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Immigrants make our food system vibrant, diverse and delicious. Each week, food writer Sari Kamin will speak to a noteworthy guest about how food helps connect them to their past, ease potential conflict across cultures and strengthen the future. She’ll also explore what it’s really like to be an immigrant in the U.S.A today.
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Mohammad Modarres, is a current 2019 TED Resident and the founder of Abe’s Meats ( an award-winning social impact organization that has produced the first-ever Interfaith Meat products that are both Halal and Kosher. The product has premiered at “Shabbat Salaam” interfaith dinners around the country—from San Francisco to New York’s Times Square.Food Without Borders is powered by Simplecast.
Chef Gabriela Alvarez founded Liberation Cuisine in 2014 with the mission to feed movement work. She creates menus inspired by her Caribbean roots and works to support an equitable and healthy food system by sourcing ingredients from local farms owned by queer people of color who pay fair wages. Gabriela speaks about growing up on Long Island in a Puerto Rican home where food was used as medicine long before it was cool, mobilizing after Hurricane Maria, how she creates an inclusive work environment from pronouns to fair pay, and what growth means to her.Food Without Borders is powered by Simplecast.
Pakistani-American chef Fatima Khawaja grew up in Lahore and moved to the US at 18 yrs old to pursue a culinary career. We talk about the flavors of her home in Lahore, not looking like a “typical” Pakistani, and being a Muslim US citizen under the current administration.Food Without Borders is powered by Simplecast
Kausar Ahmed is a Karachi-born chef, educator, and food stylist whose debut cookbook, The Karachi Kitchen, features recipes from the crossroads of South Asia. Kausar speaks to us about her efforts to promote an understanding of regional Pakistani cuisine (and how it differs from Indian food), why she decided to self-publish a cookbook, and the work she does in Karachi, teaching healthy eating and hygiene habits to women and youth in high-risk communities.Food Without Borders is powered by Simplecast.
Today we speak with Cole Carothers and Shilpa Nandwani, co-founders of Khao'na Kitchen, a Brooklyn-based worker owned collective run by women and nonbinary QPOC offering wellness coaching, educational workshops & curriculum, and Indian + Filipino catering with a healthy twist.Food Without Borders is powered by Simplecast.
Evy Chen is founder of Evy Tea, the first cold-brew tea company in the US, and its brick and mortar location, Tea Bar in Boston. Born in Southeast China, Evy's politically-active family instilled in her independece, creativity and a knack for blending flavors, which evolved when she came to the US for college. She talks about the interwovenness of tea in Chinese culture, her shock at trying American iced tea for the first time, scaling a product while staying true to its quality, and unpacking the myth of cultural authenticity.Food Without Borders is powered by Simplecast.
Today on Food Without Borders we speak with Indian-American author Nandita Godbole of Curry Cravings whose essays, biographical fiction & upcoming cookbook offer a curious cultural lens + pragmatic approach to cooking.Food Without Borders is powered by Simplecast.
Haiti-born Nicky Marcelin is the chef and founder of Epicurious Safari, a food experience company that curates intimate culinary events rooted in the African Diaspora. Tune in to hear Nicky tell her story of being an immigrant in the food industry.Food Without Borders is powered by Simplecast.
Puerto Rican activist Michelle Carrera founded Chilis on Wheels in 2014 when she couldn’t find a soup kitchen in NYC that served vegan meals. The non-profit has grown from her small kitchen to over ten chapters of volunteers across the US, including Puerto Rico and Hawaii, sharing warm meals, clothing, toiletries and workshops with people in need. Michelle talks about making veganism accessible & liberating for everyone, unschooling her son, sharing their home with two chickens, doing food relief work after Hurricane Maria, and founding Casa Vegana de la Comunidad, a vegan community center and microsanctuary in San Juan.Food Without Borders is powered by Simplecast.
Born and raised in NYC, Amy Quichiz is the founder of Veggie Mijas, a national collective for women and non-binary people of color that's rooted in the intersection of race, gender identity, class, sexuality and veganism. Amy talks about the pervasive whiteness in mainstream feminism & veganism, making her family's Peruvian & Colombian dishes plant-based, and building community based on radical liberation for all.Food Without Borders is powered by Simplecast.
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