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If you are a Founder who loves the company you started, and you want to be the CEO that pilots it to sustained success, you’re in the right place! Hear from dynamic, inspiring, and successful Founders as they share their insightful stories and practical tips that make becoming the CEO more fun, stress free, and easier to build and scale the company and life of your dreams. Your guide, Todd Uterstaedt, is super passionate about Startup CEO success and wants to help boost your leadership capabilities, confidence, and mindset so that you can: 1) Build, scale, and lead your company commensurate with your dreams and aspirations 2) Maintain control of your company 3) Enhance your company’s valuation for possible succession or a profitable exit. It’s leadership development for the busy Founder and CEO.
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I think you will raise your understanding of business models when you this to this interview. But, that isn't the reason to listen. You'll want to listen to this interview because Safwan has created a path of Founder leadership that doesn't rely on "disruption" or "world domination" or other euphemisms that paint a scenario of win/lose. No, Safwan helps us understand how to create startups that serve and creates wins for all involved.
A we celebrate Veteran's Day this week, I thought it would be good to bring on a guest who is not only a veteran, but helps other veterans become Founders of successful companies. Todd Connor is a former Navy Officer who not only shares his successful journey From Founder To CEO, but also helps all of us better understand when to say NO, and how to say NO.
Talk about candid. The more I spoke with Tom, the more respect I had for him. Not only did he share what he did when he reached 300 lbs, but he was VERY candid about the way he went about changing the compensation structure for his company. Spoiler alert: He admits it was not the best way to do it. Listen, learn, and apply. Tom's insights are worth they weight in gold.
Alan Pinstein has founded a number of successful companies. And, he is very insightful about when it's time to choose a CEO replacement, how to go about it and then how to maintain a great relationship.
John and his team help you with your email. And, they do an amazing helping you better communicate with your email. That's why I was grateful to John when he got very vulnerable about how he had to work on his own internal communication and leadership in order to raise his Gallup employee survey scores from 5% to 92% percentiles. Listen to what happened and how he turned things around.
Corey tells his story of development so that you can understand how to tell your story of development and help you use it more effectively. He gets very personal about his need to be special and how he had to work through this need to become a better Founder & CEO. Plus, he is super engaging as a guest. I know you'll like this interview and learn a great deal from it.
The Gift Of Struggle

The Gift Of Struggle


To be seen. To matter. I think we may take this for granted sometimes. As leaders, it's important we do our best to make sure everyone on our team is "seen." Bobby learned this first as one of 13 in his family and then later as CEO of the company he founded. This is an emotional interview. I recommend you listen to Bobby very carefully and then read his book. Thank me later. ;)
Who doesn't have the dream to travel the world as an entrepreneur leading and living through their laptop? Dan did. But, soon he realized some of the limitations of scaling his business while traveling the world. And, in this candid conversation, Dan shares his transition from breadth to depth as a Founder and CEO.
I must admit, as an entrepreneur, it takes me a while to transition to vacation mode. That's why when Daniel explains what happened on his honeymoon, I think many of us could relate. Daniel has built an amazing company, and he shares an insight about "helicopter delegation" that we all need to pay attention to.
When I reached out to Ben and Stacey to be on the show, I was excited to talk to the leaders of my favorite pizza. It was a real treat. But, in the process of speaking with them, I got so much more. Stacey and Ben are not only amazing Founders but it is clear they are incredible leaders. Listen as they share the heart-breaking story of losing a friend and team member. Their insight and advice is not only a reflection of the culture of their company, but also a reflection of their own kindness and decency...a model for all of us to remember.
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