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A podcast featuring panelists of engineers from Netflix, Evernote & LinkedIn talking over drinks about all things Front End development.
88 Episodes
We often talk a lot about growth path as engineers. One of those growth paths could be a tech lead engineer. In this episode, we are joined by Tony Edwards to help talk with us about what the role and responsibilities of a lead engineer are.Guests:Tony Edwards - @tedwards947Panelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungMars Jullian - @marsjosephineStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Tony Edwards - Lana Del Rey: Norman Fucking RockwellTony Edwards - The Indicator from Planet MoneyTony Edwards - Steve1989MREInfoRyan Burgess - Everybody MattersRyan Burgess - Super Pumped: The Battle for UberRyan Burgess - Abstract Season 2Jem Young - Great British Baking ShowJem Young - Duer JeansJem Young - Frontend Masters - Full StackMars Jullian - Airbnb open homes programMars Jullian - catalogchoice.orgStacy London - Fear Inoculum by ToolStacy London - Blood Year by Russian CirclesStacy London - Unending by Cloudkicker
As engineers we have a lot of excellent tools and resources to help us do our jobs well, one of those resources is open source code. In this episode, we will be talking about all things open source.Panelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungMars Jullian - @marsjosephinePicks:Ryan Burgess - HyperdriveRyan Burgess - UnbelievableJem Young - The BoysJem Young - HamiltonMars Jullian - Queer Eye - JapanMars Jullian - Blue Star Donuts Portland
We’ve all faced some form of code migration in the past and wanted to share some of the things we’ve learned. In this episode, we’re joined by Micah Ransdell, a Software Engineering Manager at Netflix to talk with us about migrating a codebase.Guests:Micah Ransdell - @micahransdellPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungRyan Anklam - @bittersweetryanPicks:Micah Ransdell - React RallyRyan Burgess - Wemo light switchesJem Young - How Brokerages Make MoneyJem Young - Managing YourselfJem Young - ForgeRyan Anklam - Conditional types in TypeScriptRyan Anklam - Roomba
In this episode, we are joined by a returning guest, Shirley Wu to talk with us about the combination of code and art.Guests:Shirley Wu - @sxywuPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoMars Jullian - @marsjosephineStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Shirley Wu - Team lab Tokyo crystal universeShirley Wu - Misaki NakanoShirley Wu - Matt DesLauriersShirley Wu - Tyler HalvesShirley Wu - Matt’s Frontend Masters creative codingRyan Burgess - Joshua DavisRyan Burgess - Nikka Coffey Grain WhiskeyRyan Burgess - Like-so appAugustus Yuan - @beesandbombsAugustus Yuan - ZdogMars Jullian - A Single DivMars Jullian - AphantasiaStacy London - Simon StålenhagStacy London - by Jenn SchifferStacy London - Once Upon a Forest by Maruto (aka Joshua Davis)
There are quite a few ways to organize a team to build out a new feature. Two of the most talked-about are Waterfall and Agile. In this episode, we’ll be talking through the pros and cons of some of the development processes we’ve encountered.Panelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoJem Young - @JemYoungStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Ryan Burgess - Lacasa De Papel (Money Heist)Ryan Burgess - How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will TalkAugustus Yuan - KaratAugustus Yuan - FoodieLand Night MarketJem Young - This toasterJem Young - Dark season 2Jem Young - PockStacy London - Anima - Thom YorkeStacy London - AnimaStacy London - Holly H
In this episode, we are joined by Ujjwal Tyagi and Eric Eiswerth to talk with us about how Backend and Frontend engineers can be most effective collaborating.Items mentioned in the episode:Growth Engineering at Netflix — Accelerating InnovationGuests:Ujjwal Tyagi - @urstyagiEric Eiswerth - @eeiswerthPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungPicks:Ujjwal Tyagi - ChicagoUjjwal Tyagi - Spicy chicken at Peri PeriEric Eiswerth - Free SoloEric Eiswerth - Montana M28 GuitarEric Eiswerth - ExpackRyan Burgess - Google Home HubRyan Burgess - Hawkins CheeziesRyan Burgess - Bad Blood Season 2Jem Young - Valley Silicon: ToasterJem Young - Mechanical movementsJem Young - It’s Bruno
In this episode, we’re joined by product managers, Michael Spiegelman, Cathy Conk, and Eddy Wu from Netflix to talk with us about the relationship between engineers and product managers.Guests:Michael Spiegelman - @mspiegelmanCathy Conk - @CathyConkEddy WuPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungPicks:Cathy Conk - Everybody MattersCathy Conk - SeveranceCathy Conk - The OAEddy Wu - Gully BoyEddy Wu - Campfire StoutEddy Wu - Rust: the longest warMichael Spiegelman - Thinking Fast and SlowMichael Spiegelman - Predictably RationalMichael Spiegelman - SapiensMichael Spiegelman - The world until yesterdayRyan Burgess - Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop TalkingRyan Burgess - React Day New YorkJem Young - Fast Fourier TransformJem Young - Vite RamenJem Young - Chewie IPO
In this episode, we are joined by Tyler Childs, a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix to talk with us about building out scalable CSS and share some of the exciting new features in the latest version of CSS.Guests:Tyler Childs - @TylerChildsPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungRyan Anklam - @bittersweetryanPicks:Tyler Childs - Fantasy Survivor Game.comTyler Childs - Laphroaig Triple Wood WhiskyTyler Childs - Marvel 1602Tyler Childs - Batman HushTyler Childs - The WakeRyan Burgess - The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership FableJem Young - Pathfinding with A*Jem Young - Writing a game loopRyan Anklam - Hooka SpeedgoatRyan Anklam - Milwaukee Bucks
In this episode, we are joined by Randall Koutnik, a Senior Software Engineer at Slack to talk with us about how we should be thinking about ways to build better user experiences.Guests:Randall KoutnikPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanAugustus Yuan - @augburtoJem Young - @JemYoungMars Jullian - @marsjosephineStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Randall Koutnik - Swords on AmazonRandall Koutnik - Factorio gameRyan Burgess - The HighwaymenRyan Burgess - Santa Clarita Diet Season 3Augustus Yuan - Svelte 3: Rethinking ReactivityAugustus Yuan - Parable of the blender - Randall KoutnikAugustus Yuan - Personas and Jobs-to-be-DoneJem Young - Build Reactive Websites with RXJSJem Young - The Dream PodcastMars Jullian - 2019 Front-end developer handbookMars Jullian - Litter robotMars Jullian - Xkcd comicStacy London - Schitt’s CreekStacy London - May Day by Mike Slott
In this episode, we are joined by Katie Sylor-Miller, a Staff Software Engineer from Etsy, to talk with us about ways to help build and foster a frontend culture within your companies.Guests:Katie Sylor-Miller - @ksylorPanelists:Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryanJem Young - @JemYoungMars Jullian - @marsjosephineStacy London - @stacylondonerPicks:Katie Sylor-Miller - The Fascinating Chimera ProjectKatie Sylor-Miller - Sylor-Miller - Tiki bar - Pagan IdolKatie Sylor-Miller - Tiki bar - Tonga roomKatie Sylor-Miller - Tiki bar - Smugglers CoveKatie Sylor-Miller - Tiki bar - Last RitesKatie Sylor-Miller - Tiki bar - Frankie’s Tiki roomRyan Burgess - Skywalk.erRyan Burgess - Humza DeasJem Young - Spiderman: Into the spider-verseJem Young - Deadpool 2Jem Young - Plus codesMars Jullian - Inside dealsMars Jullian - Routing with React hooksStacy London - Stimulation by Ellen AllienStacy London - Pour by Recondite
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Abhi Mishra

sir podcast is great but voice of you colleagues is not audible

Aug 17th
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