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Welcome to Folks and Fables! Gather around and we tell the story of Astraea, Pyrraun, and JJ, an unlikely trio on a wild adventure through a world of their own!
26 Episodes
This week our crew tries to escape the menagerie once more and find a crispy surprise Follow us on Twitter (
This week our crew goes further in to the menagerie of madness hoping to unlock more of its secrets and get out Follow us on Twitter (
This week our crew dives deeper in the menagerie of madness looking for a way out but the find some more maddening then they could have imagined Follow us on Twitter (
This week our heroes find themselves in a strange and perhaps maddening place will they be stuck there forever or will they find there way out Follow us on Twitter ( NB: Sorry for being late this week its been hectic we will be back to our normal tuesday schedule in two weeks as usual :)
This Week the crew tries to get out and gets in to a bit of a tustle Follow us on Twitter (
This week our crew finally get the object they were sent to get, now they need to get out Follow us on Twitter (
This Week our crew tries to find their contact and Astrea hits the dance floor Follow us on Twitter (
As our crew goes deeper in to the servants quarters they get a little of course on what they should actually be doing Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈 Follow us on Twitter (
This week our gang goes to find their stuff n the servant's quarters and maybe gets a little too violent Follow us on Twitter (
This Episode our heroes enter the party and begin searching for clues Follow us on Twitter (
Our heroes get dressed and head to the party of a lifetime. Will they fit in or will they flounder Follow us on Twitter (
On this episodes our heroes get a new quest and the next chapter begins Follow us on Twitter (
This week out crew deal with the fire in the town and makes some new friends, and for JJ maybe more that just friends Follow us on Twitter (
Episode 12: The Festival

Episode 12: The Festival


This week our gang finally gets a break and heads to the festival to get what they were promised Follow us on Twitter (
Follow us on Twitter (
This episode our gang is in some fiery trouble and get ready to fight Follow us on Twitter (
This week Pyraunn puches something to hard, JJ finally puts on clothes, and our gang gets stuck in a room Follow us on Twitter (
On this episode out heroes go back to the past, astrea gets hits on the head, JJ still refuses to wear clothes, and Pyrraun does something smart Follow us on Twitter (
Holiday Special 2020

Holiday Special 2020


Happy New Year. We will return to our normal schedule of tuesday releases in 2021. In this episode we play Follow by Ben Robbins to explore how our four unlikley heroes met. They find a star, burn some buildings, and try to avoid the man who loves catapults. Follow us on Twitter (
This week our heros start the jounrney gave to them by the guardian as they dive deeper in the the tree and the trials Follow us on Twitter (
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