DiscoverFollow Him: A Come, Follow Me Podcast featuring Hank Smith & John Bytheway
Follow Him: A Come, Follow Me Podcast featuring Hank Smith & John Bytheway
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Follow Him: A Come, Follow Me Podcast featuring Hank Smith & John Bytheway

Author: Hank Smith & John Bytheway

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Do you ever feel that preparing for your weekly Come, Follow Me lesson falls short? Join hosts Hank Smith and John Bytheway as they interview experts to make your study for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Come, Follow Me course not only enjoyable but original and educational. If you are looking for resources to make your study fresh, faithful, and fun--no matter your age--then join us every Saturday at 6 pm MST for Part I and Tuesday at noon MST for Part II. Show notes available at
19 Episodes
Joseph and his friends officially organized the Church on April 6, 1830,  in the Whitmer home. Hank, John, and Dr. Watkins return to discuss the importance of record-keeping in the early Church, the reality of the Lord bringing the Saints along gradually, and how the Prophet grows in understanding for what the Lord has in mind for His people. We, along with Joseph, learn to put aside our prejudices and preconceived notions to help the Lord establish His baptism, his covenants, and His Church.
How do we define church? Is it an organized group? Is it people with a common idea? Listen to John, Hank, and Dr. Jordan Watkins as we learn how the Church was organized,  how to define church, and are reminded to not argue with members of other religions. Learn how Joseph and Oliver develop the first “handbook,” why we shouldn’t conflate men with the priesthood, and we are reminded about this being a continual restoration. Show notes and transcript available at
What happened when the Lord provided for the Three Witnesses to view the plates? Should we revere Egbert Grandin for assisting in printing the Book of Mormon or Martin Harris? We continue to discuss the exorbitant cost of printing the Book of Mormon, how the early Restorationists learn about church governance, and the concept of hell. Things get hot as we conclude our episode with Dr. Scott Woodward and Doctrine and Covenants 18-19.Dr. Scott Woodward is the managing director at . Stop by and see all the great content for your Come, Follow Me studies.
Was the Priesthood restored in one event or over a series of time? Join us with Dr. Scott Woodward as we discuss the Book of Mormon foundation for the Church organization, learn that the goodness other churches provide, and we are reminded to never be weary in doing good. The Savior continues to teach and succor one by one in the early days of the Restoration and today. Dr. Scott Woodward is the managing director at . Stop by and see all the great content for your Come, Follow Me studies.
We continue  Part II  with Dr. Griffiths and our discussion of the witnesses of the plates including: Lucy Mack, Mary Whitmer, and dozens of women who have been essential to Church History. We discuss the Nephite Interpreters, the breastplate, the plates, and how Joseph and the Lord love to share visions and experiences. The Restoration is not a one-man show.
We meet the Whitmers and follow the early Restoration Heroes as they travel and work between the Trifecta of Translation: Harmony, PA, Colesville, NY, and Palmyra, NY. Dr. Casey Griffiths explains the Whitmer family's closeness, shares a story of miraculous farming, and relates the early Saints' character.
 Have you ever wondered how and when the Aaronic Priesthood was restored? We continue with Dr. Scott Esplin and discuss the process of the ongoing Restoration (Melchizedek Priesthood included) and learn how the sons of Levi apply to us today. These were days “never to be forgotten” and we learn how today we also have a bright and glorious future. Join us to enjoy learning more about Joseph Smith and our part in the Gathering of Israel. 
What do you do with the sections of the Doctrine and Covenants that repeat themselves? What do you do with the sections . . . . okay, you get it. Dr. Scott Esplin joins us and helps us understand the specific circumstances that surround the Knights, the Smiths, the Whitmers, and the Stoals (aka Stowells) and their desires for callings and personal revelation. Learn how we can also build the Kingdom of God--even if we don’t currently have a calling.
What does Hank Smith mean when he says, “You can’t fool your family?” Join us for Part 2 of this episode with Dr. J.B. Haws as we learn how Hyrum Smith joins Joseph’s work and why Hyrum is described as having “integrity of heart.” If you would like to receive personal revelation from the Lord, learn more about Joseph and Hyrum’s relationship, and learn what the Lord means by “timing,” this episode is for you. Show notes available at 
A year after the loss of the 116 pages and Doctrine and Covenants, Section 10 shows us that God's wisdom is greater than the Adversary's cunning. Join Dr. J.B. Haws, Hank Smith, and John Bythway as they discuss how our poor choices are turned to victory through the Savior and how the phrase, "Everything happens for a reason," is bad theology. We also learn how to pray so that we spiritually "come off conqueror."Show notes available at 
In this bonus episode, Dr. Gerrit Dirkmaat explains how historians use various sources, how audiences should examine them, and why this matters. If you have ever encountered some disturbing piece of historical information from a friend, foe, or the internet, this episode is for you.
Do you know how many times the word “desire” is in D&C Sections 6-7? What does it tell us about the Lord and agency? Join us with Dr. Janiece Johnson as she shares her thoughts about Oliver Cowdery, the myth of a prosperity gospel, and how the Lord will preserve His people. The reality of spectacles, Urim and Thummim, and how the translation of a human being and the translation of the plates are discussed. Miracles are happening in D&C 6-9 and in our lives today.Show notes available at 
Dr. Gerrit Dirkmaat is as exciting a  storyteller as his name is difficult to spell! He tells us about the Redemption of Martin Harris, explains how one of the smartest men in the Church gets from Manchester to Pennsylvania, and why we no longer have the plates. Join us for Part II for one of our most dramatic episodes yet.Show notes available at 
Have you made a mistake that takes 2400+ years to repair? How did the stolen 116 pages affect the relationship between Joseph Smith, Lucy Mack Smith, Lucy Harris, and Martin Harris? Join us for Episode 4 as Dr. Gerrit Dirkmaat dramatically shares details about Emma’s brush with death, Joseph and Emma’s first baby’s passing, and why the pages were stolen and not lost--stolen!Show notes available at 
Why were Joseph and others searching for treasure? How did the Smith family's financial straits play into Joseph not receiving the plates for years, and how was marriage essential for Joseph? In Episode 3, Part II, we discuss how crucial it was for a woman to be a part of founding the Church, the effect of Alvin's death on the Smith Family, and the evidence of a stone box on the Hill Cumorah. 
Imagine Joseph Smith, not as the prophet of the Restoration, but as a teenager filled with a cheery temperament. What was Joseph like before he was a Latter-day Saint? We get to know a teenager as he becomes a married prophet as Dr. Michael MacKay explains what it means that Joseph “has a work . . . to do."  Suppose each religion and people are like a unique, indispensable fabric woven together by the golden thread of the Gospel,  temple covenants, and the Savior; what is our part in the sewing? Dr. Michael MacKay reminds us that every human being has already chosen the Savior. Join us as we discuss how  Joseph Smith brings forth what is to become the most inclusive religion the world has ever known.
Part II of this week's episode.Dr. Harper focuses on the First Vision and touches on the four first-hand accounts. Multiple accounts of miraculous events describe a pattern throughout the scriptures (Alma the Younger, Paul, etc.).
Did you know that the story of the First Vision is the second greatest story ever told?  BYU Professor, Historian, and Editor, Dr. Steven Harper, takes us on a deep-dive into Joseph Smith History.  From Joseph's humble beginnings to facing overwhelming odds, we see Joseph Smith as the hero of a great story, one that includes each one of us.Part I focuses on the context of Joseph Smith's childhood, family relations and religious influences that culminates in the first vision and Part II focuses on the First Vision.
While most of us have read the Doctrine and Covenants, we may not be as familiar with each section's context and history as we would like. Did you know Section 1 wasn't the first version of the section? How do Pinterest and ESPN apply to your Come, Follow Me study this year? Dr. Anthony Sweat, author of Seekers Wanted: The Skills You Need for the Faith You Want is an artist, father of seven, and Associate Professor of Church History and Doctrine and Brigham Young University. Join Dr. Sweat and hosts Hank Smith and John Bytheway as they delve into Doctrine and Covenants 1 and teach us how to effectively teach and study.
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Kathy Mendenhall Harline

A thought that occurred to me as you talked about the collaborative nature of the restoration and Mary Whitmer seeing the plates and an angel and you said it's like the Lord is saying that her contributions were just as important and valid as others...... that could be applied to Mary and Martha in the New Testament. I believe that there can be a different interpretation than the usual one for Mary and Martha. After study Mary Stromer Hanson's book, "The New Perspective on Mary and Martha" I feel that Martha was being told that she and Mary were giving different types of service. That she should not compare the two but each type is accepted by the Lord.

Feb 17th

Kathy Mendenhall Harline

I love these podcasts. Thank you!

Feb 11th

Enn Pomerleau

Love this

Feb 8th

Jennalee Rowe

🙌🏻 awesome kickoff!

Dec 28th
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