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In this, our last episode of the season, our top story discusses three ways businesses can use fraud data to improve their business strategies. Also this week, we discuss how enhancing the e-commerce experience starts with the customer, why reduced access to stores amid the pandemic boosts cross-border e-commerce, why cyberfraud is shifting to gaming, travel and leisure, and why hackers with so-called “unprecedented generosity” released a million credit cards for free. We’ll back in a few months with our next season, and more information than ever. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: We discuss how fraudsters are increasingly targeting digital accounts by compromising existing or creating fake new accounts – a surge of nearly 70% so far this year. Also this week, Idaho Governor Brad Little has set up a new task force to advance cybersecurity initiatives in the state, and has invited Kount’s Brad Wiskirchen to be one of the members. We also discuss how Citi Premier’s offer of 80,000 bonus loyalty points also creates opportunity for fraudsters, how businesses can protect their customers (and themselves) from online fraud, and how bad bots are creating click fraud, and the risks this poses to e-commerce businesses. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: We discuss why as the world opens up and travel makes a roaring comeback, that fraudsters too are part of the new normal. Also this week, we discuss why Shopify has nearly tripled its value, how the pandemic has changed customer relationships perhaps forever, why Ghanians are increasingly embracing e-commerce and what this means for cross-border online selling, and how robots will impact warehouse design as well as safeguards against fraud. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: Walmart tests cashierless retail amid an industry-wide labor shortage, opening the door for fraudsters. Also this week, we discuss why a UK man was arrested over Twitter celebrity hacks, what’s behind Biden’s meeting next month with the private sector on cyber issues, why the Russian hacker ‘bot master’ was sentenced to prison in the US, and how consumers will drive the next wave of payments technology. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: As global digital transactions soar, Kount’s Content Strategist Skylar Barsanti takes a deep dive into the findings from a new survey -- "Digital Payments in 2021: Opportunities and Chargeback Risks." Also this week, we discuss how the pandemic has created an explosion of buy-now pay-later services as well as fraud opportunities, how fraudsters are exploiting the e-commerce boom with return scams, why Visa is using artificial intelligence to fight fraud, and more. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: We discuss how online payment fraud could cost business owners more than $200 billion over the next few years, and what you can do about it. Also this week, we discuss how hackers demanded millions during a Fourth of July holiday spree, how a ‘dark-side coupon group’ scammed stores out of millions with fake coupons, why smart POS terminals may be the future for digital payments and why the FBI advised businesses to use AI to curb phishing and other fraud. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: We discuss how businesses can win revenue and customer loyalty with a well-designed web site, as direct-to-consumer sales grow in popularity. Also this week we discuss why ultra-fast food delivery drives up consumer expectations and the need for fraud prevention, how a customer’s trust in an organization is destroyed by fraudster messages, how retailers are using hybrid platforms to bounce back from the pandemic, and how hackers are stealing points and miles from consumers’ eager to travel post-pandemic. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: We discuss why Google’s Android mobile app could have allowed hackers to initiate customer account takeovers, and what your business can do to prevent such attacks. Also this week we discuss why Giant Food’s quick-to-market local produce boxes create opportunities for online fraudsters, how hackers are selling data stolen from Audi and Volkswagen, what $11 billion in total e-commerce sales on Amazon Prime Day teaches us about fraud prevention, and what we should be concerned about when Facebook begins testing ads in Oculus virtual reality. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: We discuss why consumers and fraudsters love digital eGift cards, and the five safeguards you can take to protect your business from these bad actors. Also this week we discuss why with credit card fraud facing extinction ID theft is looking to fill the void, how Nuro’s robot cars are delivering packages and possibly fraud opportunities for FedEx, why there is a growing concern over digital payments fraud in India, and how a Facebook data leak could lead to fraud for brands and merchants. #Kount5in5
In this Special Edition of the Kount 5 in 5 Podcast, we examine the convergence of digital and physical identity with Jordan McKee, principal research analyst for customer experience and commerce at 451 Research. We discuss how this convergence not only enhances a business’ ability to identify and stop fraud during a customer transaction, it also creates the opportunity to improve the overall customer experience and thereby increasing the lifetime value of that customer while decreasing acquisition costs. And that’s good news for the bottom line. Find out how! #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: Why a bad customer experience extends beyond one transaction, and how businesses can ensure smooth customer experiences to create positive social proof for their brands. Also this week we discuss why DHL’s massive robot order helps it to keep pace with e-commerce growth while potentially removing a chargeback safety net, what it means to fraudsters now that law enforcement has recovered $2.3 million in bitcoin paid for the Colonial Pipeline ransom, why global digital payments are so important and risky, and what’s behind your web traffic – humans or bots? #Kount5in5
In this Special Edition of the Kount 5 in 5 Podcast, we do a deep dive on fraud prevention with Jordan McKee, principal research analyst for customer experience and commerce at 451 Research. We discuss why fraud is so much more rampant and scarier in a digital environment than it was before the Internet, and what you should look for in terms of a fraud prevention solution. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: Jordan McKee from 451 Research talks about trends in eCommerce, fraud and digital transformation. Also this week we discuss how Amazon’s early Prime Day will trigger competitors, why 8 in 10 merchants have seen an increase in friendly fraud, how machine learning is helping financial institutions identify fraudsters, and why as the market for online groceries takes off, so do chargebacks. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: How to protect your business as digital payment adoption and contactless payments surge. Also this week we discuss, now that travel is back, so are travel scams; why a woman who sold $700K in counterfeit retail coupons is a prime example of promo abuse; why super-connected consumers have spent 26% more ordering food while creating a feast for fraudsters; and how even the Salvation Army needs to watch out when launching its eCommerce website. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: How students scammed KFC’s ordering app with fake coupons and illustrated the need for promo abuse prevention for all businesses. Also this week we discuss how hackers received $90 million in Bitcoin from their ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, why the FBI is seeing record complaints for online scams, why a new coffee subscription service from Peet’s Coffee is a target for fraudsters, and how the Canadian restaurant industry pivoted during the pandemic toward mobile order-ahead and what that means for scammers. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: How revolutionary self-service and automated grocery pickups offer convenience for customers but risks of chargebacks. Also this week we discuss why a paralyzing cyberattack caused long lines at gas stations, how scalpers and bots resold popular PS5s at marked-up prices, why push-to-pay platforms even for wine-tasting rooms are risky for fraud, and how Amazon has cracked down on counterfeits by using AI to block more than 10 billion listings. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: How customer success aids fraud prevention, with Tyler Lilya, Director of Customer Success at Kount. Also this week, we discuss several instances where enhancing the customer experience also opens the door fraudsters, including eBay’s entry into accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option, Kroger’s pilot program for grocery delivery by drone, Alaskan Salmon’s first-of-its-kind direct-to-consumer waitlist and Facebook’s vision for VR hinging on easier and more seamless payments. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: How to use post authorization tools to help businesses avoid chargebacks, with Skylar Barsanti, content strategist at Kount. Also this week, Kount discusses: how Walmart + leveraged grocery delivery to gain 8 million subscribers while Nestle launched a direct-to-consumer coffee subscription service, creating opportunity for account takeovers and unwanted chargebacks; the importance of digital identity verification with Amazon’s new palm reader payment system at Whole Foods; and how Facebook’s big plans for digital payments also opens the door for fraud. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: How a business benefits when implementing multi-factor authentication, with Mindle Hastings, product manager at Kount. Also this week, Kount discusses: Mastercard’s agreement to buy digital ID verification startup Ekata, how China’s decision to allow the use of digital Yuan at the 2022 Olympics will open up the opportunity for fraud, why Domino’s Pizza testing of delivery via self-driving cars is making fraudsters hungry, and why Twitch is banning 7 million bots to cut back inflated view counts. #Kount5in5
This week’s top story: Six ways to combat online fraudsters – the new playground cyberbullies, with David Adams, Senior Director of Product Management at Equifax. Also this week, Kount discusses: How robots get your online orders delivered sooner, why the shift to direct-to-consumer experiences creates opportunities for omnichannel growth, why McDonald’s will close hundreds of locations inside Walmart stores, and how two men from New Jersey used stolen debit cards in a diesel fraud scheme. #Kount5in5
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