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Food is Our Middle Name

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Food is everywhere. Whether you are a foodie that spends the weekend exploring the latest trendy eatery or crafting a homecooked meal is how you unwind each day, food is important for all of us...because, you know, we all eat! But how do our favorite foods get to our plate? What is up with the food shortages we’ve recently experienced? And what about careers in it all about farming? Here at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, food is quite literally our middle name. And throughout this season, we’ll explore your food questions alongside scientists and experts that live, breathe and EAT various aspects of food research and education. Follow along this season, we can’t wait to share what we have cooking.
7 Episodes
As we wrap up the final episode of this season’s podcast we think it best to take a step back and look at food-related issues on a global scale.  UF/IFAS works to improve the lives of Floridians and beyond...even those across the globe. For our final episode, we sit down with UF/IFAS senior vice-president Dr. Angle and the Global Food Systems Institute director, Dr. Adesogan to discuss hunger around the world.  Resources:UF/IFAS Global Food Systems Institute: on the One Egg project:  One Egg flip book: To learn more about UF/IFAS and how food IS our middle name, visit:
Certain stretches of Florida interstate are lined with miles and miles of cows grazing on green, palm tree filled pastures. But what are all those cows used for? Are those the cows we eat or cows that produce milk?  UF/IFAS’s Todd Thrift and cattle rancher Jim Strickland join us to discuss Florida’s cow-calf industry (we’re the 10th largest in the nation for production) and share what Florida ranching is really like. Resources:Florida Ag & Food System Fast Facts 2021 To learn more about UF/IFAS and how food IS our middle name, visit:
Technology is rapidly advancing in many different industries, but what about agriculture technology? Drones? Artificial intelligence? How does this benefit farmers and does it benefit shoppers? UF/IFAS experts Kati Migliaccio and Nathan Boyd sit down to discuss the latest and greatest in farming technology. We discuss how advances in farming technology not only help farmers but how those benefits trickle down to the options shoppers have in the grocery store. (And if you’re scared of robots and artificial intelligence taking over the world – this one is for you, too. We clear that up as well.)  Resources:Artificial intelligence at UF/IFAS on HiPerGator for precision agriculture learn more about UF/IFAS and how food IS our middle name, visit:
Food shortages happen for a multitude of reasons but since COVID-19 these shortages seem more abundant than ever. And I think we all remember the great cream cheese shortage of 2021 at peak holiday cheesecake season! (Or maybe that’s just me...)  On this episode, Bob revisits the podcast alongside Christa Court, the director of the UF/IFAS Economic Impact Analysis Program to discuss why these shortages happen and how shoppers can help prevent them or at least not make them WORSE. Resources:Infographic: What is the food system? (Agriculture section) learn more about UF/IFAS and how food IS our middle name, visit:
This week we serve up a two-part episode. Part one, we sat down with Dean Turner and Cathy Carr, leaders in the UF/IFAS College of Agricultural and Life Sciences to discuss the incredible range of fascinating careers in the food industry. (Spoiler alert: It does not always involve a farm...or even being outside!) Later, we chat with Hope Hersh - a UF/IFAS graduate student with a research project that is out of this world...and tastes GREAT!Resources:Interested in a UF/IFAS CALS major? Take the major quiz: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences: ag facts booklet: More on Hope's space bread: learn more about UF/IFAS and how food IS our middle name, visit:
On the first episode of the Food Is Our Middle Name podcast, we sit down with Bob Hochmuth to discuss Florida’s deeply rooted history in agriculture. He shares the breadth and depth of Florida’s agricultural industry.Resources:UF/IFAS ag facts booklet: USDA's agriculture in the Sunshine State:'s%20top%20agricultural%20products,)%2C%20second%20only%20to%20California.  Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Florida ag overview and statistics:  To learn more about UF/IFAS and how food IS our middle name, visit:



Introducing: The UF/IFAS Food is Our Middle Name podcast...we can't wait to share what we have cooking.To learn more about UF/IFAS and how food IS our middle name, visit:
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