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Do you want to hear about when the idea hit the founder? When they took the leap?
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In today’s episode, Les talks with John Cordier, the co-founder and CEO of Epistemix. They discuss Epistemix's unique approach to simulation, and how it could be seen as a blend of SimCity, Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point," and The Matrix.
In today’s episode, Les speaks with Jonathan Meyers, Co-Founder & CEO of DoneOps - which “designs, builds, secures, and maintains infrastructure so your devs don't have to.
In today’s episode, Les talks with David Lopez who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gritly. David talks about his journey from a challenging childhood in an underserved Colorado community to a successful entrepreneur is remarkable.
In today’s episode, Les talks with Patsy Landaveri, the founder and CEO of Impacto - an enterprise risk management solution to the oil and gas industry.
In today’s episode, Les talks with Brad Paz - the co-founder and CEO of Zoptic. The podcast episode features a conversation with Brad Paz, the co-founder and CEO of Zoptic, a sports tech and data analytics company.
In today’s episode, Les interviews Danielle Shoots, who is the Founding Partner and Managing Director of the New Community Transformation Fund, focusing on investments as a tool for economic equity.
Trent Mano (Convoi Ventures) \\ First to find and fund Utah's next breakout founders and startups In today’s episode, I talk with Trent Mano. Trent is a General Partner at Utah-based Convoi Ventures.
In today’s episode, I'm super excited to welcome my friend Russell Sprole, who is the Founder and Managing Partner of Virta Ventures, which is an early stage, climate tech venture capital firm.
Jason O’Neil and Sharayah Clancy (Sidecar) \\ Building a tightly-knit community of entrepreneurs, creators, doers, and innovators.
Leah Pagnozzi (RugDoc.IO)

Leah Pagnozzi (RugDoc.IO)


Leah Pagnozzi (RugDoc.IO) \\ Identifying and avoiding potential scams through audits and reviews of various crypto projects. Summary: In today’s episode, we have Leah Pagnozzi who is the founder and CEO of RugDoc.
In today’s episode, we have Caroline Lewis from Rogue Women’s Fund. Caroline is sharing with us what got her into investing, why she thinks investing in women is so important, and what is unique about a venture fund from the Pacific Northwest.
Kate DeGon (ChangeSync)

Kate DeGon (ChangeSync)


In today’s episode, we have a pioneer in change management. Kate DeGon is the founder and CEO of ChangeSync which is a platform working to enable companies to to make strategic decisions and improve change management practices.
Andres Sigcha (Tariy) \\ Creating a meeting platform that empowers all voices In today’s episode, we have an incredible founder who is trying to change the way we think about meetings.
Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks (KeepWOL) \\ Using gamification to engage, develop, upskill talent, and retain them In today’s episode, we have a story that is one of the most incredible trailblazing journeys, you will hear.
In today’s episode, we have a whole different kid of tech. Dave McCarson is on the show. Dave is the founder of Alpine Greenhouses, which is a very unique company using proprietary technology to build greenhouses for extreme climates.
In today’s episode, we're talking all about the coming wave of IDTech.
In today’s episode, we're gonna get empathetic. We are welcoming Dr. Grin Lord, CEO and founder of mpathic, and Brian Williams, who is the VP of Engineering and mpathic.
In today’s episode, we have Matt Hyde, who is a partner and the co-founder of Catalyst Law Group, which is a Colorado based venture and technology law firm.
Rebecca Clyde (Botco.AI)

Rebecca Clyde (Botco.AI)


In today’s episode, we have Rebecca Clyde who is the founder and CEO of
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