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Author: Darrell Etherington, Yashad Kulkarni, Jordan Crook, TechCrunch, Grace Mendenhall

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Found is a show about founders, and company-building, featuring people actually doing the work. Each week, we interview one early stage startup founder about how they took the plunge to begin with, and how they navigate everything from building product roadmaps, to raising funding from some of the world’s top investors – and to how they manage failure, too. Found is hosted by TechCrunch News Editor Darrell Etherington and Managing Editor Jordan Crook. Produced by Yashad Kulkarni and edited by Grace Mendenhall.
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We're joined by Dandelion co-founder and President Kathy Hannun on this week's show. Kathy tells us how her time at Google X led her to creating Dandelion, a startup focused on making geothermal energy accessible to all. She shares what it's like to work at Google's famous moonshot factory, how she came to pursue a moonshot of her very own, and how she grappled with the realization that her startup needed to significantly change gears to serve its target market.Links for this week's episode:Geothermal home heating gets a $30 million boost from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy VenturesDandelion Energy, the Alphabet X spin out, raises another $16M led by GV and ComcastDandelion's websiteConnect with us:On TwitterOn InstagramVia email:
Hana Mohan, MagicBell

Hana Mohan, MagicBell


This week, our guest is Hana Mohan. Hana is the co-founder and CEO of MagicBell, a startup tackling the monumental task of solving notifications for other software products. We spoke to Hana about her path to entrepreneurship, being labelled 'a high-maintenance employee,' taking part in Y Combinator, and what it's like transitioning in the startup world, and being a proud transgender woman founder. Links for this week's episode:Hana's blog on entrepreneurship and being a transgender womanMagicBell raises $1.9M to build a plug-and-play notification platform for product teamsMagicBell's websiteConnect with usOn TwitterVia email:
On this week's show, we welcome Earl Cole, winner of Survivor: Fiji, but more importantly, the CEO and co-founder of The SMART Tire company. His startup is working with NASA to commercialize metal tire technology first developed to provide future Mars rovers with nearly indestructible wheels for tackling the toughest terrain, and Cole tells us all about how his background as a serial entrepreneur, and the first unanimous Sole Survivor, helped him navigate NASA's bureaucratic network.Links for this week's episode:Startup founded by ‘Survivor’ champ debuts airless bike tires based on NASA rover techThe SMART Tire CompanyLet us know what you think about Found:On TwitterVia email
Brie Code, TRU LUV

Brie Code, TRU LUV


This week's guest is Brie Code, founder and CEO of TRU LUV. In Brie's own words, TRU LUV is building "ritual and emotionally-conscious AI," which sounds ambitious and potentially world-changing because it is. Brie's background as a game developer led her to explore alternate types and motivations for game-like experiences, and that resulted in constructing AI in a mobile app that espouses a "tend-and-befriend" approach.Links for this week's episode:Mobile developer Tru Luv enlists investors to help build a more inclusive alternative to gaming#SelfCare on the App StoreTRU LUV's website
Incredible Health coverage on TechCrunch:Incredible Health updates its healthcare career platform to help nurse hiring cope with COVIDIncredible Health’s hiring platform for nurses gets $15M led by Andreessen HorowitzHave feedback about the show? Connect on Twitter:
Join us weekly as we talk to founders from around the world, about why they took the leap into starting a company, what kinds of problems they ran into, and how they solved them — or maybe didn’t! We cover everything from pitching VCs, to focusing your product development plans, to what surprised people most about the founding experience. Subscribe now, and come back to hear our first full episode on April 9!
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