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Idealism, fiction, and whatever else happens to come up.

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How would you explain mothers to aliens? Support me on Patreon, please: --- Send in a voice message:
I've done some nice, but fluffy, sorts of episodes the past few weeks.  I was busy expressing my Joy.  I continue to be filled with that Joy, but it's time to have something a bit more substantive. Regardless of your political views, you should have the right to vote.  I'm going to make the case for that in tonight's episode.   Here are the links: The Brennan Center Article: The Google Search on Constitutional Republic: The Newsroom Clip: Kavanaugh Quotation: Heather Cox Richardson Article: Transcript on Medium: Transcript on Word Press: Find us at: Join me on Partreon for commercial free episodes: --- Send in a voice message:
This is sort of the heart of this podcast, I think.  I asked some Facebook friends to describe the show, and this is the description that I believe best fits it. I want to show you why Art is all but a survival need.  Listen and see what you find. I wind up this episode quoting Sara Niemietz.  The song I quoted is called "The Dimming."  You can find it here. You can buy the track here: Support me on Patreon: --- Send in a voice message:
I'm discussing what it means to have enough.  Think about that. Please support me on Patreon: --- Send in a voice message:
This isn't about any important social or political issue.  This is the story of how, finally, I am about to make my dream come true. This is my way of thanking all of you for getting me here. Support me on Patreon: --- Send in a voice message:
This has been a highly politically charged week.  You can find more commentary than you can digest anywhere you look.   I needed a break from it.  I dove headlong back into the literature in which I find the comfort, wisdom, and catharsis many of you get from your religions.   Let me read to you for a little while.  You will find more value in that than in a thousand political essays, I think. Support me on Patreon please, for more commercial free episodes: --- Send in a voice message:
We have made normal the idea that there will be people who have no homes. I think, deep down, we all know this is wrong. And we placate our consciences with all of the programs we have to help people like Mike. None of them accomplish what we need to accomplish. This is the link for the statistics I quoted: Another good site for these facts is here: Support me on Patreon for commercial free episodes: --- Send in a voice message:
"Perhaps we could stop insulting people who flip hamburgers, mop floors, or do other "menial" jobs. These are people who are contributing to the functioning of society. They make it possible for us to enjoy our lives, and they deserve to live decently. I need them in my life. I'm grateful to them." Support me on Patreon for commercial free episodes: --- Send in a voice message:
Last week, I posted this on my Facebook: “If we can agree to accept a common reality, we can move forward to finding solutions to the problems posed by it.  Let's concentrate on that.” That simple statement touched off a furious debate. I have taken the time to read all of the comments there, and I have written and recorded this to help explain my idea more completely. If we can’t all agree on what the facts are, we have no chance of finding the solutions to the problems we face collectively. I’m going to do my best to show you the facts, and then I’m going to explain why we can disagree about how to handle them, while still accepting what they are. This, I believe, is how we can save our country. We need to return to reality. This is the link for the survey I quoted: Join me on Patreon for commercial free episodes and the Imagination Theater Productions: --- Send in a voice message:
This is a rare conversation episode in which I describe how Fred's Front Porch got to Sierra Vista.  It's about Love and Kindness... who would have thought? --- Send in a voice message:
I'm going to make 3 points. 1.  A Person's Value is more than their superficial attributes. Treat people kindly. 2.  We are in a seriously difficult time. Treat people kindly. 3.  We can save ourselves only through civil discussion of our shared problems. Treat people kindly. You can learn all about The Polar Mouse Glee Club and Eye of Odin on Patreon.  You'll find them in our theater performances.  Check them out here: Visit Studio Stargazer here: --- Send in a voice message:
You've probably heard the quotations about great, mediocre, and small minds often attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt.  I've found no evidence she ever said it, but I love the quotation. I'm going to be exploring that idea in this podcast, and then I'm going to tell a story of gratitude that I think you will enjoy.  I hope you'll stay for that part.   The link to which I make reference can be found here:'t%20know,1%20new%20song%20every%20minute. Please support me on Patreon, where you will find Dr. Ziggledorf and The Holiday Mouse: --- Send in a voice message:
I find life to be more pleasant when I concern myself with the reasons I have to feel Gratitude.  Certainly there are many things about which to be angry, hurt, unhappy, or just generally depressed.  But when I focus on those I don't feel as good. I'm going to be recommending we all focus on our reasons for Gratitude, and that we spend our Time trying to make the world a better place for us all to share. I hope this makes you feel just a little better as this nightmarish year comes to a close. Please support me on Patreon to get episodes early and commercial free: The story, "The Boxer," can be found here: --- Send in a voice message:
This is a summary of what you’ve heard me say most of the year. No, this isn’t about Covid. It’s not about the President. It’s about the need to put Humanity First. It’s about Love. It’s about eliminating the idea of Us and Them. It’s about ending poverty. In short, this is Classic Fred. This also contains an actual music break. I haven’t done that in nearly a year. It really adds to the feeling I’m trying to create, though. I hope you find some sort of Joy in your holiday this year. It’s probably never been so difficult. My hope is this will bring you just a little. Happy Holidays. Please support me on Patreon: --- Send in a voice message:
I'm beginning to learn a little more about myself.  I'm understanding, a little more deeply, why I love Star Trek so much.  Spock, Data, and Reginald Barclay are excellent reflections of who I am... and perhaps, we're all reflections of you.   And it could be all of us are a bit neurodivergent, which is a word I'm just beginning to learn.  It means we process emotions differently than most people. The video that inspired this episode can be found here: The music in this episode was licensed by Artlist, so it's perfectly legal, but I want to give a plug to Katrina Stone, whose music I am using with increasing frequency.  She did the opening and the closing.  I've never met her. You can find her music here: Please support me on Patreon so I can keep doing this show: --- Send in a voice message:
I mentioned our greatest theater production, but I didn't tell you its name.  It's called "A Bigger Table," and it's available free on Patreon.  The link is here: Both Jenner and I are in desperate circumstances.  Support Jenner here: Support me here: --- Send in a voice message:
Obviously, I would prefer that no one be required to work, but I also live in reality.  We have to. If, however, we're going to do the work, let's make sure everyone earns enough to live. Notes: apartments-annual-income-needed taxpayers_n_5ce46727e4b09b23e65a01bb Support me, please, on Patreon: --- Send in a voice message:
This will probably be my most controversial episode.  I'm likely to piss off both Liberals and Conservatives.  I apologize in advance for that.  I don't intend to upset anyone. I don't know how to hate 70 Million People.  I don't believe I want to do that. This is my plea for peace.  It's not Kumbaya.  It's not Pollyanna.  It's my honest assessment of the situation. It's also my birthday present to myself. Support me on Patreon: --- Send in a voice message:
This will give you 30 minutes off from Election Night stress.  Please share it with your friends. I'm told Apple Podcasts has a reviews section.  I would love if you left me a nice review there. --- Send in a voice message:
This is the classic campfire story, told in this most frightening manner I can imagine.  Seriously, don't drive a car when you're listening.  Stay with me after the story for a nice epilogue about the most fun I ever had telling it. Special thanks to Jenner Zeno for his post production brilliance.  He's most of what makes this work so incredibly well. Extra special thanks to Spooky Dexter.  Thank you for that, Jurine! Support me on Patreon here... please?? Support Jenner on Patreon here... please?? --- Send in a voice message:
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