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Flixtor Movies


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In Southeast Asia, Islamic terrorists have launched a clandestine war, prompting Delta Force to intervene with a mission to extract a CIA asset in the Philippine jungle. Sgt. Kinney, known as "Playboy," is the newest member of the team and finds himself in a precarious situation when the mission goes awry, leaving him stranded behind enemy lines. Fortunately, Air Force drone pilot "Reaper" is watching over Kinney from a base in Las Vegas, offering guidance to ensure his safe escape. Watch this movie in full length on Flixtor.
After an intriguing introduction, the story takes a turn as J. Lo hops onto a motorcycle, radiating pure happiness while tightly gripping onto the driver as they speed through a stunning beach landscape nestled among majestic mountains. Sadly, their serene moment is abruptly shattered by a crash, sending them flying in opposite directions. As the crash fades away, the once beautiful scenery disappears, leaving Lopez all alone in a dystopian steampunk heart factory. It is within this peculiar setting that the movie's opening musical number, "Hearts and Flowers," unfolds. The heartfelt lyrics perfectly match Lopez's genuine performance as she sings about enduring storms, suffering, and anguish. Collaborating with the factory workers, who bear a resemblance to those in Fritz Lang's "Metropolis," she endeavors to mend the failing metal heart using withered red flower petals. Immerse yourself in this enchanting musical tale on Flixtor.
Sophie Macintosh plays Ava, an affluent college student going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a fun-filled weekend with her friends. Unfortunately, a major issue results in their jet going down in the water, leaving Ava and a few fortunate passengers to battle sharks for their life. The story unfolds in a straightforward manner as the survivors strive to break free from their underwater captivity and reach the surface. But despite the fact that progress is inevitable, every step they take is met with obstacles or fresh challenges, which keeps the tension high. Enjoy "No Way Up 2024" in high quality on Flixtor Free Movies without having to sign up for a membership.
Lisa Frankenstein 2024 follows the story of a teenage girl named Lisa who is searching for love, despite facing misunderstandings from her family and peers due to her dark demeanor. Following a family tragedy, Lisa relocates to a new town with her father, stepmother, and stepsister Taffy. She frequently visits a cemetery where she confides in a grave of a Victorian-era corpse. Unexpectedly, the corpse awakens after a series of chilling events, sparking a unique journey of love and self-discovery between Lisa and her newfound companion. Brace yourself for an exciting adventure filled with unexpected twists and maybe a few body parts along the way. Check out this film on Flixtor in high quality!
In 2012, the narrative commences with Omaha mechanic Dave Kroupa, who is single and ready to mingle after a breakup. He meets Liz Golyar, an avid bowler with a rebellious streak shown in old footage of her turning off security cameras, on a dating app. While he's thinking about their relationship as casual, Dave also starts dating Cari Farver. However, things get worse when Farver starts acting oddly and starts threatening Dave via texts and emails. The soundtrack begins to sound off and the screen filled with obscenities as the virtual harassment intensifies. The story gets more complicated when Golyar's house mysteriously catches fire. You may watch the entire movie in high quality on Flixtor.
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