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If you are a Founder who loves the company you started, and you want to be the CEO that pilots it to sustained success, you’re in the right place! Hear from dynamic, inspiring, and successful Founders as they share their insightful stories and practical tips that make becoming the CEO more fun, stress free, and easier to build and scale the company and life of your dreams. Your guide, Todd Uterstaedt, is super passionate about Startup CEO success and wants to help boost your leadership capabilities, confidence, and mindset so that you can: 1) Build, scale, and lead your company commensurate with your dreams and aspirations 2) Maintain control of your company 3) Enhance your company’s valuation for possible succession or a profitable exit. It’s leadership development for the busy Founder and CEO.
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Charlynda's grandfather, Charlie "Mutt" Ferrell, Jr. created an all-purpose specialty sauce in 1956. In 2013, she learned that she inherited the coveted recipe. He didn't leave her any instructions, but she used her Air Force leadership experience and business background to create Mutt's Sauce, LLC, and they now distribute four flavors of Mutt's Sauce across the U.S. What you'll hear from Charlynda is this interview is the wisdom of many years. Her mentor, Daymond John (yes, that Daymond John), shares some key advice that helped her get through some difficult times. Hear what he told her and how you can apply the same knowledge.
Imagine having an intelligence system that proactively finds the right information you need to craft the best messages for sales prospecting. That is what Daniel and his team have created. And, as an early stage Founder, Daniel continues to learn valuable lessons. One big being the "hero CEO" creates more problems than it is worth.
Are you contributing or contaminating? That is a question that Brad invites advisors, family members, friends, etc., (who desire to give advice to rising Founders) to think about. He talked exclusively with us about how he navigates this question with his successful family members in Wisconsin.
You may know Evan. He is the guy with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube aiming to help you believe your entrepreneurial ambitions can come true. But, have you ever stopped to think if Founders like Evan have fears, doubts, and concerns? Evan gets real candid with me and details his biggest fear and what he does to overcome it. A MUST listen.
Bob is a former hockey player on a mission. After a split with his business partner, he had to move from the "assist" role to the "lead' role. Listen to what he had to change about himself and how he had to focus on blocking out the noise.
Sometimes it takes someone from one geography and culture to notice opportunities in another geography and culture. Tarik is originally from Morocco and he understands the real estate industry having learned it from his father. It was a subtle understanding of the differences of these two cultures that helped Tarik understand how to scale ChoreRelief and better grow as a CEO.
It's sometimes challenging for Founders to accept that members of our team may have different motivations, work ethic, and focus areas as we do. When you think about the hard work and dedication it takes to play hockey professionally, you'd understand why Brandon and Kirk felt this way as they have built and grown MADabolic. Listen as these two thoughtful Founders have grown in a very challenging marketplace
Sherry and her team are at the cutting edge of using gene science to create customized meal plans for all of us and have a big impact on diseases like obesity and diabetes. She is very accomplished and very smart. So, it may come as a surprise to some of you when she shares the story about a big question that was put to her: Is she the person to lead her fast-growth company into the future. Listen to what she did and the decision she came to.
What do you do, when you start feeling overwhelmed? Nicolas shares some ideas on this topic. Chili Piper is not his first startup. But, this is the first one that is bootstrapped. And, those of you who are bootstrapping your company know the additional strains and stress bootstrapping your company can bring. Listen to what Nicolas does and how he had a breakthrough.
Trust'll be inspired and motivated after listening to Dr. Tye Caldwell and Courtney Caldwell. They not only have created an amazing company that helps so many entrepreneurs, but they also have a great marriage. Their practices and advice about co-founder risk calibration and communication is very helpful to all co-founders.
Ju has created a consumer brand that is growing lightening fast, with just a small team of 5 people. What's her secret? And, since she is in Paris and her team is in New York, how does she ensure her presence is felt in New York? She explains this and so much more in this candid interview.
An encounter with a friend Founder and some of the Jan ads out there got me a bit annoyed and excited all at the same time. Listen to my thoughts about how YOU can become a Stress Free Founder.
I thought we might start off the New Year with a very unique Founder doing amazing things. Bridger is a licensed therapist turned Founder who wants to make mental health more accessible to YOU. He is a very enthusiastic guy. So, it was fun to talk about how we deceive ourselves as Founders, from a therapist's perception about himself as a Founder.
We are 5 years old. Thanks to YOU...our loyal listeners and Founders around the world. Thank you for joining us on this journey to help making the path from Founder to CEO a bit easier for YOU. In light of our anniversary year and since we are closing out 2019, I thought I might share with you "The Top 5 Founder Team Leadership Surprises" as collected from all of you during the past 5 years. Let me know what you think. Was there something you were surprised by that is not on the list?
Jim is back! Jim was such a popular guest last time, that I asked him to come back and talk about how YOU can achieve better Founder focus in 2020. And, he does not disappoint.
Alex is making mail exciting again. His innovative service brings fun and joy to a new type of product that you may even want to try out. Yet, on the journey of creation, Alex learned a hard lesson about what leadership is all about.
Cooking without fuel? Check. Managing our emotions as Founders when we are "Crossing The Chasm"...a bit more difficult. Patrick Sherwin details his journey of creating an amazing solar oven and how his emotions positively and negatively affected the growth of his startup.
What do 3D technology have to do with hiring a Sales Executive and Emotional Intelligence? Listen and you'll hear from Han Jin who is truly remarkable.
Where phase are in on the journey? Founder? Farmer? Tinker? Thief? Chris reveals what phase he is in and what he struggles with on the journey from Founder to CEO.
I think you will raise your understanding of business models when you this to this interview. But, that isn't the reason to listen. You'll want to listen to this interview because Safwan has created a path of Founder leadership that doesn't rely on "disruption" or "world domination" or other euphemisms that paint a scenario of win/lose. No, Safwan helps us understand how to create startups that serve and creates wins for all involved.
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