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The Frontier Podcast by explores innovation in software engineering. We chat with smart, forward-looking industry leaders and developers to discover the latest trends happening now and what might be coming next. If you manage or hire developers, are solving business problems with technology, or write code yourself - welcome to The Frontier. is the top service in the US to find and hire elite freelance developers. Interested in getting in touch? Meet us at

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160 Episodes
Mitch Stewart joins the pod to discus how GURU is building a platform to unify companies' internal knowledge, verifies its accuracy, and empower your revenue teams. 
In this episode, Shauni Deshmukh, CTO at Tettra, joins the pod to share her insights on transparency, building your team, and her knowledge gained throughout her career working in both the software engineering seat and CTO seat.
Ledge sits down with Matt Zimmermann and Christian Wirth of Beast Code to talk about how Beast Code is transcending the traditional defense solution paradigm with a unique approach to naval technology.
Ledge is joined on this episode of the podcast by Alex Hertel, co-founder and CEO of Xperiel. At Xperiel he has helped to create the world's most user-friendly programming language called 'Pebbles', and its goal is to democratize AR and IoT programming in order to push the Internet out into the physical world.
Matt Stone is an accomplished Customer Experience professional with a broad scope of industry knowledge ranging from Fortune 100 to leading SaaS private vendors, and he joins Ledge in this episode to shares his insights on growing companies in the CX leadership seat.
In this episode, Ledge is joined by Ian McGaw, Vice President of Technology and Innovation at ENGworks, to talk about how they are using cutting edge tech to design and build better projects by saving construction costs and time through implementing the full potential of Building Informational Modeling.
Marco Palladino, co-founder and CTO of Kong, joins Ledge on this episode of the pod to talk about the history of Kong and how they built the most widely adopted open source API platform.
John Dubois is the co-founder of Oculus360, joins Ledge on this episode of the pod to discuss the AI space, and how Oculus 360 is using AI to change the game on generating consumer insights for brands.
Ledge sits down with Jason Burns, CEO and founder of Kortivity, about his journey to starting Kortivity after being frustrated with the lack of transparency and accountability in the recruiting industry.
Mike Duensing, the Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Engineering at Skuid, joins Ledge to discuss how Skuid is building a no-code cloud platform for powerful custom web and mobile applications with a killer UX, up to 90% faster.
Ledge sits down with Christopher Furlin, Content Development at Tempered Networks, to talk about journey from stock broker to technical writer, and the importance of customer empathy.
David Shewfelt, Director of Integration Services at Vidado, joins Ledge in this episode to discuss the intelligent automation tech in capturing human handwriting.
Ledge sits down with John Collier, Chief Technology Officer at VieMed, to talk about his technical career path across many different industries spanning speech analytics to medical, and his current work implementing his tech innovation into the healthcare industry.
Teja is joined in this episode of the podcast by Andrew Glover, Director, Delivery Engineering at Netflix to discuss his entry into programming, navigating his way through a career spanning big and small companies, and finding value in stepping towards management.
In this episode, Ledge chats with Brandon Smith, Director of Engineering at eVestment, about scaling high-growth engineering teams and delivering cloud-native financial technology solutions.
Ledge sits down with Randy Layman, the Vice President of Software Engineering at AVOXI, to talk about how they are helping companies around the globe effectively and efficiently communicate with their customers.
Jason Nochlin is the CTO & Co-Founder at GaggleAMP who are helping their clients increase the impact of your social media marketing efforts. Jason joins Ledge in this episode to talk about jumping into the leadership, the balance of management and coding, hiring the right pieces to grow your organization.
Ledge sits down with Craig Bryant, the founder and CEO of and, as well as the former co-founder of about his mission to make happy and healthy workplaces.
Ledge talks to Chris Siefken, Head of Technology at Xenial, about how they are making the technology that runs smart enterprise restaurants around the world, and how they employing blockchain technologies in order to track all of the moving parts of the restaurant business.
Tom Young is the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Syncurity and joins Ledge in this episode to talk about how they are helping enterprises cut through the noise of increased alert volume, staff shortages, and lack of integrated security point security solutions in order to protect their clients' businesses.
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