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Author: The Spinchoon

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Flix and a Six is podcast about movies and beer. Anthony and Al are cousins that love to grab a couple drinks and discuss films. They thought it would be fun to share it with you. This is the first podcast in a series of creative entertainment outlets produced by The Spinchoon.
93 Episodes
It’s a good thing we recorded this early to accommodate our busy schedules…. only to promptly screw up and release it late anyway. Moving on! We give out compulsory Star Wars nuggets to build the anticipation, tip our caps to the end of Veep, give some penultimate thrones taeks (that got out of date quick), and talk some Batman (non-Patinson division). Never give up! Never surrender!
It is so very frustrating to me that we did ’89 Batman on Episode 88. It’s OK because we had so damn much fun with it. Just as we enjoyed our time discussing trailers for IT Chapter 2 and Spiderman: Far From Home, brewery mergers, the next decade of blockbuster movie releases, and more. So if you want to get nuts, let’s get nuts!
Back on track with a throwback; an underrated movie from a former star of the turn of the century; signified by one appropriate use of a semi-colon, and one that is completely unnecessary. First, we have to tackle a bevy of trailers, some spoiler free Game of Thrones talk, the brilliance of Billions, and more. Make a wish and join us in this fantasy.
No preamble necessary. Let’s get into it. Thanks to Brian Rooney for finally joining the show.
The 3rd annual Easter episode of Flix and a Six has some new aspects to it. First: a comedy classic from the 90’s. Second: an expanded peanut gallery, bordering on full blown round table discussion. Our thanks to recurring guest co-host Dominick, and to first time guest, our biggest fan, Mike. Enjoy!
Sorry for the week off. It will happen again. But not right now, and we more than make it up to you, as we crush a news & nuggets section featuring Star Wars, more Star Wars, and some more Star Wars after that. There’s also MCU Phase 4 rumblings, Dark Phoenix trailer talk, and much more. Then more Sta- I mean we get to the movie, which we cover only as we can. Just say the magic word and we’ll appear.
Our thanks to returning guest host Dominick Biolsi, even if he was only half there, and half asleep. We promise to keep you awake with wonderful news and nuggets about the Joker, Child’s play, Endgame updates, Jim Carrey in a most ridiculous role, and much more. So gear up and follow along. Movie: Triple FrontierBeer: Stone Hop Revolver IPA
OOOOOOhhhhhh boy. Us. You know you’re here for it. It’s bat shit crazy. Listen to us talk about it, and a shit ton of other things you know you’re here for. There’s Star Wars. There’s Endgame. There’s a narrative that is, finally, well and truly killed. And there’s something new we’re watching. So find your better self and listen. Movie: UsBeer: 4 Noses Brewing Company Pump Action Imperial Pumpkin Ale
BIG NEWS ALERT!!! Before we get into the standard episode fare, we have an important announcement to make. The Spinchoon is launching another podcast: The Spinchoon Sports Show. Al will be one of the co-hosts there, as well as new ‘Choon, Mike Schaeffer. SO go check that out if you like fun and beer and sports (We know you like at least 2 of those). Also, as you can tell here, we’re leaving Souncloud very soon, so plan accordingly. Both shows are still gonna be basically everywhere else you can find podcasts. So let’s have some fun with it! Back to your regularly scheduled synopsis. This one is PRETTY damn good. Alita: Battle Angel, John Wick, Delicious Beer, James Gunn, What we’re watching and playing, Nolan Movie 2020, Star Wars??, and much more. So motor(ball) over and listen!Movie: Alita: Battle Angel (Movie starts at 1:10)Beer: 21st Amendment Brewery Back in Black (Black IPA)
We’re back in the MCU with a throwback origin movie, priming ourselves for the main event next month. It’s good to be back in our element, in more ways than one, as this is a looooong episode for you. It’s not just a full Captain Marvel discussion; the long awaited Sopranos review, the definitive(-ish) list of the Keanu action movie catalog, MCU trailer and Phase 4 news, and more make the cut. So load your Walkman with the latest show!Movie: Captain Marvel (Movie starts at 1:22)Beer: Otter Creek Brewing Co Backseat Berner IPA
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