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Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The Medevac Podcast. Hosts Christian Meyers and David Reid sit down with Army Veteran David Wootten to discuss his injury overseas, the power of introspection, and David's non-profit work post injury.
Hosts Mat Best, Evan Hafer, Jarred Taylor and Logan Stark sit down with Eli Cuevas and Jariko Denman to recap their recent skydiving trip. They discuss the BRCC Jump Team, balloon jumps, JT packing Evan's parachute, and inspiring people to do epic things.
Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The Medevac Podcast. Hosts David Reid and Christian Meyers finish their talk with Green Beret medic Tyr Symank. In this 'Part II' episode, they go into detail on some of Tyr's medical procedures in deployed locations, using grenade pins for surgery saw handles, and things you shouldn't feed the local wildlife.
Matt Carriker from Demolition Ranch joins hosts Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, and Logan Stark to catch up and discuss some wild ideas. Demolition derbys, buying a ghost town in Texas, JT goes in-depth on caviar, and Mat and Matt have a gun room measuring contest. Spoiler Alert: Mat's is bigger.
Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The MedEvac Podcast. Hosts David Reid and Christian Meyers sit down with Green Beret Tyr Symank. In part one of this two part episode, they discuss the nuances between driving a snow cat and driving a tank, slaying dragons, and setting up a forward operating base on the border of Pakistan.
Hosts Evan Hafer and Mat Best sit down with friends Tim Kennedy and Omar "Crispy" Avila for a discussion on Tim's new book, Scars and Stripes, making the NYT Best Seller list, funny stories about their dads, and thoughts on the whole Elon Musk Twitter purchase.
Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The MedEvac Podcast. Hosts David Reid and Christian Meyers sit down with retired Green Beret Warrant Officer Levi Rodgers. They discuss Levi's multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Levi's injury, the entrepreneurial spirit in veterans, and Levi's booming real estate business.
Host Logan Stark sits down with Coffee or Die's own Executive Editor Marty Skovlund Jr. and Media 1SG Jariko Denman to talk about what it was like to report on Ukraine from the inside. They talk about sketchy situations at checkpoints, the danger of cruise missiles landing anywhere, and whether or not they'd go back again.
Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The MedEvac Podcast. Hosts David Reid and Christian Meyers sit down with returning guests Dr. Scott Farber and Derick Carver for an in-depth discussion on different kinds of amputations, bone stretching, pain control, and choosing the right doctor.
Evan Hafer sits down with veteran advocate Sam Rogers. Sam is a former Interrogator/Human Intelligence Collector for the US Army. They discuss Survivor's Guilt, voting out old out of touch politicians, education advocacy, and and Cold War II.
Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The MedEvac Podcast.  Hosts David Reid and Christian Meyers sit down with USMC veteran Justin Rokohl.  They discuss the differences in Afghanistan and Iraq, Justin losing both of his legs to an IED, great doctors, and terrible leadership.
Evan Hafer sits down with Lions Not Sheep CEO Sean Whalen for a discussion on entrepreneurship. They discuss personal and financial freedom, how to properly manage time so that your goals are met, and celebrating other people's success as well.
Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The Medevac Podcast. Hosts David Reid and Christian Meyers speak with 2-time leukemia survivor and athlete Matt Cable. They discuss Matt’s fights with cancer while on active duty in the Air Force, battling a gnarly bacterial infection, competing on “The Titan Games”, and how Matt and his wife met.
Guest Hosts Tyr Symank, Kevin Reeves and Baker Leavitt get a chance to sit down with Medal of Honor recipient Master Sergeant Earl Plumlee. Earl walks the guys through his military career and tells the story that earned him the nations most prestigious military decoration for acts of valor.
Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The Medevac Podcast. David Reid sits down will his best friend and Medevac Podcast co-host, Christian Meyers for a discussion on Christian's military career. Christian shares stories of an Alaskan waterfall rescue, describes what a cluster his first combat rescue was, and what it's like to treat an enemy casualty.
Host Jarred Taylor sits down with Natalie Khawam of Whistleblower Law Firm to discuss military medical malpractice, the mysterious happenings at Fort Hood, and her involvement in the Vanessa Guillen trial.
Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The MedEvac Podcast. Hosts David Reid and Christian Meyers sit down with BRCC's own Jenna Bakken. Jenna is a combat veteran who was wounded in a firefight in Afghanistan. They discuss being a female in a male-dominated MOS, being involved in a 3.5-hour firefight, and recovering from the wounds after.
Host Jarred Taylor sits down with Congressional candidate and former Special Forces medic Jay Collins. They discuss Jay taking a ricochet to the arm and giving himself surgery, losing a leg to a shrapnel wound, and what it means to be a Representative in Congress
Black Rifle Coffee Podcast presents The Medevac Podcast. Hosts David Reid and Christian Meyers sit down with Louisville Police Officer Dexter Pitts. Dexter discusses surviving an IED in Iraq, as well as becoming a police officer in Louisville and policing the riots in 2020. Dexter recently published a book entitled I Am Pitts.   Get Dexter's book, I Am Pitts, here:
Evan Hafer and Mike Glover sit down with former Secret Service K9 handler Marshall Mirarchi and his dog, Hurricane. Hurricane famously took down a man who jumped the White House fence in 2014 and is the first dog to receive the Distinguished Service Medal. The three discuss the profession of Secret Service K9 handler, what retirement is like for a K9, and the brand new BRCC coffee, Hurricane Roast.
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Jim Harings

Anybody got a link to the Tommy Carrigan (?) podcast Dr. McCullough referenced? Great podcast, keep them coming.

Jan 27th

Gearbox 'L_'

Hands down best podcast I've ever heard. I listen to all these guys individually but to have them all together. Dosen't get better. Thank you guys.

Dec 6th


Great show

Oct 15th



Sep 8th

Greg Ellis

Hey Wizert. Don't buy a home in a HOA. Retard.

Jul 16th

Kevin Finnegan

Andrew Bacevich has a great book on the divide between the military and civilians, Breach of Trust. It changed my mind on the draft for sure.

Jun 28th

DiNglE BeRRieS

that was funny as hell. Definately give this 1 a listen.

Feb 22nd

neil luu

dudes!! this is so cool, I'm not a veteran but father is, have grown up in this culture and huge respect for all vets and primal human skills and characteristics. I have 3 boys, and have spent years being pissed off with our modern world so have been taking notes and kind of journaling their growth and mapping child psychology though teaching and testing at various stages of life. It so exciting to see what they are actually capable of.

Dec 13th

Bam Peebles

Great podcast but I can bearly hear half the guys and the other half are super loud

Nov 19th

Esdras Agundez

i got punched in the face constantly at boot!!!

Oct 19th

Jonathan Lima

Eli's mic wasnt working good. his audio was very low and week

Sep 7th

Travis Tripp

What an eye opening show

Aug 18th

Hellova Day

can't stand this episode with some one rona huffing and puffing on mic half the time

Aug 11th

Travis Tripp

One of the funniest podcasts yet!!! Keep up the good work

Jul 14th

Leo Lantz

Evan Hafer hits a homer,no, a freaking GRAND SLAM of geopolitical analysis on what has F-ed our country over the past 30 years!!!!

Jun 19th

Leo Lantz

Eddie Gallagher is a HERO. And all the liberals who would wreck a man's life and hurt his family are the criminals.

Jun 12th

Richard Gullotto

Deep and well worth the extra time. thanks guys

Jun 3rd

Richard Gullotto

Well done guys!

May 20th

Jon White

I absolutely love this podcast!!!! Such GREAT information!!!!!

May 10th

Kevin Hinds

This is now my favorite podcast! you guys are awesome and as soon as episodes are released I'm all ears. Love the Black Rifle guys and the guests you have are great!

Apr 17th
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