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Emergency Podcast: Doug Jones Wins

00:30:26Update: 2017-12-125

The Alabama Election Is Here

00:52:35Update: 2017-12-117

The Gerrymandering Project: Wisconsin

00:38:28Update: 2017-12-072

Are Taxes A Pyrrhic Victory?

00:53:36Update: 2017-12-046

Emergency Podcast: Flynn Flips

00:15:29Update: 2017-12-012

The Gerrymandering Project: Intro

00:30:15Update: 2017-11-305

Congress's Broken Culture

00:44:43Update: 2017-11-274

Alabama Is Tied

00:47:38Update: 2017-11-204

Franken Is Accused Of Harassment

00:22:19Update: 2017-11-162

Alabama's Senate Race

00:42:22Update: 2017-11-132

2016 Anniversary Talk

00:49:25Update: 2017-11-084

A Good Night For Democrats

00:19:18Update: 2017-11-072

Election Day 2017

00:51:06Update: 2017-11-062

Sexual Harassment In Media And Politics

00:32:17Update: 2017-11-041

Mueller's First Strike

00:44:27Update: 2017-10-30

Emergency Podcast - Flake Is Out

00:31:15Update: 2017-10-242

Could Alabama Go Blue?

00:48:21Update: 2017-10-233

Steve Bannon's War

00:47:03Update: 2017-10-161

Corker Uncorked

00:51:00Update: 2017-10-092

Trump's Response To Maria

00:49:33Update: 2017-10-022

Is Partisan Gerrymandering Illegal?

00:34:57Update: 2017-09-282

Trump vs. The NFL

00:56:03Update: 2017-09-251

Emergency Podcast: McCain Is A No

00:14:02Update: 2017-09-222

Democrats Divided

00:54:23Update: 2017-09-181

What Happened

00:56:55Update: 2017-09-112

Immigration Politics

00:46:31Update: 2017-09-052

Harvey Tests Trump

00:57:26Update: 2017-08-28

How Trump Talks About Race

00:49:33Update: 2017-08-213

Emergency Podcast - Bannon Out

00:16:47Update: 2017-08-18

Trump's Response To Charlottesville

00:56:46Update: 2017-08-141

Enter The Grand Jury

00:47:53Update: 2017-08-07

White House Chaos

00:51:26Update: 2017-07-31

Emergency Podcast - Senate Repeal Fails

00:23:45Update: 2017-07-28

The GOP's Last(?) Ditch Health Care Push

00:40:45Update: 2017-07-241

Six Months In

00:44:12Update: 2017-07-17

Emergency Podcast - Don Jr.'s Emails

00:25:58Update: 2017-07-13

Why Trump Wants Voter Data

00:48:39Update: 2017-07-101

Trump Goes Global

00:38:37Update: 2017-07-06

The Health Care Episode

00:50:11Update: 2017-06-26

The Most Special Special Election

00:50:57Update: 2017-06-19

Trump Under Investigation

00:20:15Update: 2017-06-152

The Base

00:51:20Update: 2017-06-12

Emergency Podcast - Hung Parliament

00:28:19Update: 2017-06-09

Emergency Podcast - Comey's Testimony

00:29:35Update: 2017-06-08

Pittsburgh vs. Paris

00:50:05Update: 2017-06-05

Do Democrats Need A Win?

00:53:35Update: 2017-05-30

What Now?

00:52:01Update: 2017-05-22

Emergency Podcast - The Comey Memo

00:24:34Update: 2017-05-17

The Scandal Meter

00:46:46Update: 2017-05-15

Emergency Podcast: Trump Fires Comey

00:13:11Update: 2017-05-09

Health Care Winners And Losers

00:48:52Update: 2017-05-08

Emergency Health Care Podcast II

00:32:12Update: 2017-05-05

99 Trial Balloons

00:45:57Update: 2017-05-01

100 Days

00:52:58Update: 2017-04-24

Georgia's 6th - Live From New York

01:07:16Update: 2017-04-19

Trump's Paths, Revisited

00:48:42Update: 2017-04-17

The Trump Doctrine (Maybe?)

00:46:41Update: 2017-04-10

Sparks: Why Health Care Costs So Much

00:50:06Update: 2017-04-08

Filibuster Time

00:43:36Update: 2017-04-03

Live From Boise

00:39:22Update: 2017-03-27

Three Polls And A SCOTUS Nominee

00:47:14Update: 2017-03-20


00:50:45Update: 2017-03-13

Hot Takedown: Politics In Sports

00:19:45Update: 2017-03-09

Anatomy Of A Scandal

00:52:41Update: 2017-03-06

Party People

01:00:30Update: 2017-02-27

Party Time: 'Establishment' Democrats

00:48:07Update: 2017-02-23

A Month Of Trump

00:44:47Update: 2017-02-21

Party Time: The Bernie Sanders Party

00:50:36Update: 2017-02-16

Emergency Podcast: This Russia Stuff

00:27:55Update: 2017-02-15

Tea Party Parallels

00:50:36Update: 2017-02-13

Trump Vs. The Courts

00:48:36Update: 2017-02-06

Party Time: The GOP Under Trump

00:44:50Update: 2017-02-02

Chaos At The White House

00:56:23Update: 2017-01-30

The Beginning Of The Trump Presidency

00:49:50Update: 2017-01-23

Trump Vs. The Polls -- Vol. II

00:48:09Update: 2017-01-17

Trump Vs. The Polls -- Vol. II: 1/17/17

00:48:09Update: 2017-01-17

Trump And The Senate

00:47:59Update: 2017-01-09

Trump And The Senate: 1/9/17

00:47:59Update: 2017-01-09

Data Under Trump

00:55:35Update: 2017-01-02

Data Under Trump: 1/2/17

00:55:35Update: 2017-01-02

538 + The West Wing Weekly (Live)

00:45:28Update: 2016-12-26

2016 Final Thoughts

00:48:02Update: 2016-12-19

2016 Final Thoughts: 12/19/16

00:48:02Update: 2016-12-19

Russian Interference

00:45:35Update: 2016-12-12

Russian Interference: 12/12/16

00:45:35Update: 2016-12-12

Still Processing...

00:52:44Update: 2016-12-05

Still Processing...: 12/5/16

00:52:44Update: 2016-12-05

Recount, Really?

00:53:56Update: 2016-11-28

Recount, Really?: 11/28/16

00:53:56Update: 2016-11-28

The Transition Begins

00:47:36Update: 2016-11-14

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