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French Revolution? Unmasking Truth -- Unmasking Revolution

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Has the world become mad, unintelligible? Possibly. Is the world on the verge of it? Definitely. Do you think you see, on occasion, sometimes, a shadowy hand moving the horrors in the same direction?

You’re not imagining things…the hand is there, bloody and cruel. The dark entity that it’s attached to wears a mask called the French Revolution.

Will you lift the mask?

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29 Episodes
“Hong Kong - Anatomy of a Revolution.” [Special] It’s not hidden, friends, and you know this full well, that this program, this podcast, has an agenda. This agenda is telling the truth about our collective past and present, and, hopefully, using this truth to help prevent a future more terrible than anyone could ever imagine but we glimpse bits of today. The truth is that of legitimism: France (among other states) has a true king who law and history determine should sit upon his rightful throne. The only people who have been able to argue against it do so on grounds of their own impiety and violence and hatred, they use no logical bases at all, because such bases do not exist. Part of our collective quest for truth deals with current events, and a current event we find ourselves in now is a revolution occurring at Hong Kong. Expat shares his cool and collected observations with you as the once bustling hub of commerce that was Hong Kong goes up in flames around him. And, who better to analyze revolution for you, than the people who study them, understand them, and use such tools as they have to prevent them ; perhaps then to restore the world that they destroyed. We Legitimists. This analysis provides details you’ve not yet heard from the peanut gallery media while putting meta-events in a perspective that both armchair historians and serious political analysts can appreciate. For more information please visit our web site at or send us a Voice Message at
"GreatER Fear." [Episode 5] What is the easiest way to control a group? Scare them. What is the easiest way to overthrow a government? Make the population mad with fear. The fear reaches a crescendo now—in this episode we wade through the terrible March on Versailles. Bewildered by the true women amidst the cross-dressed mob, the guards did not stop the mob. Enmeshed by the intriguing webs of the Duke of Orléans, put off balance by the power-hungry General Lafayette, their thoughts drowned out by the terrible howling of the rabble, King Louis and Marie Antoinette were laid low and made prisoners...little did they know that was to be only the beginning of their torture. For more information please visit our web site at or send us a Voice Message at
“All Aboard the Good Ship Legitimism” [Episode 4] Have you, friend, found yourself tired of the political status quo in the West? Have you found yourself disappointed in a civic culture that praises corruption and compromise as moderation, gives you election cycles resembling nothing so much as regularly scheduled backyard dog fights, and has set up a party system that encourages you to hate your neighbor on Monday’s and Tuesday’s but call them bosom companions every other Saturday? Do you find yourself frightened at the TRUE nature of revolution and terrified of what that nature portends for you and your family? If you answered, or more likely thought, “yes”, to any of the above points then this episode is critical for you. It is truly vital because here Unmasking the Revolution offers you an interview the new executive officer of the Fleur de Lys Club—M³. His journey is of the first importance to any soul in 2019: it is a journey which teaches how one can reach the Good Ship Legitimism from the shores of chaos and see, there are lifeboats available. For more information, please visit our website at: Cover art photo provided by Valentin Salja on Unsplash:
"GreatER Fear." [Episode 3] What is the easiest way to control a group? Scare them. What is the easiest way to overthrow a government? Make the population mad with fear. We continue to reveal that the Revolution fetishizes terror, worships hate, and demands continual blood sacrifice. With a no holds barred look at what Halloween has become in the United States and several sharp but uncomfortable observations about the natural world, joined by our intrepid and undercover guide Monsieur—who continues to reveal secrets of the French Revolution heretofore unknown to the English-speaking world—this is not an episode to be missed. For more information please visit our web site at or send us a Voice Message at
“Special - A Crown of Thorns: Louis XVI and The Last Relic of Christ.” [Episode 2] In the first season it was our pleasure, and our honor, to reveal things to you that had been rather covered up (intentionally or unintentionally) by the liberal-radical combine. However, as it will soon be seen, our scope has expanded beyond that. For the first time ever in the English language, in this podcast episode of Unmasking The Revolution you will learn of the fate of the Crown of Thorns worn by our Lord Jesus Christ and how it is inextricably linked to the fate of His Most Christian Majesty Louis XVI. Prepare to have your horizon expanded and your blinders shattered. For more information please visit our web site at or send us a Voice Message at
“Look Forward, March Back.” [Episode 1]  The first season revealed the mask.  This obscene disguise is growing tattered, thank God, exposing so called noble motives for overthrowing king and church as perfidious and blasphemous.  The Revolution, that is the French Revolution, was the omega of goodness and the first fruits of hell. One item at a time, the Revolution destroys state, corporation, and society; eats away and dissolves flesh, mind, and soul. The story of the past 200 years—war, inflation, murder, racism, genocide, environmental destruction, totalitarianism, automation, anarchy—is the narrative of something that is either totally insane or incomprehensibly evil. But, it is to be hoped, at least, that this is a story that is no longer hidden.  If you have the courage, join us, help us rip the mask off and shred into pieces.  Restore the king.  Save yourself. For more information please visit our web site at or send us a Voice Message at
Season One Finale: “St. Justus Day Massacre” Part II.  Thorough research and collaboration yield a critically important third hour to the first seasons shocking expose of butchery at the Bastille.  In addition to unmasking the thing itself in this episode we reveal: Devilish entanglements between the Luciferian East India Company and the Revolution; virulent,unimaginable levels of Masonic infiltration into the government organs of law and order; aborted attempts by the Most Christian King of France to form an emergency government; and the trained slatterns of Philip Equality working in near lock step formation to corrupt the minds and bodies of Paris. They were his army, and he, well, he at last found a command that suited him.  July 14th 1789 - the kindhearted and absent minded manager of a city supply depot and several of his associates are publicly tortured and dismembered without so much as the pretense of justice. There was a grim farce as the depot manager, the criminals were chanting to him, singing about how they were going to kill him in particular details… they lied, the truth was far worse… threatening to blow the building up as he waved at burning torch around. One of his fellows who thought better of the mob and worse of him took the torch away from the shaking hand and that was that. The depot was ransacked, several deviant perverts by even today’s standards and two forgers a bit sub par by today’s measure, were released; in keeping with the theme the redhanded felons then burned the depot down and put their victims heads on sticks. If you’ve been listening to the podcast this far you know how such a heinous crime could be held up as a national celebration. But if you want to know why this national celebration affects your life right now, this very minute, then tune in. For more information please visit our web site at or send us a Voice Message at  
Episode 13: "Lunacy and Ecstasy" Part III [Includes a special announcement for Spanish-speaking listeners, members, and friends.] Le Comte de Mirabeau. As we discuss those men most emblematic the French revolution preconceptions are brushed aside and, here, Unmasking the  Revolution takes an interesting turn indeed.The analysis is critical, the scholarship rock solid, but in this case, although the actions of Honoré Gabriel Riqueti are established, it is perhaps unlikely anyone will—could ever—get to the bottom of the maelstrom that raged in this tortured geniusʼs mind and soul.  In the end perhaps all that can be said of this man is that he truly was larger than life. Welcome to the revolution.  Join us. Unmask it. For more information please visit our web site at or send us a Voice Message at 
"Episode 11: Lunacy and Ecstasy” Part I. If it were possible—and thankfully it’s not—to send an Old Time Freak Show’s cast along a gravity-drive voyage on the Event Horizon the home movie taken afterward might capture something of the horror on the streets of Revolutionary Paris. As with our tried and true flogging-movie, however: “Hell is just a word. The reality is far, far worse.” We on Unmasking the Revolution truly have labored to set the stage of what occurred in 1789—and we shall wade through its rivers of blood presently. Yet unmasking the revolution is not a light task, and in exposing to you all the truth of the manifold, diabolical conspiracies which sought to destroy true government and the Christian Faith we may have failed to truly capture the mood which hung over everything.   We shall attempt to correct that now.   In the fashionable salons of the rich corrupted members of the elite rambled off political jargon as the quack protege of Herr Hell sent powerful electric currents through their bodies that in turn sent the philosophes into paroxysms that damaged muscles (and furniture) but revealed fleeting glimpses of a social contract. His face brutally deformed as a consequence of his childhood predilection for cow-teat sucking, Danton could be heard across crowded city blocks. He was equally adept at encouraging young Frenchmen to die for the Fatherland as he was selling the same soldiers fake supplies, waving and smiling as a luxury carriage whisked him away from the doomed teenagers. Barely able to keep his balance, his body thoroughly wracked by pains well-earned from a life of debauchery that would have killed several mammoths, Mirabeau staggers unsteadily about...staying upright only by virtue of his groping hands. And from a dark room, the curtains drawn, Joey Balsamo a.k.a. le comte de Cagliostro is fawned over by young ladies for his ability to summon up Satan on demand.   There are the heroes of the Revolution for you. Oh,and Marat, who one notices only due to the sparkle of his ratlike eyes through the sewer-grate. Yes, he lived in the sewer.   For more information please visit our web site at or send us a Voice Message at
"Revolution: 10 Eve of Dark."  Part VI. In this episode, we examine the third and final trial experiment conducted in anticipation of the French Revolution—the Réveillon Affair. Never willing to disguise their handiwork, the Freemasons let their plans be known in the name itself: the Eve. Although undertaken by ordinary individuals, this episode illustrates the truth that unmasking the revolution has done just that. We have laid out for you, concluding with this episode, irrefutable evidence that the French Revolution was a planned criminal enterprise. End of story. Voila. What is then left to come? The bloody massacres, and the Masonic sacrifices, and the reign of blood which was the rule of terror. Not to mention the possessed madmen who orchestrated all.  But there is hope, as the final segment of this episode in the illustrates. The Fleur de Lys club is at last ready to accept new members, and with each new member we gain and each new stalwart that proclaims our side, the message of truth and love, which is legitimism, is podcast every louder to the English-speaking world. For more information please visit our web site at or send us a Voice Message at
“Revolution: Foreshadows” Part IV. Let’s have a bit of perspective here. If you wanted to discover who really inherited the property of a person in a small town say, 20 years ago, you have a difficult task ahead of you. And that’s assuming that no one is trying to destroy records or manipulate any documents. To uncover the truth of an event hundreds of years ago that has shaped our world into the very form it is in today, and which has been intentionally obfuscated by some of the most wickedly intelligent minds the world is ever seen, this is much more difficult. It has been a true task but we have ,as best we could, laid out the world as it really was in 1789. What we shall do now is illustrate for you how several specific events, nearly mathematical in their precision, set up the operational plan for the French Revolution in the months immediately preceding it.  And voila. You’re going to have to make up your mind one day, my friend. And this day is coming soon. You can see the truth for yourself, hidden in plain sight before you. The King was just and clement; the revolutionaries criminal and murderous. The government of Louis XVI was mild; the government of the Revolution extreme to the point of toxicity. From the throne came religious tolerance and mercy; from the mob an attempted genocide against the Church. At this moment visible on television and the internet revolutionaries are destroying the past day in and out and always in the open. How can the modern conservative look on such blatant illegality and with a straight face call themselves Christian and for democracy? For more information, please visit
“Several Newsflashes and Best Wishes for Easter 2019.” Expat and Monsieur are at last reunited with MC on air...unfortunately given distances and times they could not appear simultaneously. Yet despite that separation, perhaps because of it?, both scholars landed deft blows that will set Fake Education and its doctrinaire psycho-teachers reeling. Do you want to know why American conservatives would rather undermine any monarchy instead of helping to restore the one to which they owe their country, their lives and their sacred honor? Then press 'Play'. Do you wish to learn of the harrowing persecution of Christians in the country acknowledged as the Eldest Daughter of the Church? Here is your classroom. Despite the ominous beginning , the announcements end on a high note, for Legitimism is  a government by Christ, of Christ, and for Christ. Struggles in the future will require courage, but our faith guarantees the total and absolute victory of our Savior and our Creator.  For more information, please visit our website at:
 “Revolution: Aesthetics of Hate” Part III. Freemasons conspiring - check. Manipulated by the Illuminati - check. Ferocious espionage and counter intelligence - check. Massive sums of money being laundered  and ferreted away (à blanchir de l'argent) - check. An entire country's food supplies being stolen - check. A happy ending - put an 'X' through it.  This is not the latest Hollywood spy thriller's promo (they've long since given those up for saccharine and gender-fluid super-people). This is the story of a few weeks, all said and done, in 1789. This is a brief summary of the months leading up to the Masonic Insurrection, Orleans Rebellion, the St. Solanus Day Massace: name it whatever you wish, But, please, do give up the tired and false idea of any 'French Revolution'. To say nothing of  the fact that this was a premeditated criminal conspiracy and not a spontaneous 'revolution' - we give the names, dates, and persons confirming that fact this episode - how can a wine-bar putsch by several hundred debauched super-wealthy men (at most) even be mentioned on the same page of what a 'Revolution' is purported to be?   For more information, please visit our website at: 
“Revolution: Comprehending Chaos” Part I At last the time has come to deal with the thing itself, the world’s great nightmare: the French Revolution. Together on the podcast we have explored some madnesses of the modern world, and we have learned the -critically important- facts regarding the sainted establishment of the Kingdom of France, and all of the good it did for Western Civilization. An irreplaceable good, as events today prove. Now comes the tumult, terror, madness, and genocide. With Monsieur as our guide and with Emcee as our host we explore in this episode how possible it is to accurately summarize something so complicated and horrible as what was spawned in 1789. Throw away the tired old canard Qu'ils mangent de la brioche “Let them eat cake” attributed to the gentle Queen Marie Antoinette. Prepare yourself for the true slogan of the Revolution: Nous nous mangeons.  We eat ourselves.
“Lost” Part I [Episode 1] We begin exploring the glaring ironies within and bewildering advertisements without of the American elections. In the remaining segments we host, with delight, a guest from France, highly placed within legitimist circles, with totally unique and heretofore unheard in English insight into French political and historical life , Monsieur. In the first of several interviews we waste no time at all delving into the French Revolution, the world it overthrew, and the impact it continues to have on our lives today. To find out more, please visit:
She was a special forces commando before the invention of the internal combustion engine. She was a model of true femininity and feminism before there was such a concept as women’s rights. With equal mercy she gave no favor to the rich yet showed no partiality to the poor,. She tempered valor with virtue, and with the deepest humility surrendered her victories to the Crown and to God’s Altar. She saved France from the diabolism even then beginning to cement itself in the British Islands, and protected the French people from the ravages of English mercenaries intent only on looting the Continental peasants they oppressed.  She was sentenced to death in a Show Trial that would have made Mr. Stalin blush, by fiendish lawyers who reacted to her purity like Dracula taken out for a summer’s day picnic.  In a special episode of Unmasking the Revolution we are joined by the inimitable and (to be seen) indefatigable Monsieur who explains how this slight peasant girl became the spiritual colossus we know of today and who is held to be the patron of France’s monarchs and of France herself.
"Castle of Christ" Part II [Episode 5] (With apologies to our listeners for the long delay in airing this episode. We at Unmasking the Revolution wish you and yours an excellent New Year. Thank you.)I In the awful wake of Christian Rome’s collapse a few brave souls and a few holy saints—among them Saint Martin of Tours and St. Genevieve of  struggled to keep what remained of Western Civilization intact. They stood as little islands of hope in world consumed by barbarian flames and populated by the empty husk of sacked cities.  In this episode we learn how one of these little islands of hope became the Kingdom of France with the conversion of King Clovis to Christianity. We learn how one little king through acts of intense personal courage and shrewd political maneuvering, and also by the Grace of God, set his kingdom on a course from a war-torn province of a ravaged empire to become the cosmopolitan heart of Christian Civilization: the Eldest Daughter of the Church.  Adhering entirely to the podcast’s dedication to find and explore justice and right order, to find the truth, our returning guests Monsieur and Expat also discuss suggestions by some that King Clovis and political as well as pious motivations. Yet whatever his motives may or may not have been, there is no denying that by his action King Clovis laid the foundation for the Kingdom of France, the rampart of Christian Civilization: the Castle of Christ.  To find out more, please visit:
"Castle of Christ" Part I [Episode 3] In the most riveting episode yet of Unmasking the Revolution, the show is joined by Expat: an objective, intelligent, unbiased, and (as yet) unopinionated American. With his wry wit and trenchant questions we delve into the great “middle stream” of public opinion's current view and explore the motives of people who may or may not decide to form a new government. The opening of the show and the questions asked at the opening provide a suitable arena indeed for the entrance of Monsieur, who is once again kind enough to join our program. In a revelatory broadcast Monsieur enumerates the acts of a number of saints that, together, resulted in the formation of the French monarchy and the French state. We then learn how several saints and a newly crowned and freshly converted king defend the church, civil order, and indeed Western Civilization itself from the depraved and bloody hands of the barbarian hordes that roamed Europe after Rome’s collapse. This order lasted for 1,500 years and appropriately, at long last, we may praise it as the Castle of Christ. To find out more, please visit:
“Lost” Part II [Episode 2] Monsieur joins the program at the bottom of the hour to continue our exploration of revolutionary horror and, miraculously, the survival of the – sacred – French Monarchy through uncountable dangers and plots. Before Monsieur joins the program we begin to outline a discussion of legitimate authority… and the source whence it flows. We discuss the Christianization of Imperial Rome and the schizophrenic madness of election season, and, against good advice, enter into the minds of the Revolutionists. A stage is set for a discussion of incredible importance, where, for the first time in broadcasting history, the suppressed truth of legitimism shall be revealed. In doing so, in setting out the lamp of truth, the revolution shall be unmasked. To find out more, please visit:
“Legitimate Truth” [Pilot Episode] Our world has been masked, we have been blindfolded, the most wide-reaching and impactful event of the modern world, the French Revolution and the processes it began have been, tragically, left largely alone to slink along in the shadows. Our flashlights are starting to sputter, how much longer can they stay on? To find out more, please visit:
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