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Josh and Ps G talk about the Freedom Raleigh launch weekend, and ahead of the freedom leaders global gathering 'The charge' they talk about some of the qualities that make up a leader. 
Whether you're looking for a change in job, church or country, you should be asking yourself "what is motivating this want for change?" Today Pastor G & Josh discuss the reasons why people choose to move on, and what we should do to make sure these decisions combine with Gods plan for our lives.
This week Pastor G & Josh discuss a question from a listener! After being out of church for any length of time, it can feel intimidating or difficult to step back through the doors again. G & Josh discuss steps you can make to be more confident coming back to the church enviroment, and how regular church-goers can invite and welcome poeple back well.
This week Josh & Pastor G discuss waiting for God. When is it time to wait for God to move, and when is it time to act! 
This week Pastor G and Josh talk about marriage. What are you investing into your marriage? What are you prioritizing? How to juggle your kids and date nights.
Dave joins Josh this week to discuss the wisdom in knowing which decisions are faith steps and which ones are foolish. 
Josh is back with Pastor G this week to discuss wisdom. Who do we go to when making big decisions? How do we seek wisdom from leadership in our lives? 
Performance, pride & pressure: all things that can cause us to solve problems ourselves instead of relying on God. Today Josh and Dave talk about the ways we react to problems in our lives and how God wants us to face them.
Pastor G & Josh are back this week to finish off the conversation on stagnation. Last week they disscussed "reading and listening" and this week they talk over the last 4 points "seeing, speaking, acting, and inspiring".
This week Josh & G start a conversation about stagnation, the causes and some of the things we can do to get out of it.
Pastor G & Josh discuss how we honour in church, out of church, in marriages and more!
Dave & Josh answer your questions about social media.
This week Dave & Josh discuss both the good and bad of using social media, introducing your children to social media, and what Godly social media use looks like. If you have any questions for next weeks Q&A on social media then send them
Pastor G & Josh talk about what relevance means, the journey of relevance in Freedom Church, and how you can be relevant in reaching people for Jesus.
Pastor G & Josh talk through what what it is to raise godly kids in your houshold, taking responsibility for your family, and how to get a vision for your children.
Pastor G & Josh talk through what it is to raise godly kids in your household, how to take responsibility for your family, and how to get a vision for your children.
Sometimes we have vision that we know is coming but it's not here yet. What do we do in the meantime? Josh and Ps G talk through how you can pursue vision when it feels like you're standing still.
Pastors Gary and Heather just got back from the USA and share with us about Freedom Raleigh and what God is doing in the States. 
In this episode pastor Dave Thomas tells us about life in Charleston so far, the challenges and celebrations of church planting and some of the anecdotes along the way such as his recent encounter with a shark...
Pastor G, Dave & Josh share from the truck, as they drive into the Rocky Mountains, all about vision and how to cultivate it in your life. Also Dave talks about what he plans to do if the team run into a bear...
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