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French lesson: Le Talisman Brisé
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French lesson: Le Talisman Brisé

Author: RFI

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Professor Omar, the man who wants to make the desert green, is kidnapped by some mysterious visitors. In the garden of the Agronomical Research Centre, Kwamé, his gardener, finds the talisman broken in two. Where is Professor Omar? Who has the other half of the talisman? To save the professor and the desert, Kwamé sets off to find the kidnappers. He has one problem: his French is not up to par…
25 Episodes
In the last episode in the series, Professor Omar offers Nathalie the job of head of security at the Agronomical Research Centre. A year later, in Gorom Gorom, Professor Omar is about to reveal a new plant that could grow in the desert...
The ransom and the thief are found. And Nathalie turns out to be a police officer! Kwamé meets Professor Omar at the Agronomical Research Centre. He gives him the second part of the talisman and the code of Professor Kwada and...
The police finally free Professor Omar and the Fendiougou, and his men are arrested. Nathalie is pleased with Kwamé for being so courageous. But suddenly, Mr Kaboré realises that the money with the ransom has disapeared...
Kwamé finally finds professor Omar and tells him that the police and Gieta are not far behind. But professor Omar warns Kwamé that the police must intervene as quicky as possible ... after 10:30 pm it will be too late.
Kwamé, Nathalie and the police are all going together to the Darcoy swamp. But Kwamé is worried about the police plan. He wants to go the camp on his own first to make sure Professor Omar is safe.
While Kwamé is behind bars, he recaps all he knows about the mysterious kidnapping of Professor Omar. It seems like Kwamé cannot trust anyone ... not even Nathalie. He has to get out of jail, but how?
Kwamé is on his way to Darcoy to rescue Professor Omar, but the police take him and put him in jail. That means Nathalie betrayed him.
Kwamé and Nathalie track down the Fendiougou, Professor Omar's kidnapper. In order to do so, they have to found the woman who works for him. The Fendiougou left two days ago with guns and a jeep. The clock is ticking...
Kwamé and Nathalie are trying to find some answers in Professor Omar's mail box. They discover that some e-mails are from a Professor Aboubakari .... but he can't be a real professor. In fact, he must be the kidnapper!
Back from Niamey, Kwamé and Nathalie go to the Gieta where Monsieur Kaboré informs them that the kidnappers want a 100,000 euro ransom. The voice of one of the kidnappers reminds Kwamé of someone ... but who?
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