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With a podcast dedicated entirely to all the ways friendship can help you thrive in midlife, it was only a matter of time until Mindy, Michelle & JD tacked the ultimate “F” in the Friendsome universe - fitness! If you’re anything like our trio of besties, the “quarantine 15” has become more like the “quarantine 50,” and with all signs pointing to society reopening in time for bikini season, our mission became crystal clear - find a safe, fun and fabulous way to fight fat with friends! And guess what? We did it! On this all new exciting episode of Friendsome & Then Some we are joined by our friends, Karla Amador & Phillip Stinis the founders and enthusiastic real-life couple behind the incredible fitness craze, “52 Hike Challenge.”  See for privacy information.
Happy Women’s History month, everyone! Whether you or a woman you love is in show business or you just love hearing the inspiring stories of women empowering women to achieve their dreams, please join Mindy, Michelle and JD as they go one-on-one with entertainment industry powerhouse, Gretchen McCourt, the co-founder and creative genius behind the much acclaimed and much needed  "Women in Entertainment” organization. It’s no secret Hollywood has been far from an even playing field for women. Just look at the dismal history of female filmmakers at the Academy Awards. In its 93-year existence only one women, Kathryn Bigelow, has ever won the Oscar for directing. Its statistics like this and countless other inequities and failings of the entertainment industry to properly and fairly represent women that, in 2015 led McCourt and partner, Renee Rossi to create a non-profit dedicated to bringing together forward-thinkers from all areas of the entertainment industry to explore a variety of topics that impact women: from human rights and women’s leadership, to storytelling across platforms and empowering the next generation of women to emerge as creative powerhouses.   See for privacy information.
GRAB YOUR TISSUES, FRIENDSOME & THEN SOME FANS!! We are back with an all new show and it may be our most personal episode ever! Join Mindy, Michelle & JD as they unpack their very real, very scary journey with the virus that has rocked the planet for more than a year now. From testing positive to the impact on friends and family to the nightmare of being hospitalized during the peak of the pandemic, you will not believe the life-changing journey one of our own has been on. This week's special guests are healers from both sides of the spectrum. Board certified primary care physician, Dr. Aimee Ostick gives us her professional medical perspective while internationally reknowned Reiki Healer, Satish, breaks down the holistic approach to healing. See for privacy information.
Do you believe in fairytales? How about a “Fairy Egg Mother?”  This week on Friendsome & Then Some, friends and fashion models for decades, Krissy Lefevbre, star of The Apprentice, Playboy cover model and wife of famed chef Luca Lefevbre, and Farley Boyle reveal how a chance encounter at a bikini fashion show 26 years ago changed their lives forever.  Listen to this truly inspiring story of empowered women using friendship to solve an incredibly painful, and far too common problem, facing millions of women and families. Best friends forever bonded by fertility! You won't believe the jaw-dropping twists and turns that led these women to create one of the most incredible blended families ever on this very special episode of "Friendsome & Then Some!!"    See for privacy information.
Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of the most romantic holiday of the year, Friendsome & Then Some welcomes the ultimate best friends - Dr. Eric & Joyce Burbano (aka Mindy's parents) to break down the secret to living the life of your dreams by marrying your best friend. With nearly 57-years of gorgeous, colorful, wedded bliss under their belts, The Burbano's are a testament to the power of friendship and love! It's been said that if a rainbow had a name it would be "Joyce and Eric Burbano." Find out what it takes to make friendship and love work for a lifetime on this very special episode of Friendsome & Then Some!   See for privacy information.
Friendsome & Then Some welcomes a friend who’s known Mindy, Michelle and JD since it all started back at KTLA - Channel Five’s superstar reporter and weekend anchor, Lynette Romero. When it comes to someone truly thriving through midlife, few are doing it quite as well as Lynette! A few years back Lynette decided to take her life and health into her own hands becoming an expert in intermittent fasting. Two years later Lynette’s body is 70 lbs lighter, but her soul couldn’t be fuller. Find out where that amazing glow is coming from on this very special episode of Friendsome & Then Some! See for privacy information.
Friendsome & Then Some returns with special guest Vivica A. Fox! We take a deep dive with the "Kill Bill" and "Independence Day" star and her best friend, Kia Todd. No topic is off limits! From aging gracefully and dealing with a toxic friendships to loving yourself and dating in midlife - we go there!  It’s raw, fun, and super honest! New shows available to watch every Tuesday on YouTube and Facebook or download to listen wherever you get your podcasts!  #friendship #midlife #friends #vivicaafox #celebrityinterview #besties #bestfriends #culture #society #aging #dating @friendsomeandthensome @mindystearns @jdcargill @maorrego @msvfox @kia.todd See for privacy information.
As many of you know, Mindy, Michelle & JD all met while working at KTLA's Channel 5 in Hollywood. Well, that was the beginning of three unique and amazing careers. Following KTLA, JD went to CNN where he worked in their entertainment news division conducting celebrity interviews for the global news network. One of those interviews was with The Spice Girls. Here's how that went.  See for privacy information.
Today on Friendsome and Thensome "A Man's Best Friend" with Michael Fiala See for privacy information.
“Fab & 50” - We wanted to hear both the male and female perspective on this big milestone, and see how each of the sexes process aging differently. So, we welcome two amazing guests; Laila Kaiser who just turned 50, she has never liked aging, and in fact has lied about her age for 25+ years. And then Greg Garcia, he didn’t think it was a big deal, and certainly didn’t want a big party, so COVID took care of that for him. No big gatherings. He has taken stock in health, and focusing on exercising more and eating better. See for privacy information.
Today, we talk to the one & only Lawrence Zarian. He’s known as “The Fashion Guy” - an author, he’s a regular guest on countless talk shows “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” “The Steve Harvey Show,” “KTLA Morning Show,” “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” and he’s also a host on the Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family." We go behind the scenes of a 2 decade long friendship to unveil some moments that might surprise you. We are all on a journey! It’s time in our midlife to look back, reflect, and embrace that journey. Yes, it may be painful, yes, it may have taken you to some very dark places, but look where you are now. You may look at someone who is super successful who started out as a sexy model, and think “oh they have it all.” Well, we dive deep into heavy topics on struggling with sexuality and sobriety. It’s a very uplifting journey in the end, as he just celebrated 15 years sober. We discuss how a very good friend could be struggling with something and you may not have any awareness of what they are going through at that time. Find out about forgiveness, and what is truly “earned happiness." See for privacy information.
Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Speaker, Writer||Winner of VeryWellFit’s Streaming Award for Best Wellness Podcast “Radically Loved Radio” Top Rated Health Podcast on iTunes TOPICS: What does it mean to be radically loved How to pull yourself out of anxiety attack Mindfulness goes mainstream Remember your feelings are not facts Goat Yoga XXX Yoga How to stay in the present moment Believe that you are enough Be grateful for your breath Great saying; LIE to your brain CHEAT fear & STEAL back the phenomenal confidence you were born with See for privacy information.
In this episode we talk about keeping up with the kids and the Tik Tok take over. Do we as parents shield our kids from all these trends, or do we embrace them? Tik Tok and Snap Chat Do we send mix messages to our kids when we also engage in these videos? Should we stay out of it, or are we being cool parents? Listener questions: From Marcy: “What do you do when 2 friends like the same person?” From Jason: “Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping a positive mindset during Covid?” We also dive deep into the meaning of a “Karen” and finally we talk to the coolest Karen out there! Karen Brailsford, Mother, Author and Spiritual Teacher about her latest book “Sacred Landscapes of the Soul - Aligning with the Divine Wherever You Are.” See for privacy information.
The Friendsome Crew talked with Carrie Casden, Business Manager & Licensed Money Coach with Summit LA Topics of Discussion; -Culturally we talk to our friends about pretty much anything, loosing weight, relationships, sex, but when it comes to money it all comes to a skre. Why is that? -When do you start talking to your kids about money? -How to help aging parents with finances. -The way we think about money is from our childhood, and can be passed down from generation to generation. -Money & fear -What is your Money Personality? There are 8 different types. Are you the; Victim Martyr Fool Innocent Tyrant Warrior Magician Creative Artist See for privacy information.
In this episode we talk about how to “Show Up” for your friend when times get tough. How to be the light for a friend during their darkest moments. We talk to Kim Rouggie O’Rourke a friend we all have known from KTLA. She was the News @10pm Producer. We tell very personal stories of how we got each other through some of the lowest of low times in our lives. See for privacy information.
In part #2 of our 3-part series "Life-Changing Friends" we meet Mindy's life-changing friend, Linda Wolf. They say "timing is everything" and that could not be more true for Mindy and Linda's journey. Learn about the organization, mentorship and incredible timing that changed Mindy's life forever! See for privacy information.
As our growing base of friends and fans knows, our own Friendsome (aka trip of best friends) is comprised of Mindy Stearns, Michelle Orrego and JD Cargill. In this very special 3-part series "Life Changing Friends" each of our hosts welcomes a special guest to the show that helped form and inform their life in a truly meaningful way. Today we meet JD's life-changing friend who gave him the strength to love himself and come out of the closet, Robert Goff. See for privacy information.
LA Pride Parade 50th Anniversary" with some Very Special Guests. See for privacy information.
Friendsome and Thensome celebrate 2020 Graduates, High School Grad Joey Davies, College Graduate, Cortland Jell and Professor Melissa Hawkins. See for privacy information.
Join Us Now. Wine Much? with Special Guest Chad Melville, Wine Grower!! Please Share This Show!! See for privacy information.
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