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Are you ready to redefine the weight loss narrative? Tune into the Former Fat Friend podcast with hosts Kasey, Lisa, and Allie, who have lost over 370 pounds combined. Listen in on their raw and honest discussions about the physical and emotional changes after bariatric surgery, experiences with obesity, the stigma surrounding body size, and the profound journey of personal transformation. This isn’t just another weight loss story; it’s a conversation about identity, community, and reclaiming our power. Listen now and become part of a community that’s changing the conversation around weight and wellness.

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Episode 12: You Asked, We Answered! Welcome to the season one finale of the Former Fat Friend podcast! Join Kasey, Lisa, and Allie as they celebrate an incredible first season and dive into a special Q&A session with questions submitted by you, our listeners. In this episode, the trio reflects on the highlights and challenges of their journeys, shares their tips for overcoming weight loss stalls, and opens up about their personal struggles with body dysmorphia. They also discuss the impact of weight loss on relationships and friendships, and offer heartfelt advice to their former fat selves. From practical travel tips to navigating social situations post-surgery, this episode is packed with valuable insights and candid moments. Whether you're at the beginning of your weight loss journey or well into maintenance, you'll find inspiration and support in this honest and uplifting conversation. Thank you for an amazing first season! We’ll be taking a summer break but will be back in August with more inspiring stories and valuable tips. We’ll miss you and can’t wait to continue this journey together in season two. Until then, take care and keep thriving! Connect with us and join the conversation on Instagram: @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa  
Episode 11: Suzanne's 17-Year Success Story: Life After Gastric Bypass This week, we have a truly special guest on the Former Fat Friend podcast—Allie's mom, Suzanne! Join Kasey, Lisa, and Allie as they dive into Suzanne's incredible 17-year journey post-gastric bypass surgery. With candid reflections and heartfelt moments, Suzanne shares her experiences from the initial challenges and triumphs of losing over 100 pounds to the long-term success and lifestyle changes that have kept her healthy and happy. Listen in as she discusses the emotional and physical hurdles, the impact of her transformation on her family, and the unexpected joys of fitting into her beloved Lily Pulitzer clothes. In a touching conversation, Suzanne opens up about the importance of perseverance, the support of loved ones, and the practical tips that have helped her maintain her weight loss for nearly two decades. Whether you're considering bariatric surgery or looking for inspiration to stay on track, this episode offers valuable insights and a powerful message of hope. Join us for an episode filled with wisdom, laughter, and a few tears. Suzanne's story is a testament to the enduring power of determination and the support of a loving community. Don't miss this intimate and inspiring conversation. Connect with us and join the conversation on Instagram: @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa
This week, Kasey, Lisa, and Allie dive into the juiciest topic yet—dating and relationships post weight loss surgery. With over 370 pounds lost between them, they share their unique experiences and how their love lives have evolved. From navigating first dates while learning to eat again, to dealing with newfound confidence, and even the emotional rollercoaster of sharing their weight loss journeys with their partners—it's all on the table. And don't miss the sweet surprise when Kasey's boyfriend and Allie's husband share their thoughts on their transformations! If you've ever wondered how weight loss surgery impacts dating or if you're just here for the heartfelt stories and laughs, this episode is for you. Grab your tissues (and maybe a glass of wine), and join us for an intimate, real, and uplifting conversation.
In this intimate episode of the Former Fat Friend podcast, we delve deep into the world of loose skin and plastic surgery, a hot topic in the weight loss community. Kasey, Lisa, and Allie get real about their personal battles with loose skin following significant weight loss and the complex feelings that come with it. Allie candidly shares her unexpected emotional journey towards considering breast surgery, a decision she once thought was purely vanity-driven. Meanwhile, Lisa opens up about her insecurities surrounding her legs and her determination to pursue a thigh lift, despite her concerns about the outcome. Kasey recounts her own transformative plastic surgery experience, offering a raw and detailed account of her challenging recovery. From the initial pain and swelling to the gradual, rewarding improvement in her body's appearance, Kasey's story is a testament to the mental and physical journey that plastic surgery entails. The conversation takes a practical turn as the hosts discuss the importance of selecting the right surgeon, managing expectations, and the financial aspects of undergoing plastic surgery. They emphasize the value of personal referrals and consultations in making informed decisions. Join us for a truly intimate and informative episode that sheds light on the lesser-discussed aspects of life after massive weight loss. Whether you're considering plastic surgery or just curious about the process, this episode offers valuable insights and heartfelt advice from those who've walked the path.   Connect with us and join the conversation on Instagram: @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa
In this episode of the Former Fat Friend podcast, we are thrilled to have the remarkable Laura Flusche, also known by her Instagram handle @fluscheeitaway, join us for an intimate conversation about her transformative weight loss journey. Laura opens up about her life before and after bariatric surgery, detailing the emotional and physical challenges she faced as a new mother during the pandemic, leading up to her highest weight of 384 pounds. With authenticity and grace, Laura shares her experience with the modified duodenal switch, which helped her lose over 270 pounds. The discussion takes an inspiring turn as she talks about her evolving weight loss goals, the realities of post-op life, and the importance of setting realistic expectations, especially when it comes to plastic surgery after massive weight loss. Laura also delves into the complexities of managing a rapidly growing social media presence, navigating the balance between sharing personal triumphs and maintaining boundaries. She offers sage advice for those looking to share their own journeys online, emphasizing the power of authenticity and engagement. The conversation doesn't shy away from the tough questions either, as Laura addresses how she manages discussions around food, nutrition, and body image with her children in a household where both parents have undergone bariatric surgery. Join us for an episode that's as informative as it is inspiring, filled with candid moments and valuable insights into weight loss, social media, and the enduring power of community support. Connect with us and join the conversation on Instagram: @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa
In this candid and exploratory episode of the Former Fat Friend podcast, hosts Kasey, Lisa, and Allie switch things up and dive into a spontaneous "Chatting About" series. Unscripted and unrestrained, they delve into a wide array of topics that are top of mind, ranging from the nuances of trigger warnings on weight-related content to the often humorous interactions with others as it relates to food and food choices.  Kasey, Lisa, and Allie don't shy away from the personal either, as they share heartfelt stories that reveal the unexpected emotional hurdles they've encountered post-weight loss. Allie's poignant reflection on motherhood and the physical changes that come with significant weight loss is a raw testament to the deep-seated connections between body image and family dynamics. The conversation takes a turn towards the concept of goal weights, where the hosts question the importance and practicality of setting a specific target number. They unpack the psychological drive to keep pushing for new milestones and the realization that success isn't always a fixed point, but rather a flexible and evolving state of being. Join us for an episode that's as much a group therapy session as it is a podcast. It's an honest, unfiltered discussion that will resonate with anyone who's ever grappled with the emotional complexities of weight loss, the pressures of societal expectations, and the journey towards self-acceptance.   Connect with us and join the conversation on Instagram: @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa
In this episode of the Former Fat Friend podcast, we're thrilled to welcome our first-ever guest, Carolin Tyler, an Instagram sensation in the weight loss community. Carolin, known to her followers as @carolin_rny, joins hosts Kasey, Lisa, and Allie to share her incredible journey of shedding over 200 pounds post-gastric bypass surgery and navigating life on GLP-1 medications. With a starting weight of over 400 pounds, Carolin's decision to undergo bariatric surgery was a life-altering one, leading to the best years of her life thus far. She delves into the realities of chronic obesity, the challenges she faced as her weight loss plateaued, and the pivotal role GLP-1 medications (like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro) have played in her ongoing battle against the disease of obesity. In a candid conversation, Carolin addresses the complex emotions surrounding food and the necessity of additional tools in her weight loss arsenal. She also broaches the controversial topic of GLP-1 medications within the bariatric community and the criticism some face for choosing that treatment plan. This episode is a deep dive into the multifaceted nature of weight loss, the stigma surrounding obesity and its treatments, and the power of community in fostering understanding and support. Carolin's story is a testament to the courage required to ask for help and the resilience needed to manage a chronic condition like obesity. For anyone struggling with their weight, considering bariatric surgery, or curious about the role of GLP-1 medications in weight management, this episode is a must-listen. It's a raw and honest look at the complexities of weight loss, the power of self-advocacy, and the strength found in community.   Connect with us and join the conversation on Instagram: @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa  
In this raw and reflective episode of the Former Fat Friend podcast, Kasey, Lisa, and Allie venture into a stark yet vital subject which often manifests in weight loss transformations - unhealthy comparisons. Our hosts, who've collectively lost over 370 pounds with bariatric surgery, open up about their unique journey. They recount personal experiences, shedding light on their battles with self-doubt and insecurities engendered by comparisons. They discuss the resilient mindset necessary to foster self-acceptance and personal growth against a backdrop of constant physical and psychological transformation. In an era dominated by social media, this episode broaches the dual role it plays in fostering motivation and occasionally sowing seeds of insecurity. Our hosts discuss the importance of ethical narratives on social platforms and stress on the significance of focusing on personal progress, driving home the inherent truth about the uniqueness of every health journey. Join us in this enlightening podcast episode as we uncover the intricacies of battling unhealthy comparisons in weight loss and lifestyle transformations. Learn from personal experiences, get insights, and transform your struggles into tools of growth. Whether you're navigating post-surgery life, struggling with comparison, or seeking a community that gets it, this episode offers a candid look at the emotional hurdles of weight loss and the unspoken battles that come with it. Embrace the solidarity and support of the Former Fat Friend community by connecting with us on Instagram: @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa Don't forget to tune in next week for another dose of empathy, encouragement, and empowering conversations.
In this deeply personal episode of the Former Fat Friend podcast, we venture into the life of host Kasey, who has triumphantly shed over 100 pounds following her gastric sleeve surgery. Kasey takes us through her lifelong battle with weight, from her earliest memories of being the bigger kid to the monumental decision to undergo bariatric surgery—without telling a soul. Kasey opens up about her internal conflicts, the societal pressures, and the silent fears that haunted her even as she made the brave journey to Mexico for her surgery. She reflects on the crippling fear of failure that kept her journey a secret and the stigma attached to weight loss surgery that weighed heavily on her. Despite the odds, Kasey's tale is one of courage, resilience, and the transformative power of self-advocacy. As she discusses her post-op life, Kasey reveals the challenges of finding balance, the slow but steady progress towards her weight goals, and the liberating realization that obesity is a disease needing lifelong treatment. Her story is a testament to the fact that it's okay to seek help and that treatment for obesity is a valid pathway to a healthier life. Kasey's journey is not just about the pounds lost; it's about the life reclaimed and the community found. From the creation of a meetup group to connect with others on similar paths, to the newfound openness with her family and friends, Kasey's narrative is a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with weight and the stigma surrounding weight loss methods. For a story that will resonate with anyone who's ever felt alone in their weight loss journey, tune in to this episode. And remember, you're not just shedding weight; you're gaining a whole new perspective on life. Connect with us for more stories of transformation and the warmth of a community that understands: @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa Stay tuned for our next episode, where we continue to unravel the real-life experiences of those who have walked the path from being the 'former fat friend' to becoming champions of their own health and happiness.
In this heart-to-heart episode of the Former Fat Friend podcast, we spotlight our incredible host, Allie, who has shed over 150 pounds with the help of gastric bypass surgery. A year into her new life, Allie shares the raw and real details of her weight loss journey, starting from her athletic childhood (she's a former Division 1 swimmer!) to the profound self-advocacy that led her to surgery. Allie candidly discusses the complexities of growing up feeling larger than her peers, her family's history with weight struggles, and the pivotal moment she decided to take control of her health for the sake of her children. She recounts the pre and post-op challenges, the emotional rollercoaster, and the unexpected joys of rediscovering her body's capabilities. As she navigates the post-surgery world, Allie's story is a testament to the power of resilience. From relearning how to trust her body's hunger cues to finding a sustainable balance between diet, exercise, and mental health, her journey is nothing short of inspiring. Join us as Allie opens up about the mental shift from weight loss to working out for mental health, her strategies for maintaining her new weight, and the ongoing process of building trust with herself. It's a raw look at the life-changing effects of bariatric surgery and the continuous path to self-improvement. For more insights and the support of a community who understands, connect with us on Instagram: @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa   Don't miss out on the next episode where we dive into another transformative story that's sure to motivate and encourage anyone on their journey to a healthier self.
In this episode of the Former Fat Friend Podcast, we open the doors to Lisa's world - she's part of our amazing trio who have together lost over 370 pounds! From her life-long battle with obesity to a life-altering gastric sleeve surgery, Lisa takes us on her inspiring journey. Discover the highs and lows of her weight loss journey, her experiments with dieting and her ultimate decision to opt for bariatric surgery as a life-saving intervention. Giving voice to her fears and anxieties, Lisa opens up about the challenges of adapting to a new lifestyle after surgery. Emotional hurdles often proved more challenging than physical recovery.  Despite her initial struggles, Lisa's narrative resonates with determination, perseverance, and new-found confidence. From dealing with emotional trauma to successfully managing her food and hydration intake post-surgery, every bit unfolds in a story that is simultaneously heart-wrenching and uplifting. Experience her transformation as she finds a new passion for fitness and reinvents her life post-surgery. Hear her bold conversations about dating as an overweight individual, maneuvering a food-centric world post-surgery, and grappling with ways to stay active and mentally fit. Closing on a positive note, Lisa shares her vision for a balanced, more confident future - one where continuous self-improvement and body acceptance sit at the core. Tune in for an episode that's as much about the weight lost as it is about the life gained. Follow along as Lisa transforms from the 'former fat friend' to an empowered individual who redefines what it means to be an athlete and an inspiration. Don't forget to connect with us on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes moments and personal insights: @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa   Join us next time, as we continue to explore the unique stories that make the Former Fat Friend podcast a beacon of hope and solidarity for anyone on their own path to wellness.
Is "fat" a bad word?

Is "fat" a bad word?


Join hosts Lisa, Allie, and Kasey on a transformative journey with the Former Fat Friend podcast, where they delve into the depths of their combined 370-pound weight loss experience. In this inaugural episode, they tackle the weight of the word "fat," examining its emotional charge and societal implications. From childhood taunts to adult reflections, they unravel how this descriptor has shaped their self-image and interactions. The trio also discusses the power of reclaiming words and reshaping narratives. Subscribe for a weekly dose of heartfelt discussions that transcend the scale, and find solace in the shared experiences of weight, wellness, and the winding road to self-acceptance. Follow us on Instagram! @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa
Join Lisa, Allie, and Kasey on the Former Fat Friend podcast as they share their remarkable transformations, shedding over 370 pounds collectively through bariatric surgery. In this podcast, three friends unfold the layers of their weight loss journeys, discussing the emotional, physical, and mental revolutions that come with drastic body changes. Tune in to feel the power of community and the shared understanding! Follow us on Instagram! @FormerFatFriendPod @MaintainingKasey @allieslosingit_rny @leaningintolisa