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Flip It and Rebuild It

Author: Susan Jackman and Steven Webb

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The podcast that will help you see your life from a whole new perspective.

So, you can prepare yourself for life’s curve-balls that knock you on your butt without warning. Or flip a current struggle and relight that flair for life hidden within so you can live with genuine freedom, in line with your purpose, with passion and the courage, love and strength to be vulnerable in the face of anything that comes your way.
18 Episodes
We all do it, we sit down to do something really important like write a letter or send an email. Then, two hours later we've been going through Facebook or watching Netflix. Well, that's procrastinating. Doing something else when you should be getting stuff done.It seems like everybody else can manage to get stuff done, yet we cannot ourselves. Why is that? Why do we procrastinate so much? Is there an easy way to get over our procrastinating? Why do we keep saying this really long word, that really just means not doing what you should be doing?
In this episode we talk about depression, how depression affects us and some the things we have done in the past to help us through it.Myself and my co-host Susan Jackman have suffered from depression in the past, and Susan talks about the way Susan is suffering at the moment with feelings of depression returning.There is some wisdom, advice, and just understanding in this episode that we hope will help.Remember depression is a feeling, not a state of who you are. It is also temporary, depression comes and goes. And so will any moment you are feeling depressed.
Susan Jackman and Steven Webb discuss unconditional love. So, is unconditional love possible? What about in a relationship, can you still have unconditional love in a relationship?It's interesting because unconditional love seems to be everywhere at the moment with the spiritual evolution almost taken the world by quiet calm storm. And, you don't need to go far before some spiritual Guru is talking about unconditional love.And here we are, talking about it also.Join us on today's podcast. Support us by heading over to
What do you do when you fall out in a relationship?If you have a normal healthy relationship you are going to argue, fallout, and on occasion it is going to be messy.In this podcast Susan Jackman and myself, Steven Webb discuss a three-step strategy in which we can quickly resolve these matters and get back to what's important. Loving each other. That's why you're there in a relationship, so why spend so much time doing what we don't want to do.
Triggers, those little things that annoy the Howe hell of us. On this week's Flip It and Rebuild It Podcast we are talking about what annoys us, those little triggers that push our buttons every time without fail.We discussed what triggers are, the way they work, and how you can become aware of them so you are not affected by them in the future.If you ever lose your temper, and make things worse this week's podcast is for you.
Continuing this season's theme of relationships, we discuss how to communicate in a way that is fair and beneficial for everyone involved.Communication has so many different levels, and in this podcast we talk about the 4 main communication parts.Where and when to have the discussion.Finding your voice and communicating effectively.Learning to listen, actively listen so you can understand what is being said.Understand what is going on, and the meaning behind the words.If you embrace these four ways of communicating, your relationship would just improve because you are not only listening you are understanding your partner's needs.Surely, the most important thing to you is your partner's happiness!
If you want a better relationship, whether with a spouse, partner, or a work colleague this is the podcast for you.Welcome to the second episode of season 2 of Flip It and Rebuild It.This season we are going all out and talking about relationships. How you can improve your relationships. Whether it's with a family member or your partner. A work colleague, or a boss. We are all intertwined and interdependent relationships all the time.In this episode. - You will discover the one thing you need to in any healthy relationship. - A few more darker secrets about your hosts! - Steven Webb and Susan Jackman. - Why is this one thing so important. - How this one thing has 3 parts, and they are equally important. - Also what's coming next.Give it a listen to find out. Help us by spreading the word, we would really appreciate any support you can give.
As a preview to Season 2 on Flip It and Rebuild It by Steven Webb and Susan Jackman we are talking about relationships. In this episode we bear all, about our relationships and where they went well and where they went badly wrong.Be a fly on the wall, you are going to enjoy this.Sharing the comments, send us messages. Does our relationships bear the same resemblance to yours?Have you been cheated on, did it work out the same way as it did for us.We also talk about what`s coming up on season 2 of Flip It and Rebuild It...How to get back to love, when things go wrong. How to deal with a breakup.How to cope when your relationship ends after someone has cheated.The best way to finish a relationship when you still care about the other person.
Are expectations bad?  Should we let go of all expectations?  Is that possible? Is it that simple? What if its more about letting go of the outcome.  Lets talk about it and cover some tips on how to let go of expectations and outcomes.
Habits, the good the bad and the ugly. How do habits run your life? How do you break bad habits. How do you build good habits? We will share some of our experiences plus some simple tips to help you with your habits.
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