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Start loving Mondays! Courtney and Blake give you practical tips and proven strategies for increasing your focus so you can be more productive than ever before. Based on the proven Full Focus method used in the Full Focus Planner™ they'll help you banish distractions and get the right stuff done so you can start loving Mondays again. They also speak with guests and listeners who share their own productivity tips to help you make the most of every day. It's the most productive podcast on the internet!
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You want to get that big task knocked off. It’s like a weight hanging over you every day. And every day you say, “I’m going to tackle it first thing!” But it’s intimidating! Where do you start? It’s easy to procrastinate. And when you do dive into a big project first thing in the morning, you’re worn out by noon. It seems like you can’t win.  In our experience, there’s a right way and a wrong way to tackle a big project. And most of us have been taught the wrong way! We’ve got a foolproof plan for getting started on your biggest task of the day that will ensure you get it done—and the other things you need to take care of.  Just follow these steps, and you’ll quit procrastinating, start achieving, and have brainpower to spare at the end of the day. 
Setting goals really turns your crank. But getting them accomplished is harder. Everything takes longer than it should. And it’s hard to keep the willpower going. It feels so lousy to find yourself behind on goal after goal.  Here’s a little secret. You don’t need more willpower to achieve your goals. You need more support. And we can show you how to get it. We’ll give you four ways any of your friends can support your goal achievement. All you have to do is ask.  When you do, you’ll get the encouragement, feedback, and accountability you need to stick with it. You’ll be hitting your goals again in no time! In this episode, you’ll discover— The importance of surrounding yourself with encouragers. Tips for fast-tracking your growth through the experience of others. What accountability can do for your desired life. How to recruit partners for joint pursuit of your goals. This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by a free video series, 3 Tips to Equip Your Kids for Back to School. Get access by going to
You love being focused and in control. But sometimes important commitments get dropped.  You find yourself double-booked. Or you overlook an important deadline. Or, worst of all, you let down the people closest to you because you’re too busy. At some point, you realize that your calendar is totally out of control.  We’ve got a solution for that. We finally got tired of being prisoners to our calendar and found a way to break free. In just three steps, you can tame that wild beast and get your life back.  Try it! You’ll go from overscheduled to perfectly balanced. You’ll quit missing important appointments and have room to breathe again. This will be a great leap forward in your productivity and life balance.  In this episode, you’ll discover— How your calendar got in bad shape in the first place—and what you can do about it. The first decision you have to make before you can overcome your scheduling woes. Tips for translating your productivity desires into actionable steps. Which items should make it through your filter and remain on your calendar. How to say no to requests that aren’t in alignment with your goals. This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by the new Full Focus Kids and Full Focus Students planner, available for preorder now. Learn more at
You’ve got a big vision for your business and you’re building a team to get you there. But where two or three people are gathered, there’s bound to be some misunderstanding. No matter how hard you work at it, you wind up having to repeat yourself. That costs time and wastes momentum. Why does communication have to be so hard? Actually, it doesn’t. Nearly every communication breakdown can be traced back to one of three problems.  Avoid them, and your team will get the message the first time, every time. And you’ll gain even greater clarity about what you want for your business. In this episode, you’ll discover— The Clarity Grid—and how you can use it to assess and revive your communication. Some of the most frequent meeting mishaps and their implications on team morale. A clear path to the most important component of a healthy culture. What you must do if you want predictable results. How to avoid pitfalls related to communication shortcuts. Why the “curse of knowledge” is so damaging. How to save yourself (and your team) from embarrassing situations. This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by the new Full Focus Kids and Full Focus Students planner, available for preorder now. Learn more at
You love to stay focused and achieve great results. But sometimes your work habits get in the way. You realize too late that you’re repeating the same mistakes or missing the same deadlines. It’s so demoralizing to get caught in the same time traps week after week. We’ve been there, for sure. And we’ve found a way to systematically make changes in the way you work. We’ve got four simple questions to ask at the start of every week. They ensure that you learn from your mistakes, capitalize on your wins, and get a little more productive every day.  In this episode, you’ll discover— The one thing you need to be able to fix any problem. How to identify what is (and is not) working for you. Ideas for small tweaks that can make a big difference in your planning. Tips on changing your mindset so you’re ready for whatever comes your way. Suggestions for things you should stop doing right now to increase your productivity. This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by the new Full Focus Pocket and Full Focus Notebooks. Learn more at
You pride yourself on being productive at work. But there’s one problem: meetings! They feel boring and pointless, a total waste of time. It’s so frustrating!  We’ve felt that pain, and we’ve got a perfect solution for you. By asking these few questions before every meeting, you can make every single one super productive.  No more multitasking while you wait for release from conference-room jail. You’ll have fewer, more productive meetings and feel in control of your time again.  In this episode, you’ll discover— Suggestions for bringing life and vibrance back to all of your meetings. How to determine which team members need to be in each meeting. Why consensus is not the main objective—and what you should focus on instead. Some of our best tips for making sure your meetings produce actual results. How Courtney ensures she’s prepared for every meeting in advance.
You love using the Full Focus Planner, but you sometimes wish it were, well, pocket-sized. Now it is! Announcing the Pocket Planner, a scaled-down version of the Full Focus Planner you know and love. It has all the features you love about the Full Focus System, and it’s sized just right to take with you anywhere.  In this episode, Joel Miller, the genius behind the Pocket Planner, shares the features that make it perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.  For more information on the new Full Focus Pocket and Full Focus Notebooks, visit
You get really excited about goal achievement. But after a few weeks, the buzz wears off. Momentum slows, enthusiasm wanes. It seems like it will never end! Why does every goal turn out to be a marathon?  Actually, that’s all pretty normal. To get to a preferred future, you always have to get through the “messy middle.” We’ve been there too. And based on our experience, we’ve developed a simple solution for getting through the doldrums of goal achievement and regaining your momentum.  Try it, and you’ll escape from the messy middle and get back on track to accomplishing your plans. Finally, you can stop feeling stuck and get excited about your goals again!  In this episode, you’ll discover— How to make progress toward your goals even when things get tough. Why context matters in goal achievement—and what to do when it changes. The importance of revisiting your motivations and reconnecting with your why. How to identify when a goal needs to be dropped, adjusted, or moved to a different quarter. Practical steps to lay out a clear path forward toward a successful year. This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by the new Full Focus Kids and Full Focus Students planner, available for preorder now. Learn more at
You’ve got big plans, but life has a habit of getting in the way. For every one of your goals, there seem to be a dozen setbacks or problems. Before long, you’re bogged down in delays, frustration, and disappointment. Honestly, it seems like you can’t catch a break!  The truth is that setbacks and failures are inevitable! They’re not the end of the road but the beginning of a fresh start. In this episode, we’ll show you exactly how to harvest the learning from your latest setback, then toss it like a banana peel and keep moving.  Get yourself unstuck and back on track to achieve your goals! In this episode, you’ll discover— How to shift from a mindset of failure to a mindset of progress. Tips for seeing real, three-dimensional growth in yourself even when things aren’t going exactly as planned. That problems are actually part of the process, not a hindrance to it. Questions to ask yourself when processing a setback or failure. How to make sure you learn from even the most unexpected turns. This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by the new Full Focus Kids and Full Focus Students planner, available for preorder now. Learn more at 
You want to be more productive. And you could be except for one problem. You have to sleep! Sooner or later, you have to quit achieving and start sleeping. What a downer!   Actually, it’s not. Far from undermining your achievement, sleep is an essential ingredient in productivity! We’ll show you why. Plus, we’ll give you 10 tips for getting more and better sleep so you can bring your best self to work every day.    Try this, and you’ll be amazed at the spike in your productivity. You’ll go from yawning your way through the day to being recharged, re-focused, and more productive than ever.    In this episode, you’ll discover—   The effect of sleep on your immune system and cognitive abilities—and why you should care. How to shift from thinking of sleep as an enemy to thinking of it as a beloved friend and productivity booster. Tips on improving your sleep hygiene to give yourself the best environment for dozing off. Why you should exercise daily—and when you should do it. What you can do during the day to make sure you’re able to sleep at night. A lot of the research from this episode came from Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker:  This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by Compass, a monthly program to help Full Focus Planner users stay on track with their goals. Learn more at
You love Mondays, you really do. But they never quite live up to the dream. You plan your week, pick your Big 3, and proof your calendar. But something always pulls you off the rails. Before you know it, deep work is out the window, and you’re running from one meeting to another. Why is it so hard to keep your week on track?  We’ve been there! And in this episode, we’ll show you a simple trick to ensure that you realize your Ideal Week more often than not. Try this, and you’ll go from frazzled to focused. You’ll finally stop bouncing from crisis to crisis and have time for deep work on your most important projects. It works! In this episode, you’ll discover— How to identify the times of day when you are at your peak and plan your work accordingly. Why you need to triage your calendar and task lists when things get crazy. The questions you need to ask yourself so you can identify your Desire Zone activities. Suggestions on how to batch your activities according to stages and themes. The importance of leaving room in your schedule for interruptions—and how to actually plan for them. Remember to visit for a printable Ideal Week! This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by Compass, a monthly program to help Full Focus Planner users stay on track with their goals. Learn more at
You like to work hard and play harder. Your weekends are not downtime; they’re “uptime” because you’re up for anything!  It’s all good, but it’s also draining. That makes it hard to get “up for work” on Monday. Why is there always so little time for the things you really love?  Here’s the thing: the Full Focus System works on weekends, just like it does during the week. Today, we’ll show you how to end your weekends with that same “Ahh” feeling you get from a productive week. You’ll escape from that Sunday night exhaustion. And you’ll be rested up, charged up, and rearing to get back to work on Monday morning!    In this episode, you’ll discover—   How to utilize the Full Focus system so it works for you on the weekends, too. Practical tips for structuring Saturdays and Sundays realistically. How to have a great weekend whether you are a “pack it all in” type or a “chill” type. The five main areas of rejuvenation—and how to give attention to each of them. Why you should plan your spontaneity (it’s a thing!). This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by the new Full Focus Kids and Full Focus Student Planners. Find out more at
Work from home? No problem! As a high achiever, you’ll thrive in any environment. But for those who happen to be parents, there’s another layer. Now you’re not just managing your productivity. You’re managing your kids’ education and activities at the same time. Talk about a productivity challenge! Here’s help. The Full Focus Kids and Full Focus Students will bring the same structure and focus to your children’s days as the Full Focus Planner does to yours. Plus, they’ll learn the primary skill they need to succeed in the knowledge economy: focus.  Get Full Focus Kids and Full Focus Students for your family, and you’ll gain back hours of your time and put your kids on the pathway to lifelong achievement!  For more information and to reserve your copies, visit
You’re committed to productivity, which is why you love the Full Focus Planner. The Daily Pages are great! But the Weekly Preview? Hmm. Just not sure what to do with that.  No worries. We’ve got tons of experience with the Full Focus System, and we can give you the inside scoop on how to work it seamlessly into your life. Follow these best practices for the Weekly Preview, and you’ll gain confidence in your planning process. And you’ll enter every week refreshed and energized!  In this episode, you’ll discover— Best practices for setting your priorities for each upcoming week. What to do if you have a hard time remembering what happened the week before. Tips for avoiding distraction during your Weekly Preview. How to use activation triggers and rewards to ensure you follow through. The importance of not skipping steps—especially when you’re new to the practice. This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by the new Full Focus Kids and Full Focus Students planner, available for a limited time only. Learn more at 
You pride yourself on being a high achiever. But that means tracking a ton of information, and that’s hard to do. You come out of a meeting with only one to-do item, but you forget what it is. You made a note on your tablet, but where is it? Evernote? Google Docs? Word? It’s super frustrating. Why is it so hard to keep track of all those little things? After thousands of hours in meetings, we’ve devised the perfect way to capture key information for easy retrieval. And it works in other settings too! Follow these three steps, and you’ll never forget an action item again!  You can leave every meeting and end every day with no worry about forgetting something important. You’ll have perfect confidence that everything that needs to be done has been done.  In this episode, you’ll discover— How to capture information so you don’t miss important details or let people down. The value of intentional inconvenience, and how you can implement it to increase effectiveness. Suggestions for how to code your notes for followup. What to do with your notes after you finish taking them. How to use the Index in the Full Focus Planner to keep up with scattered notes. This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by Compass, a monthly program to help Full Focus Planner users stay on track with their goals, even through today's crisis. Learn more at 
Nothing gets you pumped up like being super-productive. But why does it seem that you’re never “on” at the right time? I’m never “on” at the right time. You may feel draggy and tired at work and feel really motivated only later in the evening. Or you start the day with a burst of energy, only to have it sapped in a morning of marathon meetings. It’s so frustrating to feel like you’re wasting your best time and energy.  Here’s help. We’ll show you how to work according to your natural rhythms, which may differ from your 9-to-5 schedule. When you understand your “chronotype,” you’ll instantly dial in on your most productive hours. You’ll match your best energy to high-leverage work, and be more productive than ever.  In this episode, you’ll discover How to cooperate with your body’s natural rhythms for maximum productivity. Energy management tips based on your unique chronotype. Insight into why you and your colleagues don’t naturally operate with the same energy at the same times. How chronotype tendencies could (and should) affect your ideal week. Ideas for avoiding traps associated with energy slumps.
As a high achiever, you’re totally focused on getting stuff done. But there’s a problem with that. You may get so caught up in the chase that you only see the problems and missed opportunities. It can be super discouraging when you don’t reach your goal.  We know the feeling. And we’ve got a simple practice to keep you energized, motivated, and on track to greater productivity. It’s so easy you won’t believe it: List your wins every day.  That’s it! When you focus on the gain instead of the gap, you’ll instantly shake that coulda-done-better feeling. You’ll start every day with the motivation you need to achieve.  In this episode, you’ll discover— Tips to help you get out of your productivity funk. What complaining does to your mindset and your energy. Why you should actually speak your wins out loud to yourself and to friends and family. How to identify your gains—and not just focus on the gaps. Suggestions on how to increase your energy and have more fun. This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by Compass, a monthly program to help Full Focus Planner users stay on track with their goals, even through today's crisis. Learn more at
You love to manage your time well, and the Full Focus System is a great help. But it can be a lot to take in all at once. So it’s tempting to focus on the low-hanging productivity fruit and put off implementing the full system.  To experience long-term transformation in your work and life, you need more than just a few productivity hacks. In this episode, we’ll show you how the Full Focus System impacts your entire life, not just your time at work.  Put the full system to work for you, and you’ll become effortlessly disciplined and see huge gains in every domain of life.  In this episode, you’ll discover—   How to build greater trust in all of your relationships. How our daily choices affect stress levels and well-being—and what to do about it. Tips for having greater control without depending on willpower. The secret solution that produces the outcomes you want. Why hustle is not the only way to find success—and what you should focus on instead.   This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by the Original, Classic, Executive, and Bold Full Focus Planners. Learn more at
This was going to be your year of big achievements. But the coronavirus has thrown a monkey wrench into your plans. Suddenly, you wonder if you can achieve any of your goals. It’s frustrating, and it feels like a tremendous loss. Well hang on there, little tomato. We’ve been through some unexpected times before, and we know exactly what to do when your goals get upended. In this episode, we’ll give you five options for reshaping your goals.  When we’re done, you’ll have real, practical possibilities making progress. Rather than being stuck in a holding pattern, you can keep working on goal achievement right now.  In this episode, you’ll discover— What to do if you feel like your goals are no longer relevant or achievable How to shift your thinking and focus on hope Suggestions for reframing your targets to fit your new reality Tips for alleviating stress and building confidence Ideas for replacing goals within the 10 major life domains This episode of Focus on This is brought to you by the Original, Classic, Executive, and Bold Full Focus Planners. Learn more at 
A lot of people are working on remote teams for the first time. It can be frustrating to find new communication rhythms. Remote communication is hard because it lacks context. If you follow the three guidelines we present in this episode, you’ll have seamless communication with your work-from-home team. You’ll quickly adapt to the new normal, be less frustrated, and develop stronger relationships. In this episode, you will discover— The importance of increasing communication in times of transition How communicating should be different when done virtually versus in-person Suggestions for establishing a new team rhythm that works for your unique circumstances Why it’s so important to assume positive intent from your co-workers’ messaging (emojis are helpful) Tips on clarifying availability, expectations, and other rules of etiquette For more ideas on how to work with your teams remotely, visit
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