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The official podcast of Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB). Get the latest updates on what's happening at Fobi.

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In this episode, our very own Revenue Operations Specialist, Ethan Vran, reports on Asia Tech x Singapore! Ethan has just returned from Singapore, where he represented Fobi and Canadian AI technology.Tune in to hear about the opportunities and challenges in the APAC region and how Fobi is making an impact on the global tech stage!
In this episode, Fobi's VP of Marketing, Bruce Cleland, reflects on his first 75 days at the company. Bruce shares insights into his collaboration with the team, the development of our latest ticketing platform for tbird, and the implementation of strong processes. He discusses his approach to understanding and addressing customer pain points, making their lives easier through innovative solutions, and building the right tech stack. Drawing from direct market feedback, Bruce offers a behind-t...
Sit down with Nathan and Kassidy Keith, one of Canada’s emerging equestrian talents, as they discuss her journey with horses, her background in equestrian sports, and her achievements. In this dynamic discussion, Kassidy offers insights into how Fobi’s technology is improving equestrian venues and enhancing the community.
Nathan is joined by Charles Gadalla, CEO of Verifiction, to discuss deepfakes and digital deception. As the distinction between real and fake blurs, Charles details Verifiction's role in detecting and managing deepfakes, and how their collaboration with Fobi is advancing real-time verification solutions to safeguard both businesses and individuals.
Nathan catches up with Rob Anson, Fobi's CEO and Chairman, broadcasting directly from the bustling Comcast event in Charlotte, NC. In this update, Rob details the company's dynamic partnerships, highlighting collaborations with tbird, Kassidy Keith, and Verifiction.
Join Nathan as he sits down with Dave Nicholls, Fobi’s VP of Liquor Beverage, to discuss the dynamic landscape of liquor beverage. Dave speaks on traditional approaches in the industry and how Fobi’s Data Exchange is transforming the modern-day landscape of retail liquor stores.
Explore the world of sports technology with Jenna Kurath, VP of Startup Partnerships at Comcast NBC SportsTech. With a track and field background and extensive tech industry experience, Jenna blends sports passion with innovative tech at NBC Comcast. Gain insights into sports analytics evolution and Jenna's vision for in-stadium experiences. Learn about selecting top tech companies like Fobi in the NBC Comcast Accelerator program.
Nathan connects with Rob Anson, CEO of Fobi AI, to detail the company's new multi-year agreement with Thunderbird Show Park for the 2024 and 2025 show seasons. Rob highlights how Fobi's wallet pass technology will enhance the exhibitor, spectator and sponsor experience at the leading equestrian show park.
Nathan is joined by Fobi's CEO and Chairman, Rob Anson, to break down the company's recent agreements. Rob shares insights on providing Asahi Canada with Fobi's Data Exchange, as well as delivering up to 1 million digital tickets for a leading theme park ticketing provider.
Nathan sits down with Rob Anson, CEO and Chairman of Fobi AI, to break down the company's recent undertakings. Together, they reflect on their involvement in events such as the Roth Conference, Comcast, and more.
Nathan welcomes Bruce Cleland as Fobi's new Vice President of Marketing. Bruce is a skilled sales and marketing executive with a proven track record of scaling companies from start-up to market leadership. We're eagerly anticipating the immense value and accomplishments Bruce will bring to the role of VP of Marketing.
Nathan connects with Rob Anson, CEO and Chairman of Fobi AI, having just wrapped up the first week at the Comcast Accelerator Program. Rob breaks down the exciting opportunities for Fobi at the upcoming Annual Roth conference, coupled with an update on the financial webinar from last week.
Nathan is joined by CEO and Chairman of Fobi AI, Rob Anson, to discuss Fobi's selection from 1,500+ applicants across 52 countries for the 2024 Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech Accelerator Program. Rob highlights the significant opportunities this presents within the sports and entertainment industry, alongside iconic sporting events and broadcasters.
Nathan connects with CEO and Chairman of Fobi AI, Rob Anson, to provide an update on the company's recent capital raise. Rob shares insights into the challenges and learnings experienced in the process and discusses the evolving landscape of shareholder engagement.
Nathan is joined by CEO and Chairman of Fobi AI, Rob Anson, to discuss the company's recent $2 million private placement. Rob breaks down the exciting opportunities Fobi and its brands are pursuing in 2024 and explains how this move sets the stage for substantial business growth.
Nathan connects with CEO and Chairman of Fobi AI, Rob Anson, highlighting the challenges faced and the valuable lessons learned in 2023. With the company's audit now behind them, Rob's reflections serve as a testament to their resilience and determination to move forward.
Nathan sits down with CEO and Chairman of Fobi AI, Rob Anson, to review the company’s greatest highlights in 2023, reflecting on a year filled with triumphs, invaluable lessons, and exciting new opportunities in 2024.
Nathan connects with CEO and Chairman of Fobi AI, Rob Anson, to discuss the company's latest update, including Fobi's recent audit and the positivity surrounding the business for the end-of-year push into 2024.
Nathan is joined by CEO and Chairman of Fobi AI, Rob Anson, to provide an update on Fobi's operations and technology as 2023 begins to wrap up and the company continues to move in the right direction heading into the new year.
This week, Nathan chats with Canadian country legend Aaron Pritchett. In this special episode, we get an inside look into the story behind Aaron's career, including his inspiring passion and dedication to philanthropy. Launching the Big Wheel Fund, Aaron discusses how fundraising for local communities, combined with staying at the forefront of tech in the music industry, led him to partner with Fobi for the launch of the Aaron Pritchett Fan Pass.