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Bonjour à tous !
Welcome to the French Blabla podcast where you'll find tips to increase your fluency while boosting your way of learning.
If you're fed up with boring grammar books or tired of speaking an artificial French, far from how natives speak, then this podcast is for you.
This podcast isn't French grammar or French vocabulary only, we will cover a wide range of topics that will help you in your learning journey.

What are you waiting for? Join me!
104 Episodes
This episode is a request from a dear listener, her name is Samin. She contacted me on Instagram and told me about the difficulties she has when she wants to compliment in French. We’re going to study different phrases so that you’ll be able to say something more than “c’est beau”. You'll know several phrases to compliment and to show admiration. Don't forget to download the infographic that sums up all the things you'll learn today. Head over to   In this episode Compliment like a native Several techniques to add emotions to your speech Review the repetition
All the great news regarding the French Blabla community   Music by Podington Bear - Wavy Glass
This episode is a confession, I think I should feel a smidgen of shame by revealing the kind of litterature I read on the beach but what wouldn’t I do for the French language. If you have a little guilty pleasure like me, you’re very welcome to share in the comment section, so that I feel a little bit less lonely. The grammar focus today is for A levels but please, B levels, I suggest you review it too if you don’t master the demonstrative pronouns. Check them out in your grammar book to know what I’m talking about. As for the vocabulary, we’re going to study or review a lot of phrases and words about books and litterature. If you’re interested in the transcription, all the vocab and the grammar focus, you know where to go, I say it every time. Head over to to download the study guide. Ok, time for the story guys, c’est parti !   In this episode The shameful books I read during the summer Review the demonstrative pronouns A challenge for you to shine   Music by Podington Bear
Today, our episode is inspired by my partner. I said it many times already but he’s not French. Despite that I tend to forget that he’s a foreigner and I make zero effort to adapt my French to his level. Sorry. I want to point out though that his level is really good so I’m not being cruel here. He understands pretty much everything that I say but there are occasional conversational phrases that he doesn’t get. I thought it would be good to talk about this so that you don’t end up completely confused like my partner if you happen to hear such a phrase. There are several phrases that we use regularly that actually mean the opposite of what they’re supposed to mean at first glance.   In this Episode Three conversational phrases untangled A personal story An infographic to download  
As you could see from the title, we’ll talk about something light. It will be surprising for you maybe but it was my first time going to a circus show. It was a good experience but don’t imagine I went to a kind of Cirque du soleil performance. Anyway, with the pandemic, I don’t think that they have shows going on. This episode is full to the brim with words and phrases regarding the circus. I know it’s not really your typical vocabulary you would learn in a lesson or in a french news podcast, but maybe you’ll be interested in going to a show in the future. When you do, I hope you’ll think about me. There’s no grammar focus today but there’s a little nugget for B levels. I created a tricky sentence with several compound relative pronouns. Google it if you have no clue what i’m talking about but I have to tell you, you’re going to sweat when you see what it is.   In this Episode Learn the vocab you need to talk about the circus My first time at the circus A challenge for you to shine   Music by Wonder Happens by Podington Bear - Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License
I’ve been sick and it’s still going on this week. I’ve spent a lot of days in bed, in the dark because I suffer from migraine every month. I thought I would talk about this today and I will use this excuse to infuse this episode with phrases and words you will need if you ever get sick in France and need to see a doctor or if you go to the pharmacy. In episode 6 of "A day in French", we covered several useful phrases to explain your symptoms, go listen to it if you need a refresher. As for the grammar focus, today will be for B levels as we will review how to express goals with and without the subjunctive. If you’d like the transcription, the vocabulary and the grammar focus, head over to French to download it.   In this Episode Learn the vocab you need to talk at the pharmacy My story with episodic migraine A challenge for you to shine   Music by Wonder Happens by Podington Bear – Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License
I hope you’re fine because I was not happy for sure when the week started. I happened to find leaky pipes in my home. I wasn’t planning on talking about this today but I couldn’t let this occasion pass. I don’t know if you remember but it’s not the first time I’m not happy with something. In episode 16, I got angry at a sales rep. Go listen to it if you want to know the full story, and in today’s episode I get very displeased again. To make it short, if you happen to rent a place in France and you face a leakage, then after this episode you’ll know what to say, because that’s what happened to me this week. No grammar focus this time as there’s a lot of very specific vocabulary for you to learn that will allow you to explain in detail if you ever need to call a plumber or your rental agency. Everything can be found in the study guide I have created.   In this Episode Learn the vocab you need to call a plumber My story of an unfortunate event involving pipes A challenge for you to shine   Music : Wonder Happens by Podington Bear - Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License
I hope you enjoyed last week’s episode. If you have missed it, I suggest you go listen to it as in today’s "A day in French" we will use what we have learnt. Last week, we did the theory and today we’ll practice. I will tell you about my dreams and things I wish I could do. The grammar focus is for everybody, that’s quite unusual, since we will review the verb “manquer” and there will also be some B level grammar with a review of the hypothesis. Everything can be found in the study guide I have created. Go to to download the transcription, the vocabulary and the grammar focus. Don't forget to download it. Stay tuned!   In this Episode Practice your verb "manquer" Review the hypothesis and how to talk about dreams A challenge for you to shine   Music by Podington Bear
With the pandemic still going strong, I’m sure that most of us are longing for better days and we may feel a bit nostalgic. I’ve been thinking all week about the things I’d like to do. I, then, asked you on Instagram what you were nostalgic about and today’s topic hit me. Today is going to be short and sweet as we will talk about how to express “I miss you” in French. I know that the way we build this phrase is very confusing as everything is inverted so we’re going to untangle all of this in the episode. Obviously, you know me, we won’t just cover the “I miss you” part, we will do an overview of this verb as well as some natural keyphrases you need to add in your speaking repertoire.   In this Episode Simple rules to understand how to use the verb "manquer" Express nostalgia for people and for activities A challenge for you to shine
This episode is for you, my intermediate level listeners. There will be a lot of structure and syntax twisting and a basic command of the French grammar is needed. Hold on tight and stay focused because it won’t be a walk in the park. However as the saying goes “no pain no gain” right? The reward is big, it’s going to change completely the way you ask questions.   In this Episode Difference between the questions you've learnt and questions today How to create questions the natural way A challenge for you to shine
There’s a topic that I haven’t really delved into and that is completely overlooked in this podcast. People may think that for a podcast whose claim is to teach you real spoken French, it’s a bit strange that I haven’t talked about that sooner. Frankly, I don’t think today’s topic is a requisite for sounding like a true French person. This episode comes from one dear listener, Oliver, he asked me to cover slang in French. And that’s what we’re going to do today. Stay tuned!   In this Episode Why slang isn't a requisite when you want to sound like a native Useful and common slang you often hear One rule that creates a lot of our usual slang
In this episode, you’ll learn everything, to buy or order what you need for gardening so that if you happen to go to a garden centre in France or to order from a French website, you’ll know what to ask and look for. Today, the grammar focus is for A students as we will review simple ways to ask questions. As usual, with this episode comes a study guide that contains the transcription, the vocabulary and the grammar focus. You might want to check it out. Don't forget to download it. Stay tuned!   In this Episode Learn gardening vocabulary Review the simple ways to ask questions A challenge for you to shine
Last time, we talked about ice cream and today we will talk about croque monsieur. If there’s one dish you can make at home that is super easy and really French, it’s the croque-monsieur. With a side of salad, you’ve got yourself a perfect lunch. I encourage you to try. If you do, please let me know. Coincidentally, Marcel Proust will make an appearance again in this episode. Today, the grammar focus is for B students as we will review the two conditionals, present and past. As usual, with this episode comes a study guide that contains the transcription, the vocabulary and the grammar focus. You might want to check it out. Don't forget to download it. Stay tuned!   In this Episode How the croque-monsieur was invented Review the conditionals present and past A challenge for you to shine     Music by Podington Bear
In this episode, Candice comes back for a chat. We had a nice talk about her dream house in this episode. Today, we will discover her shopping habits. It will be a good opportunity to review how to properly use articles. If you struggle with them, it's time to listen and download the study guide to practice.   In this Episode Real conversation with real fillers and regional pronunciation Learn or review how to use articles Vocabulary about grocery shopping
Today, I’d like to continue on the topic of finding a language partner to talk to since it’s a big struggle for many of you. In episode 42, I shared my tips to be able to find a conversation partner. If you haven’t listened to it yet, go check it out and grab yourself a French friend. However, finding somebody is only the first step in an efficient language practice. There are some other important things to consider. In this episode, I’d like to share with you a few strategies that you will need to get the most out of your language practice.   In this Episode Why asking for explanations to natives is usually useless The one question you should ask differently The essential thing you should ask your language partner to radically improve your French    
In this episode, we’re going to talk about the intricacies of the pronouns “tu” and “vous”. Today’s title is a bit misleading and I’m sorry about that. My intent isn’t really to have a definite guide of the different uses of these pronouns, instead I would like to go deeper into the complexity of French social interactions. These two words really reflect that. Obviously, as always, I’ll give you some etiquette tips to behave like a French person, but today is more of a cultural episode.   In this Episode Learn when you can say “tu” The situation where “vous” is the ultimate insult A small etiquette guide to the internet
In this episode, I will share some anecdotes related to taste and ice cream. It’s strange to talk about this in winter but I’m longing for sunny days. The grammar focus is for A levels as we will review the negative. As for the vocabulary, it will be useful for when we get to travel again during the summer. You’ll become ice cream professionals as we will learn many words that you will hear when you order in France. If you struggled understanding the different possibilities on a menu, listen to today’s episode, study the guide and you’ll be ordering like a native. Don't forget to download it to get access to the transcription. Stay tuned!   Music by Podington Bear
It’s been almost two months that 2021 has started and I haven’t even asked you if you had any good French goals for this year. Every new year is always an opportunity to start fresh and I thought it would be a nice change on the podcast to have a guest. Her name is Ines and she used to be a French teacher, a regular one, just like me, years ago. Now she’s a French coach and she specializes in neurolanguage. She has kindly accepted my invitation to share with us her expertise. If you need a kick in the butt and/or some guidance because you’re a bit lost with all the things you need to learn, then stay tuned and listen to the episode. In this Episode 5 tips to set effective learning goals 2 tips to stay motivated A guide to achieve your goals   Music by
A few weeks ago, I sent you an email asking you what your biggest struggle was. The answers were overwhelming. Almost everybody asked me how to find natives to talk to. Christine for example told me “finding someone to speak French with”. David, who also answered my email, faces the same problem. “Finding opportunities to practice” he told me. I also received emails directly in my inbox asking me the same question. Today we’re going to go over some solutions we have to finally find where these French people hide. We’ll divide this episode in two parts. In the first one, we’ll explore French people favourite’s hideouts in your town. The second part will apply if you live in the heart of the countryside or in a very small town. We will need to rely on the magic of the internet. Stay tuned!     Music by
Today, we’re going to dive into the world of movies. We’ll learn some useful phrases to describe them. I don’t usually talk about movies I watched because I’m not really into this. I rarely go to the cinema and I don’t even watch that many tv shows. If you've listened to episode 5 of "A day in French", then you know that I like to watch hockey instead. I decided to talk about the movie called "Amelie Poulain" because I learnt that one character and what he does were inspired by real events. I couldn’t imagine that anything in that movie was actually real so I was surprised and wanted to share this piece of information with you. Don't forget to download the study guide to get access to the transcription. Stay tuned!   In this Episode Cultural nugget about the movie "Amelie Poulain" Review phrases to describe movies A challenge for you to shine   Music by Podington Bear
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I just started listening. it's very fun and informative. Merci beaucoup

Jan 13th

Sali Zac

I LOVE your podcast and will listen to each episode several times!

Dec 14th

Sali Zac

Very informative and fun to listen to. Merci beaucoup!

Dec 14th

Carly B

This will be wonderful to share with my French I students this year! Merci beaucoup☺

Aug 23rd
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