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A fully immersive audio-journey into the lives and careers of Hip-Hop’s pioneers, documenting what it was like on their way to the top. The podcast is a detailed chronicle that cements the legacies of the legends while answering questions fans have had for decades. 

11 Episodes
Fatlip of The Pharcyde is an LA native who helped craft two of the highest regarded albums in hip-hop, and through the popularity of the group, helped Delicious Vinyl rebrand into the 90's. But what's this West-Coast rap superhero's origin story? Did he really used to dress like Pee Wee Herman? Did he really get six fails on a report card? Did he really name his son RZA? Come find out on this audio tour through his life. Come join the Stupidverse at
Most people know Smooth B for the legendary hip-hop hits he and partner, Greg Nice, made for Nice & Smooth, but few know about his origin story. From his twin "street scientist" older brothers showing him the ropes, to washing car windows which gained him access to the legendary Bronx nightclub The Sparkle in the 70's, to his early days of touring with Bobby Brown. Come hear firsthand what it was like in the life of The Legendary Smooth B both pre and post "Hip-Hop Junkies"Come be a part of the varsity team at
Thanks for supporting Fresh Era! We can tell it's helping with that C.H.D.S. flare-up of yours and know you're fiending for another episode. We decided to skip this week in observation of Memorial Day (plus, we wanted to get super drunk at our friend's BBQ). However, since Smooth B from Nice & Smooth will be our next episode, we will leave you with this trailer performed by the living legend himself. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button and give us a review wherever you get your podcasts. Until next week, my fellow Golden Era Gladiators!
Funkdoobiest brought a lighter side to the Soul Assassin's sound. Where House of Pain was about raw aggression and Cypress Hill, the weed and the streets, Funkdoobiest used DJ Muggs' and Lethal's production to kick rapid-fire punchlines about everything from Pac Man to Porno (Son may or may not have even starred in a couple). Come on an audio-tour into the life of Son-Doobie and the less-talked-about-yet-equally-important, Tomahawk Funk to find out how the group came together, what it's like on tour with House of Pain, and most importantly, how to stage dive off a three-story speaker stack.Get jumped in to the Stupid Fly Gang at
Roderick "Chip-Fu" Roachford is a Brooklyn born, multi-styled MC and one third of The Fu-Schnickens - the legendary hip-hop trio who took the 90's hip-hop scene by storm when they dropped "F.U. Don't Take It Personal", and Chip-Fu was the driving force behind their success. In a matter of two years, he wrote a gold album, two gold singles, wrote songs for CB4 and The Addams Family Values, and mentored a young, super-tall MC, who you may have heard of, named Shaquille O'Neal. Come find out the motivation behind Chip-Fu's drive to be a rap superstar as well as why you should only allow a select few in your circle.Join the Stupid Fly community at
Marvin “Young MC” Young is a British transplant who relocated to Queens, NYC, before the birth of hip-hop. He excelled at school, used rapping as his creative outlet, and worked his way to USC for his higher education. It was there, in his dorm room, where he was discovered and began his journey into the career of hip hop. Come learn about his life before “Bust A Move,” what it was like to have written the first rap single to go Platinum, and be the first rapper to have received a televised Grammy.Come join the Stupid Fly community at
Dres, born Andres Titus, is a native New Yorker who was raised in Queens. He was one half of Black Sheep - the 90's hip-hop group who is responsible for one of the most legendary albums in hip-hop history - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. And while the album itself exuded fun and innocence, Dres' background was anything but. Come find out his origin story as well as why he vowed to never talk about his criminal past on record. Be a part of the Fresh Era community at
Chubb Rock, born Richard Simpson, was one of five children from a West Indian family raised in Brooklyn, NY in the 1970's. He saw the birth of Hip-Hop first hand, and through chance encounters, embarked on a journey to stardom alongside his cousin and mentor Howie Tee. The success of "Treat Em Right" was far from instantaneous. Come find out about Chubb's motivation, set-backs, and focused determination that made him the unforgettable star that he is today. Be a part of the Fresh Era community at
Wake up from your adulthood coma and fight CHDS; Classic Hip-Hop Deficiency Syndrome. Subscribe to Fresh Era now!
Wake up from your adulthood coma and fight CHDS; Classic Hip-Hop Deficiency Syndrome. Subscribe to Fresh Era now!
Suffering from CHDS (Classic Hip-Hop Deficiency Syndrome)? Listen to Fresh Era - a fully immersive, guided tour back to the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, told through the voices of the legends themselves. Bring your Crystal Pepsi and come reminisce about Chubb Rock, Young MC, The Pharcyde, Nice & Smooth, and many more. Cure that adulthood coma you've been stuck in, and listen to Fresh Era now!
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Haha this is hilarious! Big Funkdoobiest fan here!

Apr 15th

Francesca Provenzano

I loved the Trailer. Wow.

Mar 28th
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Can’t wait for this!

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