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Hosts Jarred Taylor, Evan Hafer, Mat Best, and Logan Stark interview inspiring American heroes, adventurers, and entrepreneurs in the most Pro-American podcast to exist since 1776. New episodes every Monday and Friday.
80 Episodes
Jarred Taylor and Eli Cuevas host special guests Eddie Gallagher and Donut Operator. Eddie is a former Navy SEAL accused of war crimes who was later found innocent after a highly publicized court martial procedure. Donut Operator is a popular internet personality who brought recognition to the case when he published a video to YouTube breaking down all the facts and evidence available to him at the time. The video conflicted with the mainstream media's portrayal of Eddie and rallied the support of thousands to Eddie's defense.
Jarred Taylor hosts longtime friend of Black Rifle and professional funny man, Jack Mandaville. Jack is a writer, actor, and online personality. Jarred and Jack discuss their shared journey from the creation of the Range 15 movie, press tours, and visiting troops overseas to today, creating coffee commercials that make little to no sense at all.
Mat Best and Jarred Taylor host Mike the Cop in the Black Rifle Coffee headquarters in Texas along with guest host, Johnny Elsasser of the Art of Masculinity podcast. The group discusses the current changes taking place across the country in the law enforcement community, the future of policing, and an epic movie concept where the country is ran by the BRCC crew.
Mat Best and Jarred Taylor host country music superstar Granger Smith at the Black Rifle Coffee Headquarters in Texas. The group discuss the effects of COVID on the entertainment industry, making a living in the digital era, filming unscripted music videos, and actually living the “Yee Yee” country lifestyle rather than just singing about it.
The fellas are reunited in San Antonio for another Core Four episode. Jarred describes his mornings as a drunk in extreme detail before the group touches on a variety of topics to include the metaphoric “unappreciative trans-species bears” and, of course, politics.
Evan Hafer and Trevor Thompson sit down together in the Black Rifle Coffee offices in Salt Lake City to discuss their reactions to the recent election and their opinions on the future of America.
Jarred Taylor continues the series of interviewing key members of the success story that is Black Rifle Coffee Company as he sits down one on one with fellow Free Range American host, Executive Vice President of Black Rifle Coffee, former Army Ranger and YouTube creator Mat Best. Jarred and Mat dive into how they met and the timeline leading up to the creation of BRCC, building a team, defining a brand and what the future may hold for the veteran owned coffee company.
Jarred Taylor hosts Navy veteran and founder of Parlatore Law Group, Tim Parlatore. JT and Tim discuss the shady culture of NCIS and the Navy JAG Corps, his role as the lead attorney in the successful defenses of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher as well as the men who parachuted off the World Trade Center, and other notable legal cases that Tim has experienced in his cloud-based law firm.
Hosts Evan Hafer and Trevor Thompson are joined by Greg Anderson in the BRCC building in Salt Lake City. Greg is a former Seattle Port Authority Police Officer who was placed on administrative leave and later fired after posting a video to social media. The three dive into the reasons Greg posted his video regarding the limitations and responsibilities of law enforcement officers and the subsequent firing of Greg from the Seattle Port Authority Police Department. The group also touches on popular topics regarding current events and politics leading up to a major election year.
Jarred Taylor hosts Jeremy Carey of Ironclad Cinema. Ironclad has worked with many top tier brands to create high quality content including Free Range American guest Jack Carr. JT and Jeremy discuss the different paths and motivations that led them to their careers in content creation and offer some advice for the next generation of filmmakers.
Hosts Evan Hafer and Jarred Taylor welcome Medal of Honor Recipient Leroy Petry to the podcast. The group discusses topics such as the lives of 75th Ranger Regiment soldiers, how hardship in life can prove to be beneficial, and the issues the nation is facing as Election Day approaches. Shop FRA Merch: 
Mat Best and Logan Stark host Jamey Caldwell, retired Army Sergeant Major and current pro bass fisherman. Jamey Spent over 21 years serving in special operations and now fishes competitively and provides training courses for weapons with a specialty in night vision tactics.
Host Jarred Taylor travels to Houston, Texas to catch up with Congressman Dan Crenshaw for a second episode. Jarred and Dan discuss the current presidential race, the policies that either side is running on, how difficult it can be for parties to actually work together and holding your elected officials accountable. .
Jarred Taylor and Tyr Symank host the follow up episode of Kyle Lamb and Clay Hutmacher. Kyle and Clay share stories about people they met during their time in the military, shooting pigs on the coast of Somalia and what Kyle is like as a passenger on Clay's helicopter.
Kyle Lamb returns for another episode hosted by Evan Hafer and Logan Stark. The group discusses Evan's recent bowhunting experience, the politics of lead bullets, Operation Gothic Serpent, the value of lessons learned on the battlefield, and how to help prevent your buddies from making the same mistakes.
Evan Hafer, Jarred Taylor and Tyr Symank host Major General (Ret.) Clay Hutmacher. Clay served over 40 years in the military, most of his career was spent as a leader as an Army Special Operations Aviator. He commanded at every level during his three tours with the 160th SOAR. Clay discusses his career in the military and his current mission as the President and CEO of Special Operations Warrior Foundation. SOWF provides the surviving children of fallen special operations personnel the tools and funding needed to pursue and complete their post-secondary education goals. For more information or to donate visit:
Mat Best, Evan Hafer, Jarred Taylor and Logan Stark meet up at the Texas ranch for a spicy Core Four episode. Hunting trip recaps, brick and mortar store opening, politics, changes to military training, and how Brazil holds the fate of the United States in the palm of their hand are all explained on this episode of Free Range American.
Jarred Taylor hosts Leo Jenkins in his Texas home. Leo is a former 75th Ranger Medic, humanitarian, gym owner, nomadic world traveller and author of several books.
Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, and Eli Cuevas welcome Richard Hy, more commonly known to the internet as Angry Cops, to Texas for drinks and conversation. The group touches on the occupation of law enforcement and its precarious status in society this election season along with changes taking place in the training of America's newest soldiers.
Evan Hafer hosts longtime friend and fellow business owner, Neal Currey. Neal is the owner of Ready Gunner in Orem, Utah and the two discuss the landscape of the industry and the massive surge in demand for personal defense options from the perspective of a shop owner. Neal also discusses the challenges of selling legal and constitutionally protected products when major marketing and digital storefront companies refuse their services.
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Bam Peebles

Great podcast but I can bearly hear half the guys and the other half are super loud

Nov 19th

Esdras Agundez

i got punched in the face constantly at boot!!!

Oct 19th

Jonathan Lima

Eli's mic wasnt working good. his audio was very low and week

Sep 7th

Travis Tripp

What an eye opening show

Aug 18th

Hellova Day

can't stand this episode with some one rona huffing and puffing on mic half the time

Aug 11th

Travis Tripp

One of the funniest podcasts yet!!! Keep up the good work

Jul 14th

Leo Lantz

Evan Hafer hits a homer,no, a freaking GRAND SLAM of geopolitical analysis on what has F-ed our country over the past 30 years!!!!

Jun 19th

Leo Lantz

Eddie Gallagher is a HERO. And all the liberals who would wreck a man's life and hurt his family are the criminals.

Jun 12th

Richard Gullotto

Deep and well worth the extra time. thanks guys

Jun 3rd

Richard Gullotto

Well done guys!

May 20th

Jon White

I absolutely love this podcast!!!! Such GREAT information!!!!!

May 10th

Kevin Hinds

This is now my favorite podcast! you guys are awesome and as soon as episodes are released I'm all ears. Love the Black Rifle guys and the guests you have are great!

Apr 17th
Reply (1)

Ben Middleton

Love your podcast. You guys should have Tim Kennedy on

Apr 12th

Jesse Lucero

Awesome podcast, Evan for president

Mar 28th
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