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Author: Pam & Heather

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Welcome to Freshemp! Join Heather Diers and Pam Trapp both certified medical cannabis educators and activists as we discuss everything hemp and cannabinoids. It's the fastest growing industry int he last 50 years for a great reason. It's nothing short of miraculous in so many ways. We will break down the industry, the science, the applications both medicinally and functionally, the history, the legality, and all fresh and relevant news of the moment. Join our chats with industry leaders and pioneers as well as hearing personal testimonials to the life changing benefits for users. Check show notes for references and if you love us, please leave a review! Thanks for listening and share away!
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Indianapolis attorney Greg Taylor became a member of the Indiana Senate Democratic Caucus after being elected to represent Senate District 33 in November 2008. As a business and government attorney, Taylor joined the Senate with a breadth of knowledge and experience regarding economic development and job creation.In November, 2020, Senator Taylor was elected Indiana State Senate Minority Leader.A member of several local organizations, Taylor understands and appreciates the diversity found in the community and workplace. He has been appointed as a member of the Commission on the Social Status of Black Males, the White River State Park Development Commission, the Uniform Law Commission, the Public Defender Commission, Code Revision Commission as well as the State Fair Advisory Commission.Listen as we discuss the status of the legalization of cannabis in the state of Indiana as it relates to social justice, healthcare and the positive economic implications that it could bring.  Support the show (
Ishqa Hillman is the founder and CEO of The Canna Boss Babes.  In this episode we discuss some difficult life transitions and how the use of cannabis to cope with anxiety and stress helped her not only cope, but thrive and fly. Ishqa has gone on to become a leading advocate and educator in her local Southern California community as well as nationally via Instagram and Facebook. The Canna Boss Babes is an entrepreneurial support platform created for women and open to all. Everyone's a Babe! The cannabis industry is one of the hardest in which to survive, much less thrive. As a coach in the space, Ishqa found one thing being repeated - women want to work with women. In late 2019 she built a powerful network of Southern California women-based businesses partnering with The Suave Life to bring wellness events providing education on a variety of topics related to not only cannabis but empowerment and life skills. With the onset of COVID in early 2020 The Canna Boss Babes have utilized Instagram to hear and share the stories that make up our cannabis community. With babes all over the world and of all sexes (everyone's a babe) come join us as we educate, entertain and build relationships. Instagram Lives are scheduled M-F 9am and 7:10pm. Join Ishqa and her babes!Support the show (
Join us for our chat with Katherine Golden - RN and CEO of Leaf 411.  We loved her take on cannabis and Covid - she helps us cut through the claims and get to the facts. Leaf411™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit operating a FREE cannabis-trained nurse hotline. Our mission is to provide education and directional support to the general public about the safe use of legal cannabis (marijuana & hemp). Our team of cannabis trained nurses are passionate about helping our community access balanced education about their legal cannabis use while also improving public perception of the cannabis industry.Everyone has questions about cannabis. Are hemp and marijuana the same thing? Will CBD get me high? Do I have to smoke it? Do I have to get high to get the benefits? Where do I even begin?For many people, it can be hard to find specific answers in the abundance of cannabis information out there. Getting educated on cannabis is like learning a new language, it’s always easiest to learn with the help of someone already fluent (ideally a medical professional). Leaf411 allows you to take the guesswork out by speaking to a cannabis trained nurse.Leaf411™ believes that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to legal cannabis use. We live in a world where many people use the internet to self-diagnose and treat themselves, especially when it comes to cannabis medicine. Leaf411’s cannabis nurse hotline is a FREE resource for people to call and speak directly to a medical professional that can point them in the right direction.Support the show (
Heather Allman, MS Medical Cannabis Activist and Journalist with Cannabis Law Report discusses her inspirational story of overcoming the debilitating effects of polypharma by implementing cannabinoid supplementation to cope with multiple sclerosis symptoms.  Heather is a talented writer and fierce advocate who eloquently articulates the struggle of thousands coping with chronic illness.  This is a must listen for all who want to understand the details of specific dosing and how it can help.Heather's credentials are as follows.  You can find her on LinkedIn.  Independent Medical Cannabis Writer, Fierce Vocal Advocate, Consultant, Researcher, NACB Member, FL Medical Cannabis Patient, Speaker, Community Liaison—————• Green-Flower Cannabis Fundamentals Certified• Retired Adjunct Faculty-UWF, English Dept and Communication Arts Dept• B.A.Ed.,1995 | M.A, 1999-UWF, English Education: Secondary—————• U.S. Pain Foundation Jr. Ambassador—————• We the people theoretically "own" the cannabis plant🌱 and the hemp fiber🌾 so let's optimize the consumption and use of cannabis in our daily lives. • In cannabis and life, I operate under the principles of radical compassion❣ radical honesty👍 and radical kindness🙏 Namaste.Support the show (
Join us for a lively discussion with Aliza Sherman, CEO of Ellementa.Ellementa is a global wellness company educating women about plant medicine, including cannabis and CBD, and guiding them to quality products from trusted brands that want to reach them.Aliza is a groundbreaking Latina entrepreneur who started the 1st woman-owned Internet company, Cybergrrl, Inc. and 1st global Internet networking organization for women, Webgrrls International that peaked at 100 chapters worldwide and 30,000 participants.Newsweek named her one of the “Top People Who Matter Most on the Internet.”Fast Company called her one of the “Most Powerful Women in Technology.”HispanicBusiness magazine named her one of the “100 Most Powerful Hispanic Entrepreneurs”.Author of 11 books including Social Media Engagement for Dummies; The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit, and Mom, Incorporated.  Join us to hear Aliza's thoughts on the state of cannabis and women's health.  Support the show (
Since the beginning of our podcast, we have used care and discretion constantly searching for resources and collaboration with the very best in the cannabis industry. Personal and family health challenges encouraged this search and eventually led us to Jerrik Keller, a humble and joyful formulator of the most premium, and surprisingly affordable products on the overpopulated market of cannabinoid tinctures.  We abide by and recommend only products that follow the FLOW criteria, as developed by the Cannabis Nurses Network.  FLOW is a simple, yet powerful guideline for selecting the most beneficial and safe products:F - Flower BasedL - Lab TestedO - OrganicW - Whole PlantOur introduction to Jerrik, Unity Formulas, and The Lighthearted Farmer was a revelation. Now, we share him  and his exceptional products, with you.Jerrik is a Co-Owner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and the namesake of The Lighthearted Farmer,  a family owned and operated business based in Oregon. With agricultural roots, their passion starts with Mother Earth including a vision for humanity to work in harmony with the Earth and with each other. The Lighthearted Farmer was created to ensure that individuals who wanted this connection to earth and to vitality, would be able to access the highest quality herbal and mushroom medicines. They are committed to offering great personable customer service, vibrant natural remedies, and integral, insightful information. They have a mission to care for customers as family. Recently, Jerrik collaborated with Janna Champagne, RN, BSN to develop powerful medical grade formulas to address the most commonly raised symptoms from patients and clients.  These include day pain, night pain, anxiety, sleep, and neuro health.   Nurse Janna’s focus is holistic treatment, natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals that include cannabis therapy, and epigenetic screening (nutrigenomics) and her specialties include Autism/Pediatrics, Autoimmune/Inflammatory Disease, Neuro/Mental Health Dysfunction, and Chronic Pain Syndromes. Nurse Janna is an active member of Cannabis Nurses Network, Patients for Safe Access, and Oregon Holistic Nurses Association.Listen to our podcast with Nurse Janna here: out Unity Formulas here:   Unity Formulas Orders and use the code  RETCMU2  for a 20% discount only available thru Freshemp and Email us at or for client pricing for The Lighthearted Farmer products available through proprietary retail outlets. Jerrik provides an insightful perspective on agriculture, cannabis, medicine, and what it means to be human. He enjoys one-on-one conversations with customers, offering his valuable perspective and feedback on cannabinoid supplementation, extraction and formulation processes, and anecdotal evidence. He consults with and supplies leading physicians and nurses specializing in holistic evidence based supplementation. Support the show (
Listen in to our fantastic conversation with Eloise Theisen, founder and CEO of Radicle Health based in Walnut Creek, California.  Eloise is a board-certified Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years experience in nursing. Prior to cannabis Eloise worked for about 14 years in oncology at John Muir. She started her own cannabis practice about 6 years ago and she has treated over 6000 patients using cannabis.   Eloise was possibly the first HCP to bring a clinical dosing regimen to the cannabis space and has assembled the knowledge and data to use cannabis to treat a broad range of conditions and disease, especially those that commonly afflict seniors—pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. There are very few HCPs nationally with the same level of expertise and experience. Eloise is the President-Elect of the American Cannabis Nurses Association for 2019, and will serve as President through 2022.Support the show (
Janna Champagne is a cannabis nurse in Oregon, and founder of nonprofit Integrated Holistic Care, an organization with a mission to educate patients about alternatives to pharmaceuticals.   IHC offers patient consultation to assess individual considerations of cannabis therapy, with targeted care planning with the goal of improving medical cannabis therapy outcomes.   In addition to being a nurse, Janna is a cannabis patient herself, and credits cannabis for her recovery from Chronic Lyme/Lupus.  Janna also has a daughter with Autism who benefits from medical cannabis therapy, and her experiences feed her passion for the potential of cannabis to improve health.    Janna's specialties include Pediatric applications of cannabis therapy (Autism, Epilepsy, Mental Health), in addition to the areas of Autoimmune, Neurological Disorders, and Gastrointestinal applications of cannabis.   Integrated Holistic Care has grown to employ 3 nurses, each with varying areas of specialty.    In addition, our work with patients generated another project, the Cannabis Nurse Approval program, which certifies products as medical grade and helps ensure patient's understand and recognize optimal medical cannabis products.    We also provide cannabis education to the community, and medical professionals interested in learning more about this specialty.   Join us as we discuss her important work!Websites:   www.integratedholisticcare.comwww.cannabisnurseapproved.comFacebook:   Janna Champagne: Nurse Janna: Integrated Holistic Care: the show (
Dr. DeVito is the founder of Sticky Ink.  Loren is a neuroscientist with expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas, including neurology, oncology, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, and rare disorders.  She is a talented medical writer and strategist with a keen insight int cannabinoid medicine and its various facets.  In this episode we discuss the challenges of bringing viable and reliable education on the profound benefits of medical cannabis to the traditional medical community and healthcare practitioners. Loren gives us as consumers valuable insight and reliable resources to start and/or continue our education on what medical cannabis can do for us and our loved ones.  Listen in and share.  It could start your journey to plant based cannabinoid wellness!From  Dr. Loren DeVito:  "These are my opinions only and do not reflect any of the magazines or clients that I work with."Support the show (
Luba Andrus speaks about the powerful movement taking over health and wellness.   Her years of experience educating the educators and healers all over the world on the medicinal benefits of cannabinoid supplementation are an inspiration to us all.  She gives us simple advice on how to move the needle every single day to teach the world and our healthcare providers in particular about how this miraculous plant can change our lives.  A leading and barrier breaking pioneer in pharmacological, educational, and women in cannabis, Luba is tirelessly working to change the world on our behalf.  Luba T. Andrus, RPh., B.S., M.J., Patient Advocate, Clinical Educational Coordinator and Pharmacist in the state of Illinois. Founder of Mature Approaches to Cannabis, Illinois Coalition. Co-founding member and principal of MedMar, Inc.,Principal and Founder of StellarMed Group medication therapy management consulting.Experienced medical cannabis consultant designed to facilitate the healthcare team to promote safe and effective medication use and achieve optimal patient outcomes with focus on patient safety & efficacy.Patient medication continuum of care, quality of care, efficacy, safety and compliance of medications with focus on marijuana as medicine.Earned my pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy, and Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law from Loyola University School of Law in Chicago. A skilled communicator, having participated in numerous advisory boards and speaker bureaus for national pharmaceutical companies. Current member of prestigious professional societies, including theAmerican Society of Consultant Pharmacists,(ASCP), American Society of Cannabis Pharmacists (ASCPh), Illinois Women in Cannabis (IWC), Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and WeWillWomen.orgReceived international cannabis certification as auditor in Barcelona, Spain.Business expertise includes owning medical cannabis dispensary, owning and operating a compounding Pharmacy.Member of Advisory boards:AvanirDey PharmaceuticalBoehringer-IngelheimRoche DaiichiWyethForestSpeaker Bureaus:Avanir DSIUCB BI Sanofi-Aventis Eisai Forest Merck NovoNordisk Support the show (
In this episode we discuss the launch of CannaMedU along with our partner and guest Amy Nichols.  Listen in to hear all of the details!A science based national teaching initiative founded by Certified Medical Cannabis Educators and Advocates. Our mission is to fill the huge void in education with teaching  resources designed to help clinicians, healthcare advocates, and anyone interested in plant based medicine implement best practices and viable choices for recommendations to their patients, clients, and loved ones.Support the show (
Don't miss the amazing episode filled with wisdom and insight from James Schwartz.  James Schwartz CCRN, BSN, LNC, is an experienced medical legal consultant and CEO of CascadeHigh with twenty years experience cultivating cannabis. James is a self-described organic minimalist cultivating in the most sustainable manner. James believes in the clean Cannabis and its use as a wellness drug. His Oregon licensed cultivation, Cascade High, has been featured in Dope Magazine and on the cover of Oregon Leaf’s Sustainability issue (March ‘18). James is currently on the NCIA Cannabis Cultivation Committee and has presented Cannabis topics to multiple audiences at conferences including Cannabis Science Conference, PDX Hempfest, Cannabiz Convention, and educational industry mixers. His business, legal, medical, and agricultural knowledge provides a unique perspective on the industry. James has lobbied for Cannabis on both the national and state level with Oregon Cannabis Association and is a fierce advocate for the plant and all who use it.Accolades:June 2016- Dope Magazine Farm Feature (highlighting medical knowledge) 2016 – Dope Magazine Oil Feature End Of Cannabis Small Business: How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Preparing to Take Over Cannabis by James Schwartz 2017 – Toke Talks – Pharmaceutical Takeover of the Cannabis IndustryJune 2017 – PDX Hempfest – Minimalist Organic FarmingAugust 2017 – Cannabis Science Conference- Organic Farming and the Endocannabinoid SystemCultivation Classic 2017 – Innovation award for Sustainability -Cascade High 2018 – Oregon Leaf Sustainability issue cover feature and farm feature Classic 2018 award for CBD – Cannatonic 2018- Cannabiz Conference – Key Strategic Principles to a Successful CannabizSeptember 2018 – CBD Health and Wellness Webinar on “CBD: Bridging the Gap and Breaking Down Barriers and Stereotypes of Cannabinoids”NCIA Cultivation CommitteeSupport the show (
A lighthearted, shocking look at the path to criminalization of hemp as well as the surprising uses of the plant starting at the beginning of time.  article references include:Indianapolis Monthly; March 19, 2019 "Eli Lillys Hazy Memory" by Adam Wren Mechanics; February, 1938 "New Billion Dollar Crop"; April 25, 2019 "History and Hemp.  Old Dogs, Not so New Tricks." the show (
Heather and Pam discuss the hemp and cannabis industry and the benefits for Americans and citizens worldwide.  What does the deregulation mean to us and how does the Farm Bill of 2018 pave the way for millions to benefit greatly in their health and wealth.  In 2018 the US hemp/CBD industry produced 590 million in revenue and it is projected to grow to 22 billion (or more) by the year 2022.  Listen to hear what's hempening!Produced by:  Mark Diers   Music and Sound by:  Mark DiersSupport the show (
Listen in as we discuss the relatively new discovery of the human endocannabinoid system.  In the last 30 years science has uncovered a bodily system that regulates and balances all other systems in humans.  Endo (within humans) and phyto (plant) cannabinoids play a critical role in helping our bodies return to homeostasis, or perfect balance.  This balance is what allows organic and natural healing.  Produced by:  Mark Diers   Music and Sound by:  Mark DiersSupport the show (
Welcome to Freshemp!  Join Heather Diers and Pam Trapp both certified medical cannabis educators and activists as we discuss everything hemp and cannabinoids.  It's the fastest growing industry int he last 50 years for a great reason.  It's nothing short of miraculous in so many ways.  We will break down the industry, the science, the applications both medicinally and functionally, the history, the legality, and all fresh and relevant news of the moment.  Join our chats with industry leaders and pioneers as well as hearing personal testimonials to the life changing benefits for users.  Check show notes for references and if you love us, please leave a review!  Thanks for listening and share away!Produced by:  Mark Diers   Music and Sound by:  Mark DiersSupport the show (
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