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Front Page Tech is an award ­winning tech news show that has found a perfect blend of insight and humor. Created in January of 2013, the main objective was to create a show that we, ourselves, would want to watch — and to this day, that remains true. Yes; there are many shows online that are focused around technology and the news that is generated on a daily basis, but we can honestly say that no one does it like us. We found the perfect mixture of humor and knowledge to drive a show that connects with anyone, of any age, whether you fully understand technology or not, and we keep the viewers engaged. We have fun when we're producing, and that affects the audience as well. They have fun, and at the end of each show, they learn something.
24 Episodes
Yahoo introduces it's own chat bot specifically for the family. Facebook is testing new reactions for Messenger. Nintendo Switch officially launches.
Verizon lowers their bid to acquire Yahoo by $350 million. Apple buys the domain name Instagram introduces the ability to upload multiple photos at a time for everyone. A new photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks out.
YouTube will soon get rid of unskippable 30 second ads. Verizon reportedly lowers their acquisition bid for Yahoo. Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint all now offering unlimited plans. Sprint supposedly wants to be acquired by T-Mobile.
Prince's music returns to streaming music services. Snapchat will partner with A&E for a reality show. Verizon brings back unlimited data.
Gmail will stop working on Windows XP and Vista on Google Chrome. Twitter rolls out new filters to hide nasty Tweets. And the FCC halts investigations into free data by mobile carriers.
Twitter has created an official Instagram account. Facebook is officially testing ads in Messenger. Images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 leak. Verizon is reported interested in buying TWC/Charter.
Sprint buys a 33% stake in Tidal. Apple will let developers reply to reviews in the App Store. Amazon launches the STEM club that delivers hand selected educational toys. Facebook tests Stories.
Every episode of Golden Girls is coming to Hulu. Echo dot orders a dollhouse after a child asks Alexa for one. Facebook will start displaying ads in the middle of videos.
Jon Prosser lists the top 10 worst things in tech in 2016
HTC sends out invites for a January 12th event. Facebook introduces Live Audio and updates Messenger with support for video chat. Tim Cook addresses rumors that they are done with the Mac Pro.
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