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Hosted by Chris Heimerdinger, author of The Tennis Shoes Adventure Series and director of the feature film Passage to Zarahemla. Forever LDS features the intellectual and spiritual thoughts of its host as well as stimulating discussions with guest authors, filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, scholars, and other members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from a variety of exhilarating fields and backgrounds. Support this podcast:
52 Episodes
Interview with Prof. Gordon Jones on his efforts to establish Mount Liberty College and create well-balanced, happy, human beings. --- Support this podcast:
Audio narration of H-Mail 3 and H-Mail 4 from Chris Heimerdinger's novel. --- Support this podcast:
"And God Created God..."

"And God Created God..."


Exploring the controversial and time-immemorial doctrine called theosis. --- Support this podcast:
Audio narration of Chris Heimerdinger's novel with introduction and first 2 chapters. --- Support this podcast:
Holy Holy Holy Lands

Holy Holy Holy Lands


True sites, false sites, in Israel and the whys and wherefores of it all. --- Support this podcast:
The Moment of Atonement

The Moment of Atonement


 Profound insights on the Savior's Ultimate Sacrifice with New Testament scholar Dr. Thomas Wayment. --- Support this podcast:
An Attorney and a Gentleman

An Attorney and a Gentleman


No, not an oxymoron. In-depth discussion with attorney/author Steve Densley Jr. on mental illness, apostasy, and apologetics. --- Support this podcast:
The "Other" Ammon

The "Other" Ammon


(( Episode 45 )) Highlighting a lesser-known hero of the Book of Mormon. --- Support this podcast:
O Barnabas!

O Barnabas!


(( Episode 44 )) Examining one of the most fascinating texts from early Christianity. --- Support this podcast:
(( Episode 43 )) Personal, spiritual, and philosophical discussion with fine artist, Derek Hegsted. --- Support this podcast:
(( Episode 42 )) Chapter 1 of the forthcoming Tennis Shoes Adventure: Featuring Apollus and Meagan. --- Support this podcast:
(( Episode 41 )) A fascinating interview with Biblical scholar Dr. Thomas Wayment, PhD. --- Support this podcast:
(( Episode 40 )) Defending against the utterly defensible arguments of "anti-Mormons". --- Support this podcast:
(( Episode 39 )) A critical look at oft-overlooked opening material. --- Support this podcast:
The Sifting

The Sifting


(( Episode 38 )) Revelatory Changes in Christ's Church: One Perspective --- Support this podcast:
The Day of the Lord

The Day of the Lord


(( Episode 37 )) A Compelling Examination of the Birth and Death of Jesus Christ --- Support this podcast:
(( Episode 36 )) Exposing the final culprits behind a few of the Book of Mormon's lingering questions. --- Support this podcast:
(( Episode 35 )) How literary asymmetry and "disorganization" strengthens the Volume's truthfulness and impact. --- Support this podcast:
(( Episode 34 )) A true history (almost) stranger than fiction. --- Support this podcast:
(( Episode 33 )) Part 2 of "The Saga of 3 Kings". (Even the iguana looks puzzled and ruminative.) --- Support this podcast:
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