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The crew previews Tuesday's primaries in Georgia as well as contests in Arkansas, Alabama, Texas and Minnesota. They also ask whether it's too early to conclude that the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe has had little impact on the political environment.
The crew reacts to the results in Tuesday’s primaries in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Idaho, Kentucky and Oregon. The results are mixed in terms of which factions of both parties performed well and the marquee Republican Senate primary race in Pennsylvania is still close to call and could remain that way for days.
The crew discusses the races to watch in Tuesday night's primaries in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Idaho, Oregon and Kentucky. They also introduce a new FiveThirtyEight collaboration with Ipsos aimed at polling Americans about the issues they care most about in the run up to the midterms.
Since January 2021, eleven states have enacted laws that limit how teachers can talk about race and racism in schools and close to 200 bills have been introduced in 40 states. Galen Druke discusses the context of these laws with Theodore Johnson, the Director of the Fellows Program at the Brennan Center for Justice.
The crew discusses the various types of legislation different states may adopt if Roe v. Wade is overturned, and how those policies jibe with local public opinion. They also discuss recent polling showing that President Biden has disproportionately lost support among traditionally Democratic voting groups
In this late night edition of the podcast, the crew covers both the results of the Ohio Senate primary and the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade.
The crew follows up on last week’s Republican 2024 primary draft with its first Democratic primary draft. What does the bench of Democratic leadership look like beyond Biden? They also discuss the latest developments in the current round of redistricting.
As the 2022 primaries begin in earnest and potential presidential candidates look ahead to 2024, the fight over the future of the political right is underway. In Matthew Continetti's new book, “The Right: The Hundred Year War For American Conservatism,” he argues that in order to understand where the right is heading, you have to understand where it's been.
The crew hosts its first-ever 2024 Republican primary draft (they plan to follow up next week with a 2024 Democratic primary draft).
Galen Druke speaks with POLITICO Europe's Cornelius Hirsch and Clea Caulcutt about the dynamics at play in the French presidential election. As Emanuel Macron has occupied the middle of the political spectrum in France, with a focus on cooperation among European nations, the opposition parties have moved toward a nationalist, populist agenda.
The crew discusses the politically thorny issue of mental acuity in an increasingly elderly U.S. government, and what Americans think about age limits for public office. They also continue to track the types of candidates former President Trump has endorsed in the 2022 Republican primaries.
Galen Druke speaks with George Washington University economist Tara Sinclair about the economics behind Americans pessimistic assessment of the economy.
The crew discusses why Sarah Palin may not be a shoe-in for a vacant House seat in Alaska. They also debate whether the AARP is correct in assessing that women voters over the age of 50 are likely to decide the outcome of the 2022 midterms. And they look at the experiences of urban Republicans and rural Democrats in a country increasingly sorted geographically and politically.
As Congress considers legislation that would decriminalize marijuana and end the sentencing disparity for crack and cocaine offenses, Galen Druke speaks with FiveThirtyEight contributor Lester Black about what Americans think should be done about drugs and how politicians are responding.
The crew discusses how Liz Cheney and Madison Cawthorn's primaries serve as a test of what the Republican Party and its voters will and won’t accept. They also try to get to the bottom of whether Americans support the “Parental Rights In Education Bill” -- or what its critics call the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” -- which Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law last week.
Galen Druke speaks with political science professors Sunshine Hillygus and Patrick Eagan about the history of wedge issues and how they shape U.S. politics.
The crew debates which states should vote first in the presidential primaries if the Iowa caucuses were to go away. They also scrutinize a new survey that suggests most Americans think "The West Wing" and other political TV shows are reflective of how politics works.
Since Jackson’s confirmation is the expected outcome, the hearings – similar to past ones – were more about politics. Galen Druke and Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux discuss the messages that Senators sent and whether we were able to glean anything about what kind of Justice Jackson would be.
Thirty-six governor’s seats are up for election this fall and the crew looks at some where full control of state government might be decided by the governor’s race. They also assess whether narratives from the 2021 gubernatorial election in Virginia hold up in light of new data, and debate the hottest legislative topic in Washington: permanent Daylight Saving Time.
The conventional wisdom is that if former President Trump wants the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, it's his. But some Republicans are still jockeying for position to be the next leader of the party, the most prominent of which may be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
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Darshan Roy

This was phenomenal.

May 13th

Paul Miailovich

"let's *#& this puppy" is not something they say in America. I did, however, hear it on occasion when I lived in Australia. Mind you, this was over 20 years ago, so they might not say it there anymore either.

Feb 10th
Reply (1)

Ryan Persaud

There are so many issues with this lady's arguments, and I applaud Galen for challenging her. Citing Ukraine as a "liberal democracy" that got into civil war had me floored (really grasping for examples there). Or, that she constantly repeats the meme that Republicans are all white people, despite the polling and data clearly showing they're getting MORE, not less diverse. It sounds like the sort of alarmism meant to compel Democrats to vote more than a serious academic pursuit. Which is fine, just be transparent, damn.

Jan 24th

JT O'Connor

Good on you Galen for challenging the reductive views your guest offered.

Jan 19th
Reply (1)

Joshua Collins

Could at least have interviewed Robert Evans since he's been covering this specific topic since early 2019

Jan 13th

Andrew Browne

trying to talk up Dem position, situation normal

Jan 11th

Will Crowley

Silver is a degenerate racist, equating remote schooling during the pandemic with the devastation we caused in Iraq. I listened for years, but no more.

Jan 6th

Josh Smith

wow this was a spicy interview about horse race pills!

Nov 19th

Paul Bass

WOW. delete.

Oct 25th


Want to actually gain the trust of these people as a journalist? Maybe don't laugh every time you bring up a conspiracy theory they believe. You have to be learn how to talk to people, even if they are crazy. This entire interview wreaks of elitism and arrogance. You definitely didn't change any minds.

Jul 9th


Yang please 😁

Jun 22nd

herbsta magus

Thr death penalty is ineffective barbaric nonsense. You have a lack of empathy and critical thinking skills if you believe in killing people as a perverse form of 'justice'.

Jun 8th


Yang is clearly the best shot New York (& America) has. Read "The War on Normal People".

Jun 5th

Greg Moore

The audio keeps skipping back on this episode.

May 25th


It's gotten harder and harder to listen to this podcast since Clare left. She at least could play devils advocate and keep the show grounded. I used to really look forward to it each week, but more. Add another show to the echo chamber that is political reporting in the US.

May 18th

A Turner

I listen faithfully and love the team commentary, but I'm gonna miss Perry on the team SO MUCH! Best of luck in your future enedeavors!

May 3rd

Hector Soler

bullshiet a waist of time to listen to you so fuck yourself

Apr 30th


what about jewish people??

Apr 25th


I'd like to know what role anti-black or ambivalence towards blacks amongst sectors of Hispanics played in the wake of the Floyd killing, BLM protests and even the selection of Harris as the VP running mate. Add in the ridiculous Republican campaign to paint Biden as a socialist-communist, you have some interesting factors to consider.

Apr 20th

Andrew Browne

538 discussing internal RNC processes, like a blind man looking through the Hubble telescope at a distant star and explaining it to those who permanently live underground.

Apr 6th
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