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If you are a Founder who loves the company you started, and you want to be the CEO that pilots it to sustained success, you’re in the right place! Hear from dynamic, inspiring, and successful Founders as they share their insightful stories and practical tips that make becoming the CEO more fun, stress free, and easier to build and scale the company and life of your dreams. Your guide, Todd Uterstaedt, is super passionate about Startup CEO success and wants to help boost your leadership capabilities, confidence, and mindset so that you can: 1) Build, scale, and lead your company commensurate with your dreams and aspirations 2) Maintain control of your company 3) Enhance your company’s valuation for possible succession or a profitable exit. It’s leadership development for the busy Founder and CEO.
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SPONSORED BY: Maria is a proud New Yorker and a skillful Founder. She has successfully navigated and pivoted her business through the dot-com bust, 9-11, the 2008 recession and now the COVID-19 crisis. She shares the 4 actions you can take to successfully lead through crisis and come out winning.
Charlynda's grandfather, Charlie "Mutt" Ferrell, Jr. created an all-purpose specialty sauce in 1956. In 2013, she learned that she inherited the coveted recipe. He didn't leave her any instructions, but she used her Air Force leadership experience and business background to create Mutt's Sauce, LLC, and they now distribute four flavors of Mutt's Sauce across the U.S. What you'll hear from Charlynda is this interview is the wisdom of many years. Her mentor, Daymond John (yes, that Daymond John), shares some key advice that helped her get through some difficult times. Hear what he told her and how you can apply the same knowledge.
The relationship between the barber and the barber's client is very important. No one understands that more than Obi and his co-founder. They started "The Cut" in 2016 and have seen incredible growth. That growth has come with the need to grow as a leader. For Obi, delegating certain things has been a challenge. Listen as he describes what has been the hardest thing for him to give up as he transitions from Founder to CEO.
If you are looking for an example of a hardworking Founder & CEO, look no further than Carl Daikeler. Carl has been leading his company for 21 years and has the failures and success...more of show for it. In this interview, Carl details what makes Beachbody unique, how he and his team successfully navigated Covid-19...and a surprisingly revealing admission about him and the future of the company. You'll want to listen to this to the very end.
I grew up in Connecticut and LOVED when we were able to get Dunkin Donuts' Munchkins® Donut Hole Treats. So, many years later having the opportunity to interview Robert Rosenberg, the CEO of Dunkin Donuts for over 30 years, THAT was a REAL treat. Bob and spoke about his new book, "Around the Corner to Around the World: A Dozen Lessons I Learned Running Dunkin Donuts." I really enjoyed his book because Bob is quite candid and vulnerable about not only the successes but ALSO his personal mistakes and failings. What got in his way, early on? Hubris. Bob talks at length about how hubris temporarily impacted him AND the company...and how he recovered from it. Let Bob and I know what you think of his book.
15 years ago, Kara and her husband, Theo, set on on a grand adventure. With no experience in the beverage industry, they wanted to create a beverage drink with only one thing in it, fruit...nothing else. That proved harder than you might think. She chronicles the ups and downs of Hint Water in her new book, Undaunted. Kara and I had an in depth conversation about the business, the book, her family, and her biggest challenge moving from Founder to CEO.
If you aren't using a valid and reliable pre-employment assessment to augment your hiring efforts, then you may be missing an opportunity. Josh explains why and also talks about his own mistakes with hiring.
Johanan has created a win-win-win with Algas Organics. He takes nuisance seaweed that washes up on the beaches of his island country, turns it into fertilizer for farmers, and employees a growing number of fellow citizens in the endeavor. I think you’ll be amazed at what he and his team have accomplished in a relatively short time period. And, a bad situation with an “intermediary” turned into great wisdom for him and for you.
Nick and his fellow Founders had a big exit with Carvana. Yes, that Carvana. Now hey are tackling the car load market with a great deal of experience from their previous company. Nick gets real about stress and hitting the wall. He shares what he does and we discuss what you can do when you experience Founder stress.
This was a hard conversation to have. I'm grateful to Rachel for trusting her story with me. All our entrepreneurial journeys have struggles that help transform us. Rachel and others like her, sometimes have an additional struggle. I left this conversation more informed and greatly inspired. I hope you are too.
Queen City Angels Entrepreneur Boot Camp September 22-23, 2020: Sign up HERE Scott Scott Jacobs, Executive Director of QCA, Shares 4 Mistakes Founders Make Pitching Angel Investors
Sponsored By: Meetings are are an interesting topic. When you combine that with SaaS "feature" talk, you can burn through a lot of time. Jeroen and his team have created a great platform to help you sell more and input data less. While doing so, he has become even more savvy about how to best bring his team together, who needs to be at certain meetings, and who needs to focus on the growing work of his SaaS platform without being at meetings.
Sponsored By: Arrest Founder Stress Data science and bras? An unlikely combination? Not if you are a former Google employee and MIT grad. Heidi and her team have systematically taken on an industry that saw very little innovation and along the way helped millions of women find better comfort and and confidence. Of course, as any listener of this show knows, success comes with lots of opportunities for growth. Heidi explains what happened when her Creative Director went on the ABC TV show Good Morning America (GMA), while she was in labor with her first child, and their system crashed. From that experience Heidi explains what she learned about her leadership style and how to bring team members along when you need to make a tough decision. Thanks for being so candid, Heidi. We all benefit from you transparency.
Sponsored By: Arrest Founder Stress Millions of entrepreneurs know about Mailchimp, because Mailchimp made millionaires of entrepreneurs known. What started as an email marketing platform for small businesses has grown to a full-fledged marketing platform made for growing businesses. And, at the helm for 20 years with his Co-Founder Dan Kurzius, is Ben Chestnut. Ben and I had a very candid conversation about his journey from Co-founder to CEO. He shares a story about a very critical moment in the company's history. A relatively new employee bravely gave him feedback that would be hard for many of us to swallow. Please let Ben and I know what you think about this interview. He is a rare leader who candidly shares such vulnerable information.
Sponsored By: Arrest Founder Stress I always find it so fascinating when Founders create technology that helps creates win wins for everyone. That's what Ralph and the team at Vestorly did for many of us who are content creators. Listen as Paul details the path he took and how his aversion to conflict created a problem that he has learned to overcome.
Try our FREE Course: Arrest Founder Stress You can relate, right? Taking on customers, clients, business, etc. that maybe you should not have? Perhaps you should have said no, but you did so because you needed the revenue to keep the lights on? Shaun candidly talks about that very situation and what he learned from it. Plus, Shaun revels the #1 cyber security mistake for almost all growing businesses.
4 Founders Just Talk About It Talk about what? Race in America Erin Green: Founder of Verify Services Perry Jeffries III, Founder of The Entrepreneur's CFO Shaun St.Hill, Founder of Tech & Main, LLC and me, Todd Uterstaedt, Founder of From Founder To CEO  
Imagine selling millions of your product, but then having an inventory problem. That was the situation Greg faced. Listen to what he did and how he had to change himself and the company.
I have a special treat for you in this episode. I am VERY excited to introduce you to my long-time friend from way back in my neighborhood of Ansonia, CT, Adam Hallet. Adam shares some great stories about his shift from Founder to CEO...and a few stories about me, too. ;) I hope you enjoy this.
Sponsor: I enjoyed speaking with Jake. He is an impressive Founder. And, I appreciate his candor about "ego." We can all learn from this conversation.
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