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Author: James Colquhoun

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The Food Matters Podcast will challenge you to expand your understanding of what it means to be human, how to have more control over your biochemistry, how to have more control over your mind, and how to have an increased capability to transcend pain, depression, anxiety and chronic degenerative disease, so that you can live a long life completely free from the corporations that profit from our health. This podcast will bring you the best, newest interviews with people from the world of health, wellness, mind-body, spirit and transformation and also some full-length unabridged interviews from our films, Food Matters, Hungry For Change and our latest docu-series, TRANSCENDENCE. All interviews are a selection of the epic, deep range of health and wellness content we have on our online streaming channel, FMTV. You can find out more at
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Rebecca Lake

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Mar 10th
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