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Author: The Spinchoon

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Flix and a Six is podcast about movies and beer. Anthony and Al are cousins that love to grab a couple drinks and discuss films. They thought it would be fun to share it with you. This is the first podcast in a series of creative entertainment outlets produced by The Spinchoon.
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Welcome back to the show, Gianna. Our thanks to her for co-hosting once again, and for driving our "What We're Watching" segment. We also tackled the hot, new, Matt Reeves Batman rumor, we eugoogolize Movie Pass (RIP), we look at some "Fargo" Season 4 casting news, we find out what character in The Shining Al is, and more. We'd invite you to this week's episode, but you've always been here.
IT finally ends. We kept our promise to follow up on our episode from 2 years ago, and it’s all been quite the experience. Prior to that, we reconvene (briefly) on the more extended Tenet teaser, react freshly to the trailer for Jojo Rabbit, review (spoiler free) “The Boys” (Amazon Prime), react to the Knives Out reactions, and more. Come on down. We all float down here.
We have ‘cisely zero regrets for what we subjected you to in our “first” Cloud Atlas episode. If you like this show you get that that’s peak us; this week’s episode is peak Flix & a Six. We freakin’ brought it for this one. News! Notes! Nuggets! A damn good beer and the best movie. That’s the true-true.
We love us some Matrix. More importantly, we love us some Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving. You’ll hear plenty of that, as well as Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker trailer discussion, Matrix 4 news (perfect timing), Marvel/Sony discord, and more. Follow us and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
This movie is so dumb but somehow it works. We focus most of our remaining brain cells on some news about Tenet, Goldeneye on N64, the best sharks of all time, and more. Plus this Matthew Berry story (link here) about fulfilling a dream and getting to be in Avengers: Endgame. Join the family.
Back after a short break, we have the movie that’s been the talk of the town. We also look at some new trailers, fill you in on what we’re watching, talk about Venom 2, and read about the wild world of Nicolas Cage. Here we go.
Back to the well with a Disney nostalgia trip. The results are mixed. Luckily our cartoon rodent overlords gave us myriad other things to discuss at SDCC, as the MCU Phase 4 plan was unveiled. Be prepared.
It’s finally happened. Long rumored, long anticipated, literally a year in the making.CLOUD ATLASThat’s right. We’ll keep the news and nuggets short, with the exception of a substantial (spoiler free-ish) review of Neon Genesis Evangelion from Al. We want to keep the main event the focus, just as we intended when we planned this episode so long ago. Tell your neighbors, your friends, your enemies to tune in.
Back from a holiday, we have something we think you’ll really like. We sure did. But first, old news. The Walking Dead Comic ends, Knives Out debuts its trailer, JA Bayona is involved with Lord of the Rings, and much more. Plus the long awaited (spoiler free!) review of The Leftovers. Follow your Peter Tingle and listen.
Back and better than ever. We do our best (see: worst…. wurst?…. wort, nailed it) work after a break, and this is Exhibit A. Not much news — except for the Netflix darling “I Think You Should Leave” — but a million nuggets, as many tangents, some anecdotes, and What We’re Watching. You’ve got a friend in us.
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