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A podcast featuring panelists of engineers from Netflix, Twitch, & Atlassian talking over drinks about all things software engineering.
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In this episode, we discuss Jem's tweet about feeling like you have to work more than 40 hours a week to get promoted. Jason Lengstorf joins us to debate the topic of promotions. Guests: Jason Lengstorf - @jlengstorf Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Shirley Wu - @sxywu Augustus Yuan - @augburto Episode transcript:
In this episode, we jump right into things we are seeing in AI and what the job market is like for software engineers. Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Stacy London - @stacylondoner Augustus Yuan - @augburto Cole Turner - @coleturner Picks: Ryan Burgess - DJI Mic 2 Ryan Burgess - The Gentlemen Jem Young - Valley Silicon - Steelcase Work Tents Stacy London - Kiasmos - Flown Stacy London - Four Tet - Three Augustus Yuan - The Finals Cole Turner - Quote - Let Go or Be Dragged Episode transcript:
In this special crossover episode, Robbie Wagner and Chuck Carpenter from Whiskey Web and Whatnot join us to toast and discuss AI, Apple Vision Pro, AR/VR, and frontend development. As glasses clink, our spirited ensemble delves deep into how these cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the landscape of software engineering. Guests: Robbie Wagner - @RobbieTheWagner Chuck Carpenter - @CharlesWthe3rd Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Episode transcript:
In the latest episode, we do a deep into the world of WordPress! Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newbie just starting out, this episode is packed with everything you need to know about WordPress, the leading website-building platform. Our special guests, Fabian Kaegy, Luis Herranz, and Matias Ventura, join us to share their experiences and insights in developing and leveraging WordPress. In this episode, we cover: What is WordPress? An introduction to the powerhouse behind 40% of the web.Why WordPress Dominates: Exploring the reasons behind WordPress's unwavering popularity.WordPress vs. The World: A comparison with other website-building platforms.Busting Myths: Addressing common misconceptions about WordPress.Hidden Gems: Lesser-known WordPress features that pack a punch.Evolving Landscape: The growth and future trends of WordPress.Stay in the Loop: Tips on keeping up with WordPress developments and best practices. Starting with WordPress: Expert advice for WordPress beginners. Whether you're interested in creating your own website, looking to enhance your WordPress skills, or just curious about the platform's capabilities, this episode is for you. We'll guide you through the ins and outs of WordPress, from its comprehensive functionality to the vibrant community that supports it. Plus, we'll share our personal experiences and tips to help you make the most out of WordPress.Don't miss out on this engaging discussion! Tune in now to get ahead with WordPress and join the Front End Happy Hour Podcast for a toast to technology and innovation. Subscribe to our channel for more insights on web development, technology trends, and expert advice from leading developers around the globe. Guests: Fabian Kaegy - @fabiankaegy Luis Herranz - @luisherranz Matias Ventura - @matias_ventura Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Picks: Matias Ventura - Matias Ventura - Vesuvius challenge Luis Herranz - John Cleese on Creativity In Management Luis Herranz - American Kingpin Fabian Kaegy - Lessons in Chemistry Ryan Burgess - DJI Osmo 6 Ryan Burgess - Frontend Masters Boost Jem Young - Take care of managers in a hybrid world Jem Young - Six Nations: Full Contact Episode transcript:
In this episode, we dive into the intricate world of WordPress, specifically focusing on the powers of WPGraphQL, which is transforming how we interact with WordPress. Join us as we sit down with our special guest, Jason Bahl, who helps us understand the possibilities that GraphQL brings to WordPress development. Guests: Jason Bahl - @jasonbahl Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Cole Turner - @coleturner Picks: Jason Bahl - Elgato Stream Deck Ryan Burgess - Kids digital camera Cole Turner - Kirkland Peanut Butter Pretzels Cole Turner - Aranet4 CO2 Sensor Episode transcript:
Social media continues to impact us in some way or another. In this episode, we discuss what platforms we use and what value we get from them. We share our thoughts on what the future of social media might look like. Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Augustus Yuan - @augburto Shirley Wu - @sxywu Episode transcript:
Companies and teams are increasingly leveraging Module Federation to split applications into smaller, more manageable pieces. In this episode, we are joined by the creator of Module Federation, Zack Jackson, and his co-founders of Zephyr, Zack Chapple, and Dmitriy Shekhovtsov to share more insights into Module Federation and how Zephyr can help. Guests: Zack Chapple Zack Jackson - @ScriptedAlchemy Dmitriy Shekhovtsov Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Picks: Zack Chapple - The Hard Things About Hard Things Zack Chapple - Shilajit Zack Jackson - Samsung Odyssey G9 Zack Jackson - Rspack Zack Jackson - Rspress Zack Jackson - Rsdoctor Ryan Burgess - Frontend Masters Engineering Management course Ryan Burgess - DJI Mini 4 Pro Episode transcript:
Ryan Burgess recently left his job at Netflix after being there for 8.5 years. In this episode, Ryan shares some of his thoughts on leaving, and we all talk about how we've approached leaving jobs and the lessons we've learned over the years. Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Cole Turner - @coleturner Picks: Ryan Burgess - Fool Me Once Ryan Burgess - Hey Grill Hey Sweet BBQ Rub Jem Young - Fake AI articles Cole Turner - North Park, San Diego,_San_Diego Cole Turner - Lethal Company Episode transcript:
There are many options to learn about software development and how to code. In this episode, we are joined by the CEO of Frontend Masters, Marc Grabanski to get his insights into online learning and what to expect in the future. Items mentioned in the episode: Frontend Masters, Going phoneless Guests: Marc Gabanski - @1Marc Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Picks: Marc Gabanski - Askinosie chocolate Marc Gabanski - Not having a phone Ryan Burgess - Glass straws Ryan Burgess - Sunlighten Infrared Sauna Jem Young - Beef coast jerky Jem Young - Anti-pick: Rebel Moon Episode transcript:
In this episode, we are joined by Mark Benliyan to learn about his experiences at tech companies as an intern. Mark shares some interesting insights and provides some useful advice. Items mentioned in the episode: HackerRank, CodeSignal, Byteboard Guests: Mark Benliyan Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Augustus Yuan - @augburto Picks: Mark Benliyan - Rewind AI Ryan Burgess - Squid Game Challenge Ryan Burgess - Fargo Augustus Yuan - The Finals Episode transcript:
Good documentation is so important but we don’t always put enough focus on it as we should. In this episode, we talk about what makes great quality documentation and ways to improve the documentation you write. Guests: Estelle Weyl Will Bamberg Jean-Yves Perrier Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Episode transcript:
In this episode, we reflect on 2023, what's changed in tech, and how we think about our careers. Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Stacy London - @stacylondoner Cole Turner - @coleturner Picks: Ryan Burgess - Photographer - Marion Mou Jem Young - Blue-eyed Samurai Cole Turner - Boudin Bakery - Grilled Brie with Apples & Fig Jam Cole Turner - DateUp Episode transcript:
There’s an art to teaching a technical course or workshop. In this episode, we are joined by Josh W. Comeau, who’s had a lot of experience teaching courses to help share his knowledge with us on how we can create an online course. Items mentioned in the episode: Josh W. Comeau, Josh’s online courses, Hands-Free Coding Guests: Josh W. Comeau - @JoshWComeau Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Picks: Josh W. Comeau - Make it Stick Josh W. Comeau - Cozy science fiction Ryan Burgess - Beep’s Burgers Ryan Burgess - The Pitch - Kimoyo: Is This African Startup Venture Backable? Jem Young - Extraction 2 Jem Young - Valley Silicon: Bugatti Scooter Episode transcript:
In this episode we are going to be talking about an important feature that so many applications require, login. We are joined by Tony Edwards, Charles Wartemberg and Charlie Shaw from Netflix to share insights into how to approach security and identify for a feature like login. Guests: Tony Edwards - @tedwards947 Charles Wartemberg Charlie Shaw Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Cole Turner - @coleturner Picks: Tony Edwards - Figjam Charles Wartemberg - Foundation Charles Wartemberg - Coffee habit Charlie Shaw - Side channel attacks Ryan Burgess - 7 Days in Chile - Graffiti video Ryan Burgess - Name SF Streets Jem Young - Sanctuary Jem Young - Valley Silicon: Telly - A “free” TV Cole Turner - Frontend Security best practices Cole Turner - Stanford Javascript Crypto Library Episode transcript:
We are fans of conferences and have spoken a lot about the value we see in attending conferences, but what goes into organizing a conference? In this episode, we are joined by the organizer of MagnoliaJS, Kayla Sween, to share some insights into the work that goes into running a conference. Guests: Kayla Sween - @_KaylaSween Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Picks: Kayla Sween - MagnoliaJS Kayla Sween - Goodles Mac & Cheese Kayla Sween - Fallout 76 Ryan Burgess - Koala Sour Soothers Episode transcript:
CSS has been quickly evolving. In this episode, we are joined by Estelle Weyl and Eric Meyer to explore the new properties that are now available. Guests: Estelle Weyl Eric Meyer - @meyerweb Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Stacy London - @stacylondoner Augustus Yuan - @augburto Cole Turner - @coleturner Picks: Estelle Weyl - Gluten-free Oreo cookies Eric Meyer - (Web Performance Job board) Eric Meyer - Mat Marquis Javascript for Web Designers A Book Apart Eric Meyer - Estelle’s Tracker for Menstrual Cycle Web App Ryan Burgess - Dewalt Air Inflator Stacy London - CSS: The Definitive Guide by Eric Meyer & Estelle Weyl Stacy London - Vertebrae / Forgotten Places by Max Cooper Augustus Yuan - Arc Cole Turner - Wagwellies dog crocs Cole Turner - BigMouth Inc. Ginormous Inflatable Green Dinosaur Yard Summer Sprinkler Episode transcript:
It’s hard to avoid the topic of AI. The ecosystem of AI is quickly maturing, and we are seeing more use cases and products popping up. In this episode, we are joined by Nick Heiner, an engineer from Fixie, to talk with us about how AI is evolving. Guests: Nick Heiner - @nickheiner Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Stacy London - @stacylondoner Augustus Yuan - @augburto Cole Turner - @coleturner Picks: Nick Heiner - The City of Cape Town Nick Heiner - Dog Training Nick Heiner - AI.JSX Open Source Framework Ryan Burgess - Zenpo - Bullet Train Sushi Ryan Burgess - This Old Ledge: Embarcadero Jem Young - Marvelous Ms. Maisel S5 Jem Young - Guide for AI newcomers Stacy London - A Little Bit Further by Tourist Stacy London - Don’t Fall for the AI Hype w/ Timnit Gebru Augustus Yuan - Owala Augustus Yuan - Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems Cole Turner - Joy Ride Cole Turner - Tart Cherry Juice Episode transcript:
What’s the current state of CSS in 2023? Chris Coyier joins us to talk with us about the current landscape of CSS and what we should be excited about in the future. Guests: Chris Coyier - @chriscoyier Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Stacy London - @stacylondoner Cole Turner - @coleturner Picks: Chris Coyier - Tempered Glass Mouse Mat Ryan Burgess - Doritos ketchup chips Ryan Burgess - Modern CSS in Real Life - Chris Coyier Jem Young - Valley Silicon: Linn Sondek Stacy London - Line of Fire (feat. Sharon Van Etten) by Junip, Elias Araya, José González, Sharon Van Etten, Tobias Winterkorn Cole Turner - No Hard Feelings Cole Turner - Crocs - the perfect outdoor shoe Episode transcript:
At a networking event, one of our listeners asked us to cover the topic of networking. In this episode, we will share our thoughts on networking and the success stories we’ve experienced from networking in our careers. Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Jem Young - @JemYoung Stacy London - @stacylondoner Augustus Yuan - @augburto Cole Turner - @coleturner Picks: Ryan Burgess - Based on a True Story Ryan Burgess - Bunch O Balloons Jem Young - Tour de France Unchained Jem Young - The Managers Path Jem Young - Fast X Stacy London - Time Takes A While by Daniel Avery Augustus Yuan - Spiderman Across Spiderverse in Lego Trailer Augustus Yuan - Viewfinder Cole Turner - Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High Cole Turner - Cann Episode transcript:
Have you ever thought much about the feature, Drag & Drop? In this episode, we are joined by Atlassian Principal Engineer, Alex Reardon, to share some great insights into creating an open-source library for Drag & Drop. Guests: Alex Reardon - @alexandereardon Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Stacy London - @stacylondoner Cole Turner - @coleturner Picks: Alex Reardon - Porcelain cup Ryan Burgess - Barbecue Showdown Season 2 Stacy London - Pulse At The Centre Of Being - Mor Elian Remix by Max Cooper & Mor Elian Stacy London - Plague X by Midwife, Vyva Melinkolya Cole Turner - Stacy's Drag and Drop comment Cole Turner - Two Hot Takes Podcast Episode transcript:
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Tbh not a fan of Shirley's.. She seems like an air head. Voice is also annoying. Been listening less and less since she got on. Get a different female. Thanks

Jan 13th

Abhi Mishra

sir podcast is great but voice of you colleagues is not audible

Aug 17th

Samuel McCagg

Definitely agree with the audio!

May 15th

Tommaso Sebastianelli

these podcasts are interesting af, but the audio is really bad, they should consider improving it.

Sep 21st
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