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Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight team cover the latest in politics, tracking the issues and 'game-changers' every week.
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Jeremy and Mieke Craven

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Jul 10th

Roger Neyman

re: "Primary Season Begins" and Nate's comments that Trump doesn't get enough credit in the media for his accomplishments in Korea. It really remains to be seen weather they're accomplishments at all. the meeting hasn't taken place. there's a lot of concern that by agreeing to meet before there's a plan in place he's already burned some bridges. so far his main accomplishment is has been to throw convention aside. does he have anything concrete to show for it? at this point it just looks risky, not like concrete accomplishments. so how should the press be reporting it? probably by acknowledging that if the risk pays off it's amazing, but we don't know yet, in part because he doesn't have the structure in place to either anticipate what's happening or to let us know what's happening in a disciplined manner.

May 8th

Rached El-Moctar

Good data analysis, boring and wrong centrist takes.

May 6th

Christopher Brown

So we are talking bout Howard Dean screaming and how it cost him the election but Trump can fist a Russian hookers on stage and we tell him how presidential he looks?

May 2nd

Jake Hunter

they all missed on Jeh Johnson's name pronunciation. It's pronounced like "Jay".

Apr 30th

jake Grosek

details say they would talk about Syria, but they didn't.

Apr 17th

Sherelle Castro

hey, would be totes cool if i could subscribe

Mar 21st

Keila Ruiz

Hola como esta

Mar 19th

Adam Rose


Mar 9th
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