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A new web is emerging that goes well beyond just Bitcoin and money but promises an entirely new computing paradigm and data economy. Founders of Web 3 is a podcast series hosted by Outlier Ventures Founder & CEO Jamie Burke where he introduces you to the entrepreneurs, their investors and the policy makers that are shaping Web 3.
23 Episodes
Ryan Selkis, Founder and CEO of Messari, has been at the heart of the crypto ecosystem since 2014 as entrepreneur, investor and journalist / analyst. As an entrepreneur-in-residence at ConsenSys with Joseph Lubin, a founding team member at the industry's most active investor (DCG, Digital Currency Group) and MD of the largest trade media brand (CoinDesk) and conference Consensus, he has been pivotal in making the industry what it is today. Now at Messari he has been working tirelessly to bring professional grade transparency and research to an opaque market. We talk about whether regulators can ever keep up with innovation in crypto and could Covid19 be the accelerant for Web 3 adoption and the next bullrun.
Host Jamie talks to Boris Mann, CEO and Co-Founder of Fission who is helping developers build powerful web native apps in Web 3. They discuss what the pragmatic application of Web 3 technology means, whether or not it fixes the problems of Web 2 and what it means to be part of it.
Lou Kerner is Co-Founder and Partner at CryptoMondays. He shares with Jamie his views on how DAOs are evolving and where they are headed. They also discuss why we’re going to see a huge explosion in value following the crypto winter.
Jake Brukhman is Founder of CoinFund which has been investing in blockchain since 2016. Through his unique experience in computer science, quantitative trading and product management at places like Amazon, he and his team have developed an approach to Web 3 called ‘Network Lifecycle Investing’, where they work with startups in both an early stage venture capacity but also helping bootstrap networks as they mature. He talks about ‘dogfooding’ Web 3 tech like DAOs, as the 3rd member of Moloch DAO, and actively participating in staking or mining in networks like Live Peer. As a visual artist and creative himself we go deep into his passion and investment thesis in Digital Art and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).
Maria is an Uruguayan scientist and Web 3 Founder who launched the UK’s first 5G UK Testbed out of Kings College London in 2017 and has run several pilots with the likes of The European Space Agency. She is also Co-Founder of Weaver Labs. At Weaver Labs they are building a decentralised connectivity marketplace that accelerates both the public and private sectors mission for greater diversification in supply chains for improved security and competition in 5G. She talks about why you can’t have a truly decentralised internet without first decentralising networking infrastructure and its importance to ‘connectivity inclusion’ into the digital economy.
We talk with Fabian Vogelsteller, core contributor to the Ethereum protocol who has created some of the most used and impactful innovations in Web 3 from the ERC 20 standard (over 250k deployed, 4 of which market cap over $1bn) to the Ethereum Wallet (100m wallets) and Web3.js (over 50k projects, double Facebook’s Machine Learning Diary). Now Founder of LUKSO he explains why his next goal is to onboard mainstream users, and in particular women, into Web 3 as well as fixing ICOs with the rICO (reverse ICO) this time in collaboration with regulators.
Artur Sychov,Founder & CEO of Somnium Space talks about the convergence of blockchain with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) to go well beyond the early visions of Second Life to realise an interconnected virtual world, The Metaverse, with security of ownership, authenticity of origin for our digital goods and wealth. He also talks about how Somnium is focused on delivering a truly persistent experience and how they address the digital immortality of users.
Kyle Samani, Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital discusses the future of Web 3 with host Jamie, describing it as the most direct way humanity's ever invented to explicitly codify incentives into software. They explore the history of the web, the future of the web and what they think is going to be needed to get there.
Nischal Shetty the Founder of WazirX, India's largest crypto exchange, talks about its challenges operating in a restricted business environment, and his role in lobbying and succeeding regulatory change. He also shares about his journey as a serial web entrepreneur, what's different running a Web 3 startup and his multi million dollar partnership and venture fund with Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, to make India a leading crypto nation. 
Jamie talks to Peteris Zilgalvis, Head of Digital Single Market & Blockchain European Commission, and long time advocate for the potential of crypto and Web 3 about The Commission’s ‘innovation first’ approach to the space and the importance of these technologies to not just make The Web more secure and inclusive but also to decentralise the Data Economy and most importantly better distribute the benefits of AI. He discusses the Commission's attitudes towards innovations like ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) and its pioneering €400M Blockchain & AI fund-of-funds mandate to support the local Web 3 ecosystem. 
Jameson is the archetypal Bitcoiner and Co-Founder & CTO of Casa, a startup dedicated to helping people realise self sovereignty and secure their personal wealth through Bitcoin. We talk about self sovereignty as a movement and how its emergent technology can secure not just Bitcoin but a growing number of forms of digital wealth and assets like NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and personal data. We explore innovating in a sometimes adversarial techno-belief system, his learning building products on open source and in particular The Lightning Network. And as a security expert we explore the power of open source and decentralized ledgers to create more secure systems.  
Brendan is Founder and CEO of Brave Browser. As the creator of JavaScript at Netscape in the 90’s he talks about how it’s success and ubiquity alongside cookies and behavioural tracking led to the business model of Surveillance Capitalism that has come to dominate The Web. We discuss how the industrialisation of the Ad Tech ecosystem, and its layers of intermediation, has not only led to erosion of user privacy but also a poor web experience and how Brave’s Basic Attention Token incentivises a better outcome for publishers, users and brands.
Dovey Wan is a leading VC in Web 3 and has been bridging Silicon Valley to the Asian crypto scene for several years on Twitter and as advisor to Coindesk and Michael Arrington. We talk about her seminal 2018 post ‘Decentralized Journey to the East’ and it’s key themes: how China’s crypto scene emerged out of the hardware used to power Bitcoin mining, to the retail secondary markets and their exchanges that have come to dominate the global crypto markets. We explore the Asian or Kimchi Premium in Korea, crypto’s  ‘9’11’, ‘’9-4’’ in the wake of Chinese regulatory clampdown, how it created a global asian crypto diaspora, how Silicon Valley lost its unfair advantage in Web  3 and why crypto is a Matrix like battleground between privacy orientated Neos and central bank digital currency Agent Smith. 
Peter is community lead at Meta Cartel, an innovative Web 3 ecosystem of creators and operators building decentralized applications (DApps) on Ethereum. He discusses the foundational role of DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) in Web 3 a means of organising around public works enabled by blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts. They explore the importance of community in Web 3, its fusion with gaming culture and how there is already a whole generation who will never work for a company and  will only ever know digital wealth.  
Trent McConaghy, is not only one of the early blockchain entrepreneurs founding several startups in the space, most recently Ocean Protocol, a decentralised data marketplace that enables a New Data Economy but an AI founder who enjoyed a big exit. He explains how Ocean can break down entrenched data silos across industries and allows for the gains of Big Data and AI to be more evenly distributed across society. As the founder of  the global token engineering community we talk about why the principles of ‘engineering’ are critical to building safe infrastructure for a new multi billion dollar digital economy centered on Web 3.
Eyal Herzog is co-founder of Bancor Network and a serial entrepreneur with decades of startup experience building Web 2 startups with millions of users so knows about building digital products that go mainstream. He explains his journey in pioneering private digital currencies as early as 2012 gaining an appreciation for long-tail economics and the importance of liquidity that led to Bancor, which has become a key part in the formation of the global crypto capital market. We also discuss his new venture DWEB and its mission to allow communities of developers and entrepreneurs to collaboratively launch, own and operate web apps comparable to a Facebook or Uber without the need to understand crypto.
Illia Polosukhin left Google, where he made significant contributions to Google Translate and Tensorflow, to co-found NEAR Protocol. He talks about how his team of co-founders background in competitive coding (all various ICPC champions, an elite coding olympics) and their work teaching computers to code informed building an intuitive Web 3 Stack to onboard the 99% of developers and go on to be backed by the likes of Andreessen HorowitzPantera, Multicoin, Coinbase Ventures, and Pantera Capital.
Can Kisagun, Co-Founder of Enigma, a cutting edge protocol that allows for ‘secret contracts’, smart contracts that allow for the sharing of secrets that can be used to enable;e collaborative machine learning, talks about his journey as a spin out from MIT with his professor, and the challenges of bringing a token backed protocol to life out of the US. We go deep into the possibilities of allowing a new more collaborative data economy, to move away from closed data silos, the potential for Impact in areas like health, in particular Corona and discuss new possibilities in the governance and coordination of distributed systems.
We discuss the importance of Purpose to mobilise communities in Web 3 with Rene Reinsberg, social entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Celo. He shares Celo’s intense social mission to finally deliver on the decade long promise for crypto-currencies for genuine financial inclusion compared to Libra, and how he convinced some of Silicon Valley’s largest VCs like A16z that it was good business. He talks about how mission gave them discipline to focus down on delivering what features were truly important for a more efficient financial system, a mobile-first platform solution based upon secure and stable digital currencies, to get money to parts of the economy that need it most. We discuss the power of programmable money to finally make innovations like local currencies and digital cooperatives mainstream.
David Rutter is CEO and Co-Founder of R3, a global blockchain consortium made up of some of the worlds largest financial services companies, founded in 2014, and the first initiative to build momentum behind the ‘blockchain not bitcoin’ narrative, that helped raised the profile of the whole industry in an enterprise context. He talks candidly about the difficult decision to open source Corda very early on, what is now becoming the de facto enterprise blockchain stack for regulated industries, and as a seasoned entrepreneur (pioneering early electronic trading systems in the 90’s) his approach to engaging incumbents and regulators when compared to competitors like Ethereum’s Consensys and what he sees as the naive approach of Facebook Libra.
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