At Miami University she moved on to intramural sports and graduated in 1985 with a Bachelors degree in Accounting. After graduation, Ellen stayed active by sustaining a gym membership at various locations in Cleveland, running very casually, group exercise classes, skiing, biking, and participating in things like Corporate Challenge at work. Ellen is a CPA so by nature her job is pretty sedentary. At this point, she work in the legal department which requires some travel and no tax season, hours anymore. In the summer of 2018, she completed a 5k in June for the first time ever without walking. When Ellen told a friend at LifeCenter about it, she invited Ellen to join a running group called Moms Run This Town. The informal running group schedules coffee runs each week, which helped Ellen to start running more consistently. She ran the 10K Great Pumpkin Run in Akron last October, the Cleveland Half Marathon this past May and then the Akron Half in September. They discuss: How she got motivated How she changed from a casual running into a distance runner Why having multiple race goals is a good idea How she got started running and built up her mileage What she brings to eat and fuel during the race Comparing different races Why she felt this half marathon was more fun than the first time she ran a half. Her plans for the future Hydration vest Links mentioned in this podcast: Picky bar   The training plan she used   Her running group Moms Run This Town
In episode 42, Chris and Jill talk to Nita Sweeney, the author of Depression Hates a Moving Target: How Running with My Dog Brought Me Back from the Brink. Nita Sweeney is a writer and runner who lives in Columbus, Ohio. Her memoir was published this year and an audio version was recently released. In it, Nita describes her transition into a runner and how she overcame both physical and emotional obstacles. Nita earned a journalism degree from The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, a law degree from The Ohio State University, and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Goddard College.  A product of best-selling author Natalie Goldberg’s “writing practice” method, Nita has taught writing for nearly 20 years and is a member of the National Association of Memoir Writers and the Ohio Writers Guild.  Nita started out running for 30 seconds at a time using a kitchen timer. Through training and having supportive family, friends, and running communities, she has become a true runner. She has run three marathons, 27 half marathons and over 80 other races. Her memoir describes how she became a runner and able to participate in all of these races. Chris and Jill’s conversation with Nita included:  How Nita took up running How it improved her mental health Dealing with pain and injury Being a slow runner Meditation The value of communities for running What kind of shoes she likes Nita’s memoir is available at the various online book stores and your local bookstore. Nita says she loves seeing the waiting list for her book at her library system. Links Nita Sweeney Chi Running Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Pinterest: Instagram:
In episode 41, Jill and Chris talk with Health Coach Beth Kaczmar about healthy eating, grocery shopping and meal prep ideas. She holds a bachelor's degree from University of Akron in Nutrition and Dietetics, is certified in health coaching through Precision Nutrition and currently works as a health coach at a medical practice. She likes to help people to see what they can eat, instead of focusing on what they are told they can't eat. She said she likes to help them with variety, make it about recipes. "We tweak recipes, so they are not feeling deprived. For instance, substituting, normal flour for an almond flour and then adjust the liquids in the recipe." Some of the discussion points: Tips on shopping the grocery stores - Produce. Fish. Organic. Locally grown. Nutrition label. Food prep ideas for the week. TasteMyTable instagram page of her original recipes for eating the rainbow. How she squeezes exercise into her busy week: swimming, elliptical, and weights Fueling for working out and training for endurance events. Find her on: @TasteMyTable Beth's Red Cabbage Recipe from TasteMyTable: Sweet and Spicy Cabbage on the go! I love this recipe because all I do is chop all my ingredients, pop them in a zip lock bag, including the dressing, and when I’m ready to eat, just give a little shake and I have my salad to go It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and it’s high in fiber and low in calories I hope you enjoy! 1/4 head of purple cabbage, shredded, 1 slice white onion, diced, 1 small whole carrot, diced, 1 T goji berries, 1 T raisins, 1 T Apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp olive oil, 1/2 tsp hot sauce, 1 tsp honey, sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste. Throw all ingredients into a zip lock bag, give a shake and enjoy
In episode 40, Jill and Chris talk with Kai Boyer, a Certified Master Trainer in Orange County in southern California. Kai competed in tennis both in college and professionally. When she had a career ending hip injury, she had to give up her sport. She then turned her attention to finishing her degree and starting her business, Kai Boyer Fitness. She specializes in in Women’s Physique, Weight Loss, Athletic Performance Training, Injury Rehabilitation and Pain Management. With over 5 years experience, Kai has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their fitness goals and transform their lives and bodies through fitness & nutrition. We discuss: Best exercises for women over 50 Modifications for basic exercises when needed Recovery and rest day Healthy eating tips Weight loss plans that she offers clients How she defines fit Those who would like to learn more about Kai Boyer Fitness can follow her: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Chris and Jill discuss the Fitbit app and watches. Which features we use and how we use them. Exercise Food Challenges Sleep Heart rate Water proof What we like and why as well as what we don’t like and why. Interested in joining a Becoming Elli FitBit challenge group? Let us know by sending an email to or calling 330-970-6662 or connecting with us on FitBit. We will be posting our FitBit names in the Becoming Elli Private Facebook group to see who else is interested.  
In episode 39 of the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast, Chris and Jill talk with Holly Timberlake, PhD about being healthy mentally as we age. Holly is a Licensed Psychologist who practices as a holistic, alternative psychotherapist. She works with clients on a variety of issues, including overcoming trauma and healing from depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Holly talks about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and explains how we can use tapping to become calmer and more relaxed. She describes tapping as emotional acupressure. One of the questions that Holly answered was about specific advice for women over 50. She gave a great, lengthy answer about adopting a youthful attitude toward life. She wrote a blog post, Youthfulness as We Age: Decreasing Stress in preparation to talk about her thoughts on this topic. The conversation also included the value of yoga and meditation, the joys of working with her adult daughter, and eating for your metabolic type. Holly and her daughter conduct retreats which focus on yoga, meditation, community, and EFT. These are one day retreats offered about once a season.  They are adding a new weekend retreat,  a mother-daughter rejoicing weekend starting in October 2019. Some terms mentioned: EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing MTHFR: methylenetetrahydrofolate Nightshades: tomatoes, peppers, potato, eggplant Links mentioned in this podcast: on Facebook for EFT information Gary Craig for EFT information Jack Canfield for mindfulness & meditation. Louise Hay for affirmations and joy in your life. Deepak Chopra
Protein Bars of 2019

Protein Bars of 2019


In episode #38 of Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast, Jill and Chris compare 11 popular Protein Bars with protein, carbs, fiber and of course taste. Find out which ones we liked the best... and the worst! *We purchased these bars ourselves, nothing was donated to us. All comments are our own and we were not paid for this review.* The Protein Bars of 2019 comparison chart can be found here. We discuss the pros and cons of protein bars and evaluate 11 different bars: Kind Double Dark Chocolate Kind Peanut butter Rx Luna Zone Perfect Quest Muscle Milk Think Thin Power Crunch Think Brownie Think Thin Plant If you are interested in making your own bars, click here for Melanie Jatsek's bar, here for Heather Lentz's bar or here for a variety of other recipes.
Ask Chef Laura Campbell

Ask Chef Laura Campbell


In episode 37 of the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast, Jill and Chris interview Laura Campbell, a chef educator and lecturer in Cleveland Ohio. We talk with her about our food system, teaching others about how to cook, her opinion about organic foods, preparing foods, and her favorite vegetables. Since 2015, she has worked as the Chef Instructor for Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, whose mission is to serve and advocate for the oppressed, forgotten, and hurting. Prior to joining the LMM team, Laura spent four years with Mustard Seed Market in Solon, Ohio where her passion for culinary education surfaced in earnest. Years of private catering and patisserie further paved the way for hospitality instruction. She holds an associate degree in Culinary Arts from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, and a B.A. in Geology from The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio She brings over twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry. She lectures on a variety of topics including Culinary History, The Modern Food System, The Cooking Hypothesis, GMOs vs. Organics, and How to Navigate the Grocery Store. Follow her on Instagram: @askcheflaura
What does it mean to have health at every size? In episode 36 of the Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast, Chris Brown and Jill McCauslin talk with Erica Leon about body image, intuitive eating, and learning to live in a healthy way. Erica is a registered dietitian and is the owner of Erica Leon Nutrition, an outpatient group nutrition practice in White Plains, NY. As a registered dietitian, Erica counseled people on diets, primarily to lose weight.  After 10 or 15 years of noticing that people kept losing weight, only to regain it and then return for yet another diet, she looked for another way to help people regain health. Erica uses a “non-diet” Health at Every Size ® approach, which helps chronic dieters to discover their natural, internal signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction. Jill, Chris, and Erica discuss how Erica promotes healthy behaviors like physical activity, eating in a balanced way, and "regular" meals.  Erica says, "Intuitive eating allows you to focus on your bodily sensations." Healthy at Any Size Some of the topics covered in this episode is What harm the "diet culture" does to many women Why a little more body fat for women over 50 is actually helpful for protecting the body. Why the principle of habituation works Some of Erica’s favorite mantras to eliminate negative voices are: I am fine just as I am I don't need to please anybody I am my own best friend I believe in myself Links Intuitive Eating as a concept was developed by two revolutionary dietitians: Evelyn Trebley and Elyse Resch Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works by Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D and Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A. Intuitive Eating Workbook Health at Every Size (The Surprising Truth about Your Weight) by Linda Bacon Becoming Elli Mantras Social Media You can find Erica Leon at: Facebook: Erica Leon Nutrition  LinkedIn: Erica Leon Nutriton Instagram:Erica Leon Nutrition Twitter: Erica Leon RDN Pinterest: Nutrafit1 The Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast is part of the Becoming Elli community. Join us as we explore ways to be fit and strong.          
In episode 35 of the Fit, Strong Women Over 50 podcast for the Becoming Elli community, Jill and Chris discuss inspiration, motivation and discipline. Listen to the conversation where we talk about: What's the difference between inspiration and motivation? Where does discipline come in? How can you get motivated? How do the people you surround yourself with inspire you? What do you do when you're not feeling inspired to eat healthy or to work out? How does the Becoming Elli community to help each other to stay motivated and inspired? Mentioned in this podcast: Janet Palcko - hiking in Spain Wendy Rivera- cross fit and running while dealing with flare ups of RA Juel Fitzgerald - walking marathons Diane Berkley - weight training Diane Reuther - hiking the Alps Now available on Pandora podcasts.
In episode 34 of the Fit, Strong Women Over 50 podcast for the Becoming Elli community, Jill and Chris discuss a variety of ways to improve their health. They discuss their spring training has gone as well as problems that arise with sleep and how to avoid them, and the importance of including Omega 3 fats in the diet. They also discuss their progress on the Becoming Elli 2019 veggie challenge.   Chris explains why sleep is important why it can be difficult to fall asleep how to improve sleeping habits   Jill discusses why it’s important to have Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet and ways to increase your consumption of Omega 3s. This includes using supplements and foods that are rich in Omega 3s. Links 6 choices to change blue screen and reduce eye strain   Dr Andrew Weil 4-7-8 breathing  Why we lack Omega 3s  Foods with Omega 3 oils    You can reach Jill and Chris at 
In episode 33, Jill and Chris talk with Linda Brooks, a woman who became active after she retired from her work as a medical transcriptionist and who now competes in triathlons. She started running in 2011 and has a group of friends that call themselves the 50+ Posse. She gets up early in the morning to workout. Around 2015 she started bicycling. She was active in the Slow Roll bicycling group in Cleveland that meets every Monday at different locations to ride through the city for about ten miles. It is good for beginner bike riders because the group rides slowly. Other cities also have Slow Roll bicycle clubs. She also rides with the Black Girls Do Ride bicycle group. Linda retired in December 2015 and started swim lessons in January. She progressed quickly and was swimming the length of pool by May. By winter, she had already logged in 100 swimming miles. Now she swims for two hours, once she’s in the pool. Although she has had lupus for 16 years, she doesn’t “claim it.” Linda changed her diet to avoid foods the doctors said would trigger joint pain, took the medications that they prescribed for her and became very active. Her first triathlon experience was in January 2018 at the Twilight Tri in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. She enjoys indoor cycling at the Cycle Bar in Hudson. Motto for the biking groups that she belongs to is "No One Left Behind." Links mentioned in this episode: Black Girls Do Bike Slow Roll Cleveland Black Girls Run Member of Cleveland Triathlon Club. She trains with them. She uses the runkeeper phone app: The Great Ride movie is about the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) trail and the C & O bicycle trail that features members of the Black Girls Do Bike group. Maps and info about Bike riding in NE Ohio, Cleveland and Akron : NE Ohio Bike trails: Akron: Cleveland:    
In episode 32 Jill and Chris interview Tammy Wise, a Mind-Body Fitness Expert.  She is a Broadway dancer turned Tao minister. In today's Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast: Your core supports all the bones and muscles in the top of body and bottom of body. Your brain recalls the details of your story, but it doesn’t have the emotional memory. That’s found in your body. Soft tissue holds the emotional memory. Tension and strength have the very same root. Tension is energy that’s stagnant. Strength is energy that’s in flow. Strength is connecting to the goal. Tension stands between you and the goal. Releasing tension builds strength in mind and body. Her strength training method uses alignment, emotional release and outside resistance to reorganize and focus your strength Body Logos means the body’s divine wisdom Eating in balance. She prefers to eat several small meals throughout the day. Peasant bread: dark flour, whole grains “I’ve made it my personal mission to help people understand–and experience–what real strength feels like. And it’s not the result of bench-pressing a ton of weight or running endless miles. It’s about alignment, and a power that comes from your mind and body being in the same place at the same time.”  Tammy Wise Gift for listeners: Free video on how to release pressure. Go to, scroll to bottom, and click on graphic at bottom of screen for free video. Contact Info and Links: Website and blog: Book: The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body Train the Mind  is available on BodyLogos website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Email:        
In episode 31, Jill and Chris talk with Wendy Rivard, author of the Taking The Long Way Home blog, about her fitness journey. Wendy has been a runner for most of her adult life. She is a pediatric nurse practitioner for a large medical practice in Chicago. Besides running, she does a lot of Yoga, once a week she strength trains at a Cross Fit box, enjoys boot camps, water skiing, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking. She started running to help deal with anxiety in her 20's, and continued running to help with other life challenges: infertility in her 30's, stress of grad school in her 40's, and now in her "old age", she continues to run to help her stay healthy. "It's not the running that hurts the joints, it's the arthritis." She has cut back on some running and does strength training to support the muscles around the joints.   Links:
In episode 30 of the Fit Strong Women over 50 podcast for the Becoming Elli community, Chris and Jill discuss improving fitness through spinning with Sherry Chylsta. They talk about the basics of spinning, working your muscles, and share advice about working out. Sherry is a Star 3 lifetime-certified spinning instructor who enjoys making classes challenging and fun for all at a gym in Hudson, Ohio. She has been a certified instructor for about ten years. Sherry loves athletics and while she misses road races, she knows a no-impact workout like spinning is something she can enjoy for a lifetime. Sherry discusses: Improving Fitness Through Spinning Spinning Tips and Techniques Having Fun She also explains about fast twitch and slow twitch muscles and how to work both. Sherry also talks about heart rate training. Sherry encourages everyone to try something new at the gym -- especially different classes. She advises new members to overcome the feeling of intimidation by those who are already in shape. She suggests you remember that everyone had a first workout, and they didn't look any better starting out than you do now. Some of Sherry’s favorite sayings for spinning class are “No one wants to go spinning, but everyone wants to have been spinning” and “You can do anything for one minute.” As an added bonus, Sherry was kind enough to share her favorite potato and kale soup recipe.
Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast Episode #29 In Episode #29 of Fit Strong Women Over 50, Jill and Chris interview Jeannie Beaudin, a recently retired pharmacist who specialized in balancing women's hormones for over 10 years, while she owned her own pharmacy in Canada. Her clients appreciated her broad knowledge of non-drug, natural and standard treatment options. In today's podcast, Jeannie explains how she became known as "The Hormone Lady". The podcast explains how women can work together with a compounding pharmacist and the doctor to improve hormone health. Four levels of treatment are outlined. She also describes how she and her husband changed their eat habits 14 years ago. "No white flour and I make my own bread." She mentions Michael Pollan's rules for eating: "Eat real food. Mostly plants. Not too much." Also in this episode: Chris and Jill talk about their winter training and look to the spring. Veggie Challenge - how did you prepare your vegetable of the week? Links: To find the nearest compounding pharmacist, visit the Professional Compounding Centers of America website Jeannie Collins Beaudin's website/blog Her recently-released book "Can I Speak to the Hormone Lady?" is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle. Jeannie Beaudin on Facebook
In episode 28 of the Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast, Jill and Chris talk with Diana Woolf about how she overcame PTSD, resulting from years in the fire service and how that motivated her to try to help others battling PTSD. Diana has been a part of the fire service for 20 years serving on volunteer, part-time and career departments. Diana retired from her fire service career in December, 2018.  She now works in Environmental Health and Safety at the University of Akron. In 2009, Diana Woolf began competing in off-road trail races and triathlons to deal with her own PTSD symptoms and found great healing in the sport. Since then, she has competed in over 50 triathlons, including 7 half-distance and 3 full-distance Ironman triathlons, consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile marathon. In order to raise awareness for others in the fire service who are battling PTSD, Diana has completed some of the full-distance Ironman triathlons while wearing full fire-fighting gear for the marathon-length run. She created Rescue 4 PTSD to help raise funds for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and to encourage others in the fire service to discuss their emotions with someone. Diana wants to help remove any stigma of dealing with PTSD and to support resources for others in the fire service. In this episode, Diana talks with Jill and Chris about how she heals trauma through hard physical effort. She also discusses her training  to compete while wearing firefighting gear and how she cross trains. Diana also tells us how she eats and how she fuels herself during a race. Diana’s journey is an inspirational one. It’s amazing to hear what she has done to challenge herself. Links: Contact Diana Woolf: Rescue 4 PTSD Rescue 4 PTSD Website National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Diana’s Ironman Boulder Video You might want to check out an earlier episode of this podcast for a discussion with another triathlete, Loretta Harland.  Episode 18 of Strong Fit Women Over 50, Interview with Loretta Harland
In Podcast # 27, Jill McCauslin and Chris Brown interview Melanie Jatsek, a registered dietitian nutritionist who broke free from the dieting trap. Melanie holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from the University of Akron and is the author of three books, including Missing Peace - Eleven Secrets to Restore Inner Harmony with Your Food, Body, and Health. She also created the Healthy YOU program. Melanie is passionate about helping people transform their relationship with food. During this podcast we discuss: How she was able to break free from dieting after years to stop struggling with food. Why many women struggle with diets and their relationship to food Dealing with emotional eating and how she overcame three years of struggling with a binge eating disorder How the food pyramid guidelines (with grains on the bottom and fat on the top) did a disservice to women over 50 with misinformation. "We know better now.” Why counting calories is not the way to go Why she switched from her 20 year vegetarian-based diet to more of a Mediterranean-based diet Melanie reveals some secrets for helping your body to crave healthy foods like: • “Your body gets full off of nutrients, not calories.” • “The body craves what you’re feeding it the most.” • “The bacteria in your gut is what is craving food.” Bad bacteria crave sweets and highly processed foods. Good bacteria crave whole foods. • “Low Fat and Fat Free – when we restrict fat we are always hungry, but we know better now.” • “Good dietary fat actually helps you to burn fat.” During this podcast you will learn why she roasts her veggies with avocado oil instead of olive oil, how she trained her body to crave raw vegetables, and how she avoids hidden sugars in food like peanut butter and chocolate. She helps people develop a healthy relationship with food and talks about: • The balance of good-for-you foods with a sprinkle of fun foods (ie chocolate.) • The outdated guidelines of 12 servings of grains and pasta a day. • The effect of heavy servings of carbohydrates makes on your body (easier to produce insulin, gain weight and store fat.) Melanie feels that no food is forbidden and believes that you will crave what you feed your body. To connect with Melanie, visit her website: or her Facebook Page: Healthy You.
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