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Author: Michael Hyatt & Co.

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Start loving Mondays! Courtney and Blake give you practical tips and proven strategies for increasing your focus so you can be more productive than ever before. Based on the proven Full Focus method used in the Full Focus Planner™ they'll help you banish distractions and get the right stuff done so you can start loving Mondays again. They also speak with guests and listeners who share their own productivity tips to help you make the most of every day. It's the most productive podcast on the internet!
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I know you guys. You’re high achievers. You want to get stuff done. Achieve goals. And celebrate the wins!  To do that, you have downloaded every productivity app ever made. You listened to Michael Hyatt’s tech episode and you’ve got Fantastical running on top of iCal and pulling data from your six Google calendars. You’re wired in with Asana or Basecamp or Nozbe so no task, no matter how small, ever gets missed. You’ve got your master project list in Evernote, hyperlinked to your project plan in Excel. Every project has a completion plan. Every plan has a task list. Every task has a due date. And they all cross linked. You’re wired, Baby!
You really want to love your job. But it can be overwhelming! Work starts coming at you even before you’re in the building by emails and texts. It’s exhausting. There’s got to be a better way to start the week. Here’s help. We’ve got a proven, easy-to-use method for taking control of your week before it starts. Try the Weekly Preview, and you’ll finally quit dreading Mondays! You’ll enter each week freeling relaxed and in control—and you’ll get more done.
High achievers thrive on setting big goals. The problem is that we create complexity for ourselves, which virtually guarantees getting bogged down. We may achieve one goal but miss ten. It’s discouraging.  The problem is that you’re trying to do too much too fast. In this episode, we’ll show you how to narrow your focus to just two or three goals per quarter. When you do, you’ll go from achieving just one or two goals a year, to nailing nearly all of them most of the time. Finally, you can start celebrating wins almost every month.
You want to be a high achiever, but sometimes you feel more like a plate spinner. Between your goal sheet, project management app, daily to-do list, and calendar, you’re managing a lot of details. It’s overwhelming, and something inevitably hits the floor.  We’ve got the answer. What you need is not one more app to throw in the mix. You need a system that binds all these elements of productivity together. We call it the Goal Achievement Formula.  Try this, and you’ll finally stop feeling like a juggler at work. All of your projects, goals, and tasks will be in alignment. And? You’ll get more done than ever before.
Everybody has big projects or goals they’d like to achieve. The problem is that our “real work” keeps us from making progress on our goals. It’s frustrating to watch your goals slip away, or get sidelined for another year.  But that can change! We’ve got a simple hack that will ensure you make progress on your goals every single week. And it really works! It’s time to trade your frustration for achievement. You’ll make huge progress on your goals and end every week feeling on top of your game.
You’re a high achiever, which means you want to get things done! The problem is that no matter how many apps, hacks, and time-management systems you try, you still get caught up in the whirlwind of the modern workplace. It leaves you feeling that something’s wrong with—or missing from—what you’re doing.  There is! And we know what it is. You don’t need a new system, hack, or app to make you more productive. You need to change the way you think about productivity and achievement.   When you adopt the Full Focus mindset, you’ll instantly go from feeling scattered and overworked to feeling calm, focused, and in control. You’ll escape that feeling that “something’s missing” from your approach to work, and you’ll start to experience a greater level of productivity than you ever thought possible.
Everyone wants to be productive at work. But there is just too much to do! Your to-do list grows throughout the day, and you never get finished—no matter how long you work. It’s exhausting. But we’ve got the answer.  By narrowing your to-do list, you’ll actually achieve more by doing less. As a result, you’ll escape the sick feeling of always being behind, and you’ll get your most important work done every day. This one change will transform your days from out of control to perfectly focused.
Get Focus!

Get Focus!


Start loving Mondays! Each week on Focus on This, Courtney Baker and Blake Stratton give you practical tips and proven strategies for increasing your focus so you can be more productive than ever before. They also speak with guests and listeners who share tips to help you make the most out of every day. The show launches Monday, September 9th! Make sure you subscribe now and then join us next Monday! (Until then, you can listen to Lead to Win at  
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